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Newt In 2012?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:40 am
by Carol Johnson Duharat
Lately we've heard speculation that Newt Gingrich could make his way to the nomination in 2012. With the otherwise lackluster group so far, it's not impossible to think that Newt just might get the nomination. He's still popular with some Republicans, can raise funds, and has enough political savvy to run a decent race.

Of course, he has a ton of deficits, but like Sarah Palin, he may be just good enough to win despite them against a weak field. And unlike Sarah, he can raise some money and follow directions. No, he's not charming,but smarmy and arrogant, but the Republicans don't have many people dripping with charm either, and they've stopped even trying to find someone who does appeal to anyone other than hard-core Repubs anyway.

And he can't wait four more years for an open race where he would be running against younger and more talented Republicans in the Presidential Primary, jockeying for a true open seat.