Isn't It About Time?

Just how deep is the doo-doo that Bush has put us in?

Isn't It About Time?

Postby Whosyer » Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:20 am

That we had a National Debate before blindly following another trillion dollar Bush mistake? These are the people who designed this failure, believed and still believe in the failed Bush Economic plan... are we to suddenly without question think they now have the answers?

I can see why those whose irresponsibility has led to the ruin of their financial institutions would want to see this bill passed but little reason why anyone else would... especially the American taxpayer.

I just want to know if I've got this straight... We fork over 700 Billion, a Trillion or more and for that we allowed the parts of these institutions that we are told are doing very well in the profit margin to be sold off and then we (the American taxpayer) will own all the bad loans... and from that the American taxpayer is suppose to get their investment back??

Oh, and just to make sure that I didn't miss something in the coverage of this crisis... nobody has even suggested at this point that there is somebody out there who needs to go to jail as a result of this??

How does one cost their country 700 billion and not end up in Jail?

I'm just asking... :roll:

I also find it interesting how while they don't want Socialized Medicine they have no problem lining up to the troth for Socialized Risk. :shock:
"Now there are some who would like to re-write history... Revisionist Historians is what I like to call them." ...George Walker Bush
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