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The Prettiest Girl in the World John L. Sullivan Our President Honda Insight
Alison's Story Bare-Knuckles Politics The Usurpation of the Presidency My Interesting Car
The story of my daughter's birth and medical care. A political discussion forum. Links about the squatter in the White House and the coup d'etat that put him there. My 70+ mpg, luxurious, roomy, fast, Honda Insight.
Sweeten Heimer Heindle Head The Bike Rack Blessed Trinity Catholic Community Bad Poetry
Kalistan The Bicycle Rack Blessed Trinity Poetry (or Something)
The domain of the beautiful Kali Durga. A place to discuss bicycles and everything about them. The Blessed Trinity Catholic Community's website. From the Quivering Quill
of Ivo Planarian, Sp.D.

Another fine publication of, bringing enlightenment to We the People Author: Ferguson Foont
Last Edited: May 6, 2003