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PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 2:56 pm
by kathaksung
261. Prophecy (10/14)

Early this year, an article in World Journal caught my eye. The topic was: "Big prophecy for 2004". I am not a superstitious man. But five pictures with the article attracted me. They were: Eiffel Tower of Paris; Senator Edward Kennedy; Pope John Paul; Prince of Monaco Albert; ruin of ancient Rome.

It said, Canadian Anthony Carr, viewed as a modern Nostradamus, predicted that Eiffel Tower would collapse after an attack, Rome of Italy and California of US would have strong earthquake in 2004.

The following are the successful prediction he had made:
1. On 1/1/2001 and 8/14/01, Anthony twice said "There will be airplane accident in New York. Hundreds of people will die." That was 9/11 attack.

2. Same day on 1/1/2001, he said George W. Bush would bring war to the world soon after he became president. We all saw it.

3. In February 2002, he said Princess of Margaret would die in 2002.

4. In August 2002, he said Mad Cow disease would attack Canada and rapidly swept across US. All these prophecy came true. And also he had predicted the death of Princess Diana.

If someone had made the above prophecy one hundred years ago, or 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago, I would admit it was a prophecy. Because there were too much variables in a long period. But check these achievements. It came true within a year, some even within a month. It's much more a proclamation of a project of intelligence then an astrology. Assassination of celebrities; terror attack; war. All the work capable done by government inside group.

I talked about mad cow, alleged it was a bio-attack from intelligence in December 2003. (see "191. Framing a case in December (12/26/03)") I talked about for many times that government knew 911 attack in advance. (see "68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02)") All these were written before January 2004 when I knew there was such an Anthony Carr and his prophecy from newspaper.

In the books of of former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, former counter terrorism adviser Richard Clark, Bob Woodward, Joseph Wilson we know from beginning when Bush entered White House, he determined to activate war. Outsiders observed phenomenon, insiders knew the detail. That's how Anthony Carr could make a prophecy. Or rather, to announce the plan of inside group in advance.

Now we go back to the great prophecy of 2004 by Anthony. It's still the assassination of celebrities, (Pope Paul, Edward Kennedy, Monaco Prince Albert) terror attack (Eiffel Tower), natural disaster (earthquake which could be induced, or created by modern technique).

Then why did they let out their plan by Anthony Carr? It's a psychological manipulation. Quite a lot of people believe in God. Prophecy will attribute all these events fatal. The prophecy will make that part of people believe what happens is natural.

You can also see Bush did the same thing. He always said what he did was God's will. As a matter of fact, media play the same role too. When brand name ABC, CNN, USA Today, Gallup..... constantly issued poll that Bush has an approve rate around 50% and leads over his rivalry despite Bush is a proved big lier, they are giving a prophecy too. This time it is for the rigged election. To make you believe the output of election is reasonable.

Anthony Carr doesn't need any reason to support his prediction. That's the advantage of a prophet. I predict sometime too on the purpose it won't happen. (such like the framed drug case even with specific date 6/19 , 9/2......) I always gave the reason why I thought in this way and with my analysis. I remind people from time to time "beware of pick pocket" so the thief won't steal for the time being.

I hope my revelation can prevent Anthony Carr's prophecy from happening.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 11:57 pm
by Ferguson Foont
I am not clairvoyant. All things being equal, I used to be pretty good at predicting presidential elections until the new rightwing media bias changed the rules, but I can't get around the effect that the 24-hour news channels' ability to elevate the status of lies with that of the truth. I fully agree with Jon Stewart about shows like Crossfire, where there is no factchecking of anything and therefore lies and truth are equally believable, but the lies are more emotionally satisfying.

But I digress. I wish, contrary to actual fact, that my visions were prophesy, because the other night I actually visualized, unbidden, Dan Rather on election night as the election tallies began to come in, saying, "The early returns from the east might, you might say, shock the stink off a fish. The states that were supposed to be close, like Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, are being called early for John Kerry. States that were supposed to be solid for Bush, like West Virginia. are in play early and some are now very close to being called for John Kerry. For example, let's look at the returns from Virginia, which conventional wisdom thought to be a safe Bush state, but that's now showing a six-point Kerry lead with 60% of the vote in.

We are waiting for Missouri and Arkansas, where polls have just closed but exit polling has been surprisingly strong for Kerry. This could be a short night, folks."

Can wishing make it so?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 11:19 pm
by Grizzled Adams
Make it so, Ferg, Make it so..........



PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2004 12:54 pm
by LetterMan
might make it so, but then again, we know what we're up against, as does John Kerry.

God (and the voters!) willing, George Walker Bush goes down in flames two days hence.

. Pat Robertson

PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2004 8:17 pm
by kathaksung
But there is one thing I should remind people that this country becomes a covert totalitarian one. Intelligence controls and rules. People can't decide. Inside group does.

263. Pat Robertson (10/24)

There was another news early this January reported by World Journal. It said, "Robertson, a celebrity of Christian broadcaster, reveals two big 'God's design': GOD BLESSES CHINA, BUSH WILL CONVENIENTLY BE RE-ELECTED ".

I knew inside group controlled US politics, they would have Bush had the second term of presidency. But how could they bless China? Strategically, China is a rival to US.

It was this news, plus other events happened in Dec/2003 and Jan/2004 enabled me to realize there had been another secret deal reached between Feds and China. China would frame a big drug case, and as exchange, the huge payment (God's bless) was Taiwan's regime change. So I wrote "206. Another interest exchange. (2/16)" The later development showed it was a multi-national one which would have include Singapore, Philippines, Hongkong. And Feds also planned terrorist attack to distract.

264. Reaction to cover up Robertson (10/24)

Robertson made his prediction in 1/2/04. He said, ""I think George Bush is going to win in a walk, I really believe I'm hearing from the Lord it's going to be like a blowout election in 2004. It's shaping up that way." ... m?pid=usat

These two news about Pat Robertson and Anthony Carr that month revealed how Feds to manipulate American's mind in the name of God. Robertson and Anthony are no others then accessories of Feds.

Then a strange thing took place three days ago. A news in Internet said that "A White House spokesman denied Wednesday that President Bush told Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson that he did not expect casualties from the invasion of Iraq." ... index.html

Why Pat Robertson said something very good about Bush 9 month ago (1/2) but now (10/19) let out something negative about him?

I know why.

My articles are under strict scrutiny of Feds. They check up every source I used as reference. They even pointed out a "one day's mistake" of my message. (see "83. Spy country (8/21/02)") I didn't give the exact date of the news about "prophecy", (it was on W.J. 1/17) I only wrote: "Early this year". The surveillance team must have go through all the World Journal published "early this year" to find that article. Robertson's news belongs to same category of Anthony's. They were all "prediction". Thus it fell into their sight. If I wrote about "God's will" of Anthony Carr, they could expect I would do same thing on Pat Robertson. That's why they hurried created a dispute between Bush and Robertson. The purpose is to cover up Robertson's real ID.

This is why Pat Robertson behaved a conflict way in two events. According to Robertson, Bush told him "we're not going to have any casualties" (in Iraq) in March 2003. Why he didn't talk about it for more than 18 months? If you noticed the accusation was brought into news on 10/19, 5 days after my message "261. Prophecy (10/14)". You probably will understand it was an event created to cover up an accessory of Feds. They used to have swift reaction to my comments. Either to perfect, or justify, or repair the flaw they have made. I think the Salinger's death, Robertson's accusation on Bush were all the reaction to my message "Prophecy". And there is more.

262. Kennedy (10/19)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2004 10:24 pm
by kathaksung
262. Kennedy (10/19)

I haven't got my newspaper delivered on Sunday (10/17). This was the second time occurrence in recent four years. Last time I got a credit in my account for missing paper. This time I requested a refill even though the missing paper had to be delivered next day. I don't think it was a missing case. I thought there might be something Feds didn't want me to read.
(The missed paper appeared at my door today. I know it was the original because it was in a plastic bag with ads of a newly open store.)

I think the article they didn't want me to read is one about Kennedy. It said, "Kennedy's press chief dies in France at 79. He clouded his own legacy with conspiracy theories."

Pierre Salinger, press secretary to President John F. Kennedy and chief European correspondent for ABC News, died of a heart attack Saturday at a hospital near his home in France.

" His journalistic reputation was besmirched in the 1990's after his insistence that two major airline crashes were not what they seemed."

He said the 1988 crash of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie was a D.E.A. operation that went wrong. He also believed TWA Flight 800 was shot down near Long Island by a stray Navy missile in 1996.

I don't think it was a coincidence he died just two days(10/16) after I posted last message.(10/14) In which I talked about one of major projects of inside group in 2004 is to assassinate senator Edward Kennedy. Salinger was one who suspected the criminal activity of US government committed. He thus was a target of Inside group.

In early 90's I was intimidated by "So what, they even killed President Kennedy". (see #17. They killed President Kennedy) This was the beginning I realized the dark side of US intelligence. Instead of keeping silence I told people the assassin of JFK was FBI.

Twice I had left US trying to get rid of the persecution. Each time they killed a key member of Kennedy's family.

The first time was in July 1994. I went to China. I ordered the air flight ticket in April. Then in June, Jacklin Kennedy (widow of JF Kennedy) died of cancer. I didn't connect it to my leaving because at that time I didn't know much of Feds.

It was until in July 1999 at Hongkong, when I decided to go to South East Asia and started visiting appropriate consulates, I learned Jr. Kennedy died of air plane accident. The news reminded me of his mother's death. They both died several weeks early before I left for some countries Feds not so controlled. Feds were afraid of the reaction if my story had been revealed. They were afraid the potential political influence of Kennedy family.

Edward Kennedy is the last one of famous Kennedy's. That's why he becomes a prophecy of Anthony Carr. There was sign two months ago when news reported Edward Kennedy was banned to board US Airway's shuttle out of Washington to Boston. His name was put in the "no fly" list. It took several weeks to take his name from that list. Was it a mistake? But one thing for sure is that mistake won't take place on Bush, Ashcroft and Rumsfelt.

Feds is not the same one which assassinated President Kennedy 40 years ago. They are much stronger now armed with Patriot Act. They can open humiliate a president (Lewinsky scandal). So what to a Senator. They even predicted his death by prophecy. And to assassinate, no bullet needed anymore. Modern technique enable them to kill in covert way. They prepare heart attack for Edward Kennedy. Salinger died of it. Clinton, too, had a heart attack when he gave campaign advice to Kerry. Clinton told Kerry to abandon his Vietnam history but to focus on Iraq war. He offended the taboo of insider group and was punished by a heart attack. (see heart attack at # "5. Microwave killing" )

265. God, prophet or Tyrant, rogue? (10/29)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2004 9:03 pm
by kathaksung
265. God, prophet or Tyrant, rogue? (10/29)

From mid October, there is a new wave of Internet attack on me. I failed to post in many sites because of technique harassment. I was even banned from some forums.

Here was a ban in "". The page said, ""Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? "

I have the experience Feds using my INTERNET address to post offensive messages which caused ban on me, I e-mailed administration. "I didn't do anything above. If there is such problem, then it might be someone hijacked my user's name did it. Please check the problem."

The reply of administration: "I'm not sure why you were banned, it's now been lifted. Your ban wasn't logged so I'll look into it further, sorry about that."

So I had chance re-enter the forum and see the "reason" they banned me. It was done by a staff who also had a title of director of marketing. Here is his post.

Re: Icarus <member.php?u=10834> Staff
Director of Marketing Join Date: Oct 2003 Location: Northern California Posts: 1,219 Kathaksung,

There's a passage I got memorized, seems appropriate for this situation:

Ezekiel 25:17 "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!"

Closed, Deleted, And Banned: Icarus' Blog
Sure, I'd read your blog. I can picture it now...Banned 48 people today, deleted 36034 threads, and still had time for tea - %%WORD249%

270. Mad Cow disease(11/24)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 8:29 pm
by kathaksung
270. Mad Cow disease(11/24)

In August 2002 Anthony Carr prophesied Mad Cow disease would attack Canada and rapidly swept across US . Canada announced Mad cow disease in May 2003, and
US announced its first case in December 2003.

Someone argued that Anthony Carr was not a good Prophet because the disease didn't rapid sweep over US as he had said. But it was still a miraculous success. He didn't say it was Small Pox, Ebola or any other disease, he didn't say it was Mexico, Japan, Spain or any other country. He accurately predicted the Mad Cow case would took place in Canada then in US. If that was a blind guess, the chance is rare.

But if it was a plan, then it was easy. Wrapping it in a prophecy. Canada was used as a cover up to justify the origin of the disease when the Mad Cow mysteriously broke up. Then why there was no "rapid sweep over US"?

I have said, even it was a plan, there were many variables to influence its development. I think my revelation postponed their plan.

Brain death is a murder method used by Feds. They shoot victims with E-M wave. Microwave ray is one of them. Attribute the death to Meningitis, stroke, West Nile. So I was alerted when I learned the news of Mad Cow.

In two days, Mercury News reported on first page story that Mad Cow disease was found in Washington State. On 12/24/03, it was a half page long article. On 12/25, three articles in more than a page described what was Mad Cow with pictures. TV repeatedly broadcast the shot of a cow trying to stand but collapsed. All these and other events drove me wrote an article and posted it on next day (12/26/03). See "191. Framing a case in December (12/26)"

Then the Mad Cow news disappeared from news. It was used as a murder excuse and a distraction to a framed drug case. The plot was revealed and postponed. So there was no necessity to go on with Mad Cow practicing. It was really an experience to see how a panic momentum was built up in less than three days and then suddenly dropped off. I believe if there was no my revelation and the framed drug case could be carried out, then Anthony Carr's prophecy would have gone to a perfect end - Mad Cow disease swiftly rolled all over the America. With it Feds murder their targets.

When five days ago, Mad Cow news once again appeared in TV and paper, I realized a new plot was planed and wrote last message. Today in Mercury News, there is such a brief, "In other news", "Initial tests last week indicating a possible new case of "mad cow" disease in the US have proved negative after subsequent testing, the USDA announced Tuesday."

Now you can see how easily Feds create a panic impetus despite how absurd the story is. The mad cow disease disappeared as sudden as it appeared. No origin, no trace. Just like God took out a toy from his treasure box, landed it on a cow. When the cow died, he took the toy back and locked the box, prepare for the next time usage. Perhaps that's why Feds view themselves as God. Same thing was the 911 attack. The hi-jackers were said terrorist trained in flight school. They must be genius student to drive such a modern Boeing without lost. They were so skilled to hit the target at point, even in low attitude at Pentagon. A Boeing pilot must have rich flight experience, even so he has to take a long time train practice, with the help and guidance of formal pilot. How could these student hi-jackers just jumped on a Boeing and did what they want to do? Also if they were foreign students, they must be strange to US air routes. How could they change the original route to find New York without lost?

Next time when you see TV repeatedly broadcast the picture of the collapse of WTC and a cow struggling to stand but fell off again and again, beware that could be a psychological gimmick and government has a purpose.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:26 pm
by Kali
That quote from Scripture was a quote not from scripture, but from a popular movie that made use of quoted scripture in order to make a point that was opposite from the point of the supposed author of that scripture quote.

Confused yet? If you've seen the movie, you aren't, probably.

I'd call that quote a dumb echo - or, "scripture packaged for misquoting purposes" stictly for those not acquainted with scripture at all -i.e., straight from the movie Pulp Fiction, and if you know that movie and remember when the quote was used (and what actions followed the quote), you would have further questions about the intent of the person who quoted it in the above "ban" post.

It was a dumb butt trying to sound smart, and missing, in other words.

Have you seen that movie, kaksung? Blecht.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 8:20 pm
by kathaksung
No, I haven't seen the movie. Kali.

It doesn't matter whether it was from a movie or bible. They just justify their behave in the name of God. By all their means.



I have some question if you can solve it for me. A destroyed face played the propadanda to its utmost.

1. Most poison were used to hurt victim's health, on the purpose to take their lives. A poison to destroy someone's face is rarely heard. Does Dioxin only influence the skin of victim's face? Or the skin of all body? Though I don't know what happened to Yushchenko's body, it seems the skin of his neck and hands are all right.

2. Yushchenko vigorously active in election. It seems the poison didn't hurt his health much.

3. Yushchenko and Western media beat the drum said that he was poisoned. It seems the poison was selected for propaganda much more than killing.

4. Motive is important in any case. Who benefit from this election if the victim having a destroyed face?

5. Is perpetrator an amateur who selected a wrong poison to let others know that Yushchenko was obviously poisoned? Or just want to have a propaganda?

Is Yushchenko a superman? Or is new KGB too incompetent? Or something else?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2005 8:41 pm
by kathaksung
Arafat was dead. You can expect who did it. Feds did it too, in a more covert way.

181. Soup (11/21/2003)

Poisoning is a traditional method to murder. There is no exception for Feds. But they do it in different way. They made it more like a natural disease or sometimes, directly plant virus or germ to the victims.

Sometime about 92 (? If I can't remember the exact time, I put a "?") my wife started to suggest me to go to the restaurant which Mr. X owned. Mr. X was a seller in Flea market. I thought he was an informant of Feds so I refused. My wife kept suggesting to go to Mr. X's restaurant although she knew I didn't like him and that restaurant was far away from our house. Her repeating suggestion caused my suspicion. What was it for?

One day when I was having meal with my wife, she took out two cups of soup. She gave me one "This beef soup is for you. I have that WonTon soup. I bought them from Mr. X's restaurant."

The long accumulated suspicion broke out. I was angry. "You know my opinion about Mr.X. Why are you keeping request me to eat his food? Is there something in the soup? You drink it." I pushed the beef soup cup to her.

My wife didn't say a word. She sat there, lowered her head, dare not to watch me. When I urged her " drink it, why you dare not drink it?" She had a strange reaction. She held a piece of chopstick, soaked it into the beef soup, then slowly put the chopstick into her mouth. She might drink a drop of soup or even less. Obviously she was forced to do so. So she herself suspected the soup might have been poisoned. That's the only way she could do then. Looked like tasting a little soup.

After my anger relaxed, I realized my wife was forced to do so. I hurried finish the meal. Left her behind to take care of that full cup of beef soap. Later when I got familiar with Feds tactic, I know that even she drank the whole cup of soup. Nothing would happen.

182. Sandwich

when I went to Galt Market every Tuesday then, I used to buy my lunch a day before from a Vietnamese food store. The customers were Asian people because the food was traditional Asian style. So it caught my eye when I saw a white man in sandwich cabinet whom was talking with sales ladies. The white man left right away when he saw me coming in. I felt it was unusual because he left without buying anything.

I told the sales ladies I want three sandwiches. The sales ladies looked flurried, turned their sights away and walked away to take care other customers whom came later. I was left alone for a few minutes. It was a deliberate negligence, I was angry. Then another saleslady just coming from other room picked my order. She took three already made sandwiches from a saving cabinet for me. It was unusual because they always made it on order. (customer could choose different meat and vegetables) The odd things puzzled me. It seemed they got these sandwiches particularly prepared for me.

Next day, after a busy morning, I was hungry. Looking at the sandwiches, I recalled the strange scene the day before and beef soup event. Did they put some poison in sandwich? I tried a small bite, taste is normal, than another bite.... I finished a sandwich, threw away the other two and waited for something to happen. Nothing happened.

It was contradict to my suspicion of poisoning. The above two events puzzled me for sometime. What happened exactly?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 8:02 pm
by kathaksung
Poisone was used as a propaganda tool in Yushchenko's case. Mostly it still is used as murder weapon. The following is my opinion about how Feds using it.

186. Slow poison (12/6) (continue to message 181 and 182)

When I thought over what happened to the sandwich and beef soup. I recalled an article in Readers' digest. It was a story about a defect Russian pilot.

Lt. Viktor Belenko drove a Mig-25 to Nakodate, Japan on 9/6/1976. The Mig-25 was the most advanced fighter in Russia at that time. US experts flied to Japan, dismantled the plane and had a thorough examination. They returned the dismantled Mig fighter to Soviet Union about ten days later. The defect pilot, was under "witness protection" and lived in somewhere US.

I noticed the article talked about that once authority had suspected this was a fake defection because the expert found some most important part of technique were missing in the plane. The article also talked about that Belenko refused a huge rewards. (millions of dollars) He said he wanted to make a living by his own hands. That his defection was not for money but for opinion. It's real incredible for money oriented intelligence, I think.

The thing impressed me most was the pilot was poisoned when he was hidden in witness shelter. Belenko was still young but he was bald. The medical examination concluded that it was caused by slow poison of a kind of rare metal. (I forgot the name of that metal) The article, of course, alleged it to the work of KGB. I don't believe it. Few people would know where the pilot was if he was under "witness protection". And it was easy to identify the person who had access to pilot's food. (Slow poison took a long time work.) Most likely he became a Quinea pig for intelligence in test of slow poison. When he was of no use but a burden for them.

There are many such examples. The most known one were former Phillipine President Marcos, and former Iranian Tsar Barlivie. When they were rulers they were loyal ally of US. Once they lost power and had to drift abroad they became a political burden of US. Because they were ousted by their own people. Barlivie even couldn't find a shelter in US.. They both died in a short time. ( in about three years or less?) Marcos died of kidney failure and Barlivie died of cancer(?)

There are many advantages of slow poison murder. 1. Work covertly. All death are like a natural one. (like diabetes, kidney failure, cancer...) 2. Control the death on will. They can make target getting sick by slow poison, once the death is neccesary for Feds, what they have to do is just increase the dose, the target died to intelligence' demand without causing a suspicion. 3. Deniable. If the lethal dose is 100 gram, they can dilute the actual poison dose at 1 gram each. So it's safe for them even if they were caught. Because it' s not lethal. 4. It's hard to track because the dose each time used is a tiny one.

This explains what happened in sandwich and beef soup story. The people involved behaved strangely. They thought there was something in food. Nobody knew it was a slow poison, and anybody could eat it and nothing would have happened unless they were fed for a long time. Later, I still noticed they slowly poisoned me. I omit the story here because there is more urge information to tell. I'll post them if there is chance.

Though I couldn't feel the poison before. The situation changed this year. Since this July, they aggressively intensified the persecution. Include poison which I think led to the cancer outbroke of my father in law. I can feel uncomfort after eating poisoned food. This is one reason I said they are going crazy. Feds increased poison dose. They are in a hurry.

See whole story at:

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try

187. Drinking water (12/11)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:27 pm
by kathaksung
187. Drinking water (12/11)

We used to buy drinking water from coin operated water machine stood outside the super market. Sometime in late 2000(?), my wife told me to buy water from a store. She bought a member card there, so when I went to buy water, I only have to tell the staff the name of my wife and needed not to pay. It was a drinking water store newly opened in shopping center.

In my house, my father in law drank tea which using boiling tap water. My wife rarely drank at home or she drank with boiling water too. Only my daughter and I drank the cold water bought from machine. Sometime at that period my daughter started to drink bottle water. I noticed this because bottle water is much expensive than the water bought from water store. When I saw my wife bought case of bottle water, I thought she was too spoil our daughter to waste money. But I said nothing about it. How could I knew this meant something else?

Then I had a pain in arm bone. As the pain became more frequently happened, I worried. I recalled a news story. Quite a lot of people lived in a city of Japan got a strange illness - bone ache. At last they found it was because their drinking water was polluted by a chemical compound of mercury(forgot the name). Linked this story, the newly opened water store, and I becoming the only person who drank the water from that store. I realized where the problem came from. I stopped drink the water from that store. The pain in bone did not disappeared right away. It faded gradually as time pasted and at last, no more.

It's easy to switch the water supply from normal tank to poisoned water tank. What happened when there were other people buying water at the same time? There is a row of water tap there. I think they don't care. Because each time the dose is small and won't cause immediate problem.

188. Increase the poison dose

PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:27 pm
by kathaksung
188. Increase the poison dose

I did most kitchen work at home. Every night, there used to be four of us: my daughter, my wife, her father and I had supper together. Since this July, when my wife introduced "health juice", less and less people had supper together, and after my father in law was sick in early August, I was the only one took meal on table.

I noticed my daughter almost didn't eat at home since July. July was summer vacation. Everyday near noon, there always were call from her classmates, she went out until after super. When the school season began, she had special program which required her to stay in school until On week-ends, my wife often took her eat outside. My wife, since then, used to come back after My father in law couldn't eat normally since early August.

I suspected one source of poison came from the "free food". (see "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)"), even I tried not to touch it, I couldn't avoid it all the time. Because there were so much: from bread, cereal, can food, to fresh vegetable like cabbage, onion, mushroom .... and fruit. Frankly I didn't feel any unwell if I ate these food. Probably poison dose was light because more people fed on it. The "free food" supply stopped after I posted message #167.

Another source probably came from "gift food". My wife used to bring home candy, cake, cookie, said it was gift from customers. But in this July, the "moon cake" she brought home was different. (A Chinese cookie for "Moon Festival") I was indisposed after testing a piece of it. Obviously Feds increased poison dose. We shared one piece of moon cake. Nobody touched the rest since. There were four pieces of cake in one tin box. The rest three and another tin remained on dining table for five months untouched. A few days ago they disappeared after I talked about poison.

When I have meals alone at home these days, I felt indisposed. The symptoms are: 1. coughing which may start right away after meal and could last for several hours. 2. Indispose feeling in liver area. 3. Itch at joint area of arm and elbow. ( from lymph?) 4. Red urine. Urine colour is deep yellow like red. ( blood inside?) These may be from different poison because I observed them by separate testing of food.

188. Increase the poison dose

PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:28 pm
by kathaksung
188. Increase the poison dose

I did most kitchen work at home. Every night, there used to be four of us: my daughter, my wife, her father and I had supper together. Since this July, when my wife introduced "health juice", less and less people had supper together, and after my father in law was sick in early August, I was the only one took meal on table.

I noticed my daughter almost didn't eat at home since July. July was summer vacation. Everyday near noon, there always were call from her classmates, she went out until after super. When the school season began, she had special program which required her to stay in school until On week-ends, my wife often took her eat outside. My wife, since then, used to come back after My father in law couldn't eat normally since early August.

I suspected one source of poison came from the "free food". (see "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)"), even I tried not to touch it, I couldn't avoid it all the time. Because there were so much: from bread, cereal, can food, to fresh vegetable like cabbage, onion, mushroom .... and fruit. Frankly I didn't feel any unwell if I ate these food. Probably poison dose was light because more people fed on it. The "free food" supply stopped after I posted message #167.

Another source probably came from "gift food". My wife used to bring home candy, cake, cookie, said it was gift from customers. But in this July, the "moon cake" she brought home was different. (A Chinese cookie for "Moon Festival") I was indisposed after testing a piece of it. Obviously Feds increased poison dose. We shared one piece of moon cake. Nobody touched the rest since. There were four pieces of cake in one tin box. The rest three and another tin remained on dining table for five months untouched. A few days ago they disappeared after I talked about poison.

When I have meals alone at home these days, I felt indisposed. The symptoms are: 1. coughing which may start right away after meal and could last for several hours. 2. Indispose feeling in liver area. 3. Itch at joint area of arm and elbow. ( from lymph?) 4. Red urine. Urine colour is deep yellow like red. ( blood inside?) These may be from different poison because I observed them by separate testing of food.

189. Poison food in super market (12/16)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 9:29 pm
by kathaksung
189. Poison food in super market (12/16)

I have no drive license. (see "64. My Brother in law was targetted".) Food was brought home by my wife. So I went shopping myself by bike. But soon it didn't work too. I still felt the above symptoms. Did they poison food in super markets I went? ( I went to several markets.) I did a test. There is a super market I rarely go because the price is extremely expensive there. (e.g. the egg is 2.60 to 3.25 a dozen compare 0.99 a dozen in Chinese super market, vegetable price are twice or triple expensive) I bought some food there and made a meal. It worked. None of the above symptoms appeared. Which means they go crazy to poison food in super market I frequently go.

How did Feds do it? I found they particularly poisoned the food I used to consume. For example, Tofu and egg, vegetable and fish are the food I bought everytime. I noticed the brand I used to buy was in scarcity. Usually there are bunch of boxes of Tofu in cabinet, piled up high, now the brand I used to buy were only four left when I came. There were 20 column rail of egg, now most were empty when I went there. Or only two fish left which I used to buy. Left me little to choose. They force me buy from limited quantity which were poisoned food.

Another tactic is to lure me in with low price. I have no income so I always buy the cheapest. Once in Chinese super market they marked the cheapest fish even cheaper. It was 1.19 a pound, it marked: "Special today, 0.99 a pound if not fry." (They have a fry service, and I always asked that service) I at that time was aware of their tactic and didn't buy. But I was puzzled at "no fry" mark. Why? I thought it was probably the poison on fish would spread into oil and made my fish not much poisoned after fry. Also it would pollute the other fish asked for fry service.

I tried next time. I picked up two fish and called for service. There were three salesmen with no customers at that time. The one I called for was reluctant at first. He watched at the other two men. The two turned their sight away. One hurried to find some clean work to do and another just walked away. Same scene like what happened in sandwich store 10 years ago. (see "182. Sandwich") The nearest salesman had to attend me. When I told him to fry it, he handed the fish back and said, "it's too frozen to fry". This never had taken place before. All fish are in same cabinet and always covered by fry service. I knew why and just left.

All these happened in recent months. When they failed in other way, Feds aggressively increase the poison dose and distributed the poisoned food to me in a rogue's way. What if other people bought the poisoned food? They don't care. Though the dose was increased, it won't kill instantly. That's one advantage of "slow poison". I don't know if the salesmen knew these fish were poisoned or not. But at least they were told not to fry some kind of fish. (The kind I used to buy)

Because of their strange behaviour I think these salesmen knew me (someone showed my picture to them? Or alert them a few minutes before I arrived at super market?). I don't go to super market often except these two months.

I now have to abandon normal food I used to have and try some other variety randomly.

267. Poison and milk (11/9)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2005 3:55 pm
by kathaksung
267. Poison and milk (11/9)

"Got milk?". Not long time ago I still saw there were plenty of milk advertisement in TV. Probably from last year(?) the milk ads disappeared from TV. The price of milk doubled from under two dollars a gallon to now over four dollars a gallon.

My family didn't drink much of milk. I rarely touch it because I thought it might cause obesity. A bottle of milk at my home used to stay in refrigerator for a week or two. About later last year, milk disappeared from our refrigerator. At that time, I thought maybe the fast going up price was the reason my wife didn't buy milk. (Later I think there was another possibility that she was instructed not to buy it.)

Last year also was the year Feds dramatically increase the dose of poison which caused the sickness and the death of my father in law. Early this year, when I found they even poisoned the tap water. I had to buy bottle water. But when I found some bottle water was poisoned too. I turn on to other drink. Milk was one of them.

I still remembered the first time I bought a bottle of milk this year. I put it in the refrigerator in the morning after shopping. In the afternoon, I found it was opened. It was unusual. My wife and my daughter only drank milk in breakfast. With suspicion, I did a test drink. It was poisoned. The color of my urine then became red.

It was a swift reaction of Feds. I bought bottle water too. But they seemed care for that milk. Why? I suddenly remembered a book I had read. It said the poison worked on human organ or nerve, had chemical reaction with their protein, caused damage on these organs. That's how some poison works. It said milk contains rich protein in liquid, easy to replace human organ to neutralize the poison. So milk is viewed as a reliever of toxin in emergent poison case.

The poison team of Feds are experts. That's why since last year they raised the price of milk when they intensify the poison plot. And had a swift response when I started to buy milk. But their reaction also alerted me. I at first bought milk as a way of water supply, now I view it also as a poison neutralizer.

On 7/16/04, my daughter had a later birthday party. (see 243. The late birthday party (7/24)) Though that party was projected for another framed case, the poison team still worked their way. They never miss a chance.

There were more than a dozen classmates of my daughter attending the party. They prepared a big birthday cake. They only ate about one third of that cake and left the big part behind. Next day I found the newly bought milk bottle was opened and almost emptied. My daughter said her friends felt thirsty when they ate the cake and demanded milk. Maybe I was ignorant, but in my experience, I didn't see anyone drink milk for the birthday cake. There were plenty of soda, they even came with a case of mineral water. But they turned on to milk when they enjoyed the cake.

With my knowledge about milk and their strange behavior, my conclusion was the cake was poisoned. As usual I did a test. The result proved I was correct. Recently Feds using a poison which would cause the corner of mouth broken. Doctor would diagnose it as a lack of Vitamin B. The symptom appears two to four hours after you eating the poisoned food and will be recovered in a day or two if you abandoned the contaminated food. It was used in food and in water as well.

Those teenagers might not aware of poison food. But I'm sure they were instructed to drink milk when they had cake. Of course, though I like cake, I wouldn't touch it when I found it was poisoned. The rest was thrown away several days later.
I was once curious at the event of Chinese Embassy bombing. Was it a designated one or an coincidence? I was almost fell in that psychology trap and went for a dangerous trip to China. But in 1999, it seemed NATO was far from FBI, DEA. "You may over sensitive." I told myself.

Later development proved my suspicion is reasonable. Similar event re-acted in 2001.

268. Birds, fruit and Poisoned tap water (11/14)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 9:18 pm
by kathaksung
268. Birds, fruit and Poisoned tap water (11/14)

There are fruit trees in my yard. Every summer, my father in law (when he was alive) and I enjoy the apples and pears from our own trees. My wife and my daughter rarely touch them. They don't like fruit much.

Early this year, I found tap water was poisoned. I turned into bottle water. But for trees, I still had to use tap water. I wondered, would toxic chemical in water accumulate in fruit?

In later July the pear start to ripen , I carefully ate some. I felt nothing wrong at first when I had one pear. Then I increased the quantity. I took four or five a day. Two days later, I felt indisposition in liver area. Obviously, there was a low quantity of toxic material inside the fruit. If people ate many, the effect couldn't be neglected.

When the summer arrived, there always came a lot of birds to enjoy the fruit with me. Among them there was a bird with beautiful blue feather. I think it was a blue jay. The blue jay might have its nest nearby. It came every year. As usual, early this summer I saw it again. But only for a short period. I never saw the blue bird coming any more since July. The other birds were in grey colour. I think they were wild doves. I couldn't tell them individually because there were so many. But I did know some disappeared forever. Each time I went into yard, I saw some flied away birds having the body as big as the blue bird. Then I saw no more big doves.

On 7/22/04, Mercury News reported, "VIRUS, dead bird had West Nile". Next day on 7/23, another half page article said, "LABS, State researchers seek West Nile clues from dead birds". "If you're interested: To report dead birds which may be collected for testing, call the state hotline, (877) 968-2473"

The birds which died from poisoned fruit could have been many. Feds conveniently attribute the death to West Nile. They also did a research on the result of their job so they could improve their poison technique.

It took some time each day for me to take care of the trees. When I found the fruit was poisoned, I stopped to work on them. On 8/10, my wife picked up a big pear and put it on the table, said "It looks good. It's a pity to leave it alone." For a week or so She said nothing about pears and ate none of them which I picked up. Why she suddenly interested about it when I stopped to work on trees? I thought it was a swift reaction from Feds. The surveillance team wanted to know why I stopped the routine yard work and asked the question through my wife. I left her alone.

Next day, seeing the pear remained there untouched, she ate it. Though one fruit wouldn't hurt health much, I felt I have responsibility to warn her. I told her the tap water was poisoned, so the fruit grown up by these water was poisoned too. She said, "Nonsense." But then asked me what kind of sickness I felt.

On 8/15, 4 days after I warned about the toxic fruit, my brother and sisters came for them. They have been to my house for fruit before. What they picked up always were the big, ripe one. This time it's different. They picked up every piece they could reach, either it was raw or small. I think they were instructed to do so. But whatever they knew, I did my part. I warned them the fruit was poisoned.

Why cleaned the fruit from the tree? Maybe to eliminate the evidence that caused mass unusual death of birds. And the fruits might have ended up at Poison Lab of Feds.

290. Super market (2/9/05)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 6:28 pm
by kathaksung
290. Super market (2/9/05)

2/9 is Chinese New year's day. The meal of Chinese New Years eve. for Chinese is as important as Thanks Giving meal to Westerns. Early this month, when I asked my wife to drive me for some Festival food, she refused again and told me to shopping on foot. I view this as the intention of Feds. It seems they determined to eliminate me in road violence.

Then why my wife broke the rule to drive me for a food shopping on 1/29? (see "288. Vanished old case and new plan (2/4/05)) Because on that day, Feds arranged a family re-union. On the purpose to invite me to join a trip to China. They knew my relatives would drive me for a food shopping at my will. So they let my wife did it in advance because I had to go the store my wife drove me to. I was surprised for the easiness of my wife. That was the only one drive she gave in five weeks.

About half hour after we finished shopping, my relatives came. I then knew why my wife eased to give a drive. I still asked my brother in law to give me a drive despite my wife's protest that I just finished a shopping.

I led my brother in law to another shopping center about 20 minutes driving away. Where there is a water store supplying bottled water which was sealed right away after official examination of water quality. But on that day the owner of water store said the sealed bottle water was sold out which used to be plenty of.

I then went to the super market nearby and found big price gap between the stores I just attended to. For example, the vegetable was 0.59 a pound and apple was 0.39 a pound while in the store my wife brought me to was 0.99 and 0.59 appropriately. Such a price difference would drive customers from one store away to the other.

One year ago, the food Feds poisoned in super market was in small quantity and was concentrated on cheap items I used to buy. Then as I started to buy in random, Feds changed tactic too. The food they poisoned now are in large quantities, piles up in rack. (see "189. Poison food in super market (12/16/03) ) Bread, rice, milk, ham, bottled water, vegetables, potato chips, can food...... . To avoid too much people been poisoned, they set up several super-market in which food was poisoned most and price also tagged high. To drive customers away to the stores which priced lower where poisoned food is also less. That's why the store I was sent to by my wife were the expensive one.

But that will hurt the business of super market which priced high. How did Feds persuade the owner of these store to do so? For western style super market, it used to be chain stores such like Safeway, Albertson. Feds controls high ranking management, so there should be no problem for them. But Chinese store mostly are run by independent owners, how did Feds do on them?

In late 2003, when Feds aggressively increased poison dose, there was an arrest in my area which shocked Chinese society. An owner of super market and his accountant were arrested. Tax fraud was the charge. The bail was set up at 5 million dollars. The defendant couldn't afford such high bail, had to stay in jail. The case was in court again in mid-2004. Judge still maintained the same amount of bail. So the defendant still had to stay in prison. It was obviously an intimidation to Chinese super market business. If you don't obey, we can keep you in jail. Business loss or jail, which will you choose?

180. Beware of housing bubble (11/16/03)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 9:36 pm
by kathaksung
180. Beware of housing bubble (11/16/03)

I originally plan to talk about this topic later. It's a long story how I found they manipulate housing market. But now it seems I might be eliminated by them anytime, so I omit the long story and remind people that anytime soon there will be a broken housing bubble, and a staggering economy following it.

I talked about they emptied the community and moved in their own people. The advantage is obvious: 1. Easy to monitor. They can watch in all angles and direction. And shoot EM wave at any convenient place. 2. In a framed case, the witness are all theirs. Such like in DC sniper case. 3. Easy to use EM wave. Either it is a ray or a field, EM wave is easy to penetrate a house wall. Only metal may stop it. That's why they clear the area and clear the children. To block the possible leaking of microwave ray, my neighbor parked their car in lane and on street, day and night. Like they don't have to go to work. Or this residence area is their work place.

People may have the question how they can buy so much houses? Because they treat it as a business. They make big money in manipulating house market. I have done such an estimation: If they bought a house in 1997 in my community which costed 200K, with down payment of 20K, and about 20K each year of payment and tax, if they sold it right now at market price of 380K their expense is 140K, they can make 40K profit from it. (1997 is the year they started to buy in real estates, 1999 is the year they push up the house price.) This is the case in my community when they can't use the house in other purpose. In other area, as an investment, they can rent the house off to offset the expense. So in same case, with 20K investment, deducted from profit of 180K, they have a net gain of 160K.

Why they can do it? They control politicians and big cooperations. They control Federal Reserve. They can demand a policy benefit to their business. That's why the federal interest is staying at 1% for such a long time. Because Feds has a lot of real estate property, their payments depend on interest rate. And that's why in an economic downturn, when stock market went to bear market, and government deficit go to a history high, and with high unemployment rate, there still is a rising house market.

Recently they have gradually sold out their real estates at a good price and reap a high profit. But not in my area. Because my case isn't finished. There are hundreds of such houses. (don't know how many they have in other area) The economic situation doesn't allow the interest rate to stay in such low. That may be one of the reasons they hurried to an aggressive persecution on me. When I was eliminated, they could sell these houses within one month or so, then I foresee there is an uprising of Federal interest and mortgage interest as well as a collapsing house market. There will be an economic downturn then.

Beware of a broken housing bubble.