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344. Roberts, a secret agent of D.O.J. (9/18/05)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 8:16 pm
by kathaksung
344. Roberts, a secret agent of D.O.J. (9/18/05)

Roberts ducked important questions Demo asked him in hearing. So at the end he is mostly a man of unknown to the people. This is a typical figure of D.O.J.: hide everything with a cover. Does everything in covert.

Is he a speculator? After he refuses to show his stand, he can later turn out to be red, or if necessary, to be blue. Or just a flip-flop. This is a typical figure of secret agent. They really have no interest in any side. They only favor what their master favors. So they have no opinion of their own.

He will be selected as the judge of Supreme Court. Because that's the choice of Inside Group. Bush is only a puppet to deliver the words. Demo Senators only played a little bit what opposition Party should do. They knew Roberts will take over the seat. All this is a drama.

But when you select a general, how can you know nothing of his opinion about war? (his excuse is he only can answer in specific battle) How can you select a CEO for the company who refuse to express his idea about economy?

When US politics develops to this point that an mostly unknown person can take such an important job, is this drama too ridiculous? Bush administration even sealed Roberts record from public.

Roberts is more likely a secret agent who will work for the Feds, (D.O.J.)

D.O.J. hurriedly sent Roberts to the seat of Chief Justice is for the framed case of September 24, I think. My case is the most important one for D.O.J. since I reveal the true face (crime) of them. To frame a case, they even sacrifice both directors of FBI and DEA in a secret deal in 2001.

On 5/10/2002, I wrote "65. Birthday Party on May 3 (5/10)", revealed there was an attempt framed case on me and my family on 5/3. Several days later, my tenant and a neighborhood suddenly left.(both were from China. see #85, 86) It was until three months later when newspaper reported Ashcroft had been rebuked by judge in May for cheating the court, I then knew I was under the surveillance by FISA warrant. When judge found they were cheated by Ashcroft and FBI, they cancelled the warrant. Two Chinese secret police, my tenant and a neighborhood, had to leave.

The surveillance recovered in November 2002 when D.O.J. claimed Patriot Act gave them such power. But how could they frame an innocent man without evidence? They still need evidence to carry out an arrest.

Since then, D.O.J. tried their best to "break" the wall of "share information from foreign intelligence" with "domestic criminal law enforcement". The recent "Pentagon's information about Atta" is such an effort.

This issue must have been passed into Supreme Court. I think, Chief Justice William Rehnquist had defended the fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Thus he became the obstacle of D.O.J.. He had a cancer.

If Rehnquist's health condition was very bad, he would have resigned earlier. But he hadn't. That means he himself felt he was still OK for the job. His death was sudden. I think it was a controlled murder. I have said, "2. Control the death on will. They can make target getting sick by slow poison, once the death is necessary for Feds, what they have to do is just increase the dose, the target died to intelligence' demand without causing a suspicion." (186. Slow poison (12/6/03))

When I found there was another big framed case set up on 9/24, I revealed it on 9/2. (see "339. The September plot (9/2/05)") Next day, Chief Rehnquist died. Roberts is hurried to be nominated and said his confirmation is almost certain and will be in post in October. Because the framed case will break off on 9/24. D.O.J. needs a man of their own to guarantee the case can be set up by "sharing foreign intelligence information with domestic criminal law enforcement"

William Rehnquist's death and Roberts' nomination may signal the death of 4th Amendment that American people will lose the protection from "unreasonable search and arrest". US Justice will be ruled by an evil group.

(The 4th Amendment has been made to protect people from the "plant" of corruptive law enforcement force. That the warrant must based on evidence not the "plant". The "sharing information" low the standard to "suspicion" (foreign intelligence source) and made search and arrest possible based on "plant". see "335. 4th Amendment (8/17/05)")

335. 4th Amendment (8/17/05)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 7:38 pm
by kathaksung
335. 4th Amendment (8/17/05)

These days, Feds activate a wave in Internet to propaganda on "eliminate the wall erected to prevent the sharing information from foreign with domestic criminal law enforcement." Said the wall caused the success of 911 attack. It's an attack at the Constitution - the 4th amendment. times Feds set up traps in my case. One was to change the roof of my house. The other one was to change the garage door. I alleged Feds had planted drugs in my attic and in my garage. They planned to carry out a search and arrest by guise as the roofing or the garage door contractor.

Why couldn't they direct search and arrest? Fourth amendment forbid them to do so. They couldn't apply a search warrant on suspicion. They must have evidence. But I am innocent man, they have no evidence. What they can do is plant. But for that plant they still need a reason to get a search warrant.

Because it's easy for them to get the foreign collaboration to get a "useful" information. Then to get a FISA warrant which is easy to get. An unreasonable search and arrest could be done if the "information sharing" is allowed.

If the wall was broken, every citizen will lose the protection of the 4th amendment from unreasonable search and arrest. Everyone can be the victim of Feds' planting.

Here I repeat the message I posted before. D.O.J. is desperately to attack that protect wall.

Re post: Ashcroft had accused, and now it's his accessories are accusing Jamie Gorelick erected the "wall" between the FBI and the CIA that kept them from sharing intelligence and possibly from doing more to prevent the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That because FBI feared to touch that wall, they hadn't applied a permission to search suspect Zacarias Moussaoui's computer, so they lost chance to stop the 911 attack in advance.

This is a blackmail.

There are two ways for FBI to apply a search warranty from Judge. One is by FISA court.(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) In which a warranty is in a very low standard and is easy to get. The other way is by criminal law court which is in high standard because Americans are protected by 4th amendment from unreasonable search and arrest.

When Ashcroft and FBI said there is a wall to block sharing information between foreign information and criminal investigation, he is demanding a big police power expanding which makes the 4th amendment mean nothing. He then can search and arrest American citizen at his will, only based on suspicion(FISA standard is low) while we should be protected by criminal law from being unreasonable search and arrest. (must based on evidence)

D.O.J. use Moussaoui's case as a reason, said because the FBI feared to touch the wall of criminal law so they didn't investigate Moussaoui's computer. It's hypocrite and is a misleading. We don't have to be a professional like A.G. or FBI to know that Moussaoui is a foreigner and fits for FISA. Why FBI hadn't apply FISA(obviously an easy one) but considered the domestic criminal law? And why they even didn't apply? It is incompetence, a mistake, or a deliberate negligence? Many information revealed that the government knew 911 attack in advance, it was allowed to happen. Because they benefit from it.

FBI didn't apply a warrant from FISA, they say because they are afraid to touch that wall. A man caught driving without a license. He said because he was afraid he won't pass the road test so he hadn't apply one. Could a judge justify that reason? As a matter of fact, the FISA standard is very low, if FBI had applied one, they for sure would get it. But they hadn't.

What D.O.J. wants is to give FBI more police power to search and arrest people. They want to low the standard of criminal law. That's a blackmail in the name of "war on terrorism".

BTW, there is a deep meaning of "erect the wall of sharing information" . In fact, intelligence share the information already. The reality is they can't use that information to apply a search warrant because it's illegal. The wall prevent they use FISA standard on domestic criminal case.

Theoretically, FBI can't spy a citizen unless they have evidence the man has committed crime. When this "sharing information wall" is broken, now they can search a citizen covertly only on suspicion. Because the FISA standard is low.

This is the real purpose of D.O.J.. And it claimed the"Patriot Act" gave it such privilege.
The fact is, under the "Patriot Act", Bush and D.O.J. expand their fascist police power. American people are losing the protect from "unreasonable search and arrest" of the 4th amendment.

Government and media never tell people about this. They steal the civil liberty in the name of security. You are losing your constitutional right.

346. Police detain and DNA plant (10/2/05)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 7:45 pm
by kathaksung
346. Police detain and DNA plant (10/2/05)

Although 9/24 case was postponed, new framed case developed immediately. There were two articles in Mercury News at same time.

"False arrest verdict reversed" (9/24/05)

"The federal jury in San Jose had found that officer William Foster, 37, had no probable cause to arrest Laura B. McIntyre. She was arrested after touching Foster's badge to get his identification.

US district Judge James Ware, reconsidering laws at issue in the case at the city's request, reversed his earlier decisions, disregarded the jury's verdict and issued a Wednesday(9/21) ruling in favor of Foster."

(McIntyre, who had just graduated with honors, was attending a party on 2/8/01. When police told guests to leave to a complaint, she put two fingers on Foster's badge to see the numbers. She was arrested for committing a battery.)

"Bill would force DNA collection" (9/25/05)

"Washington - Suspects arrested or detained by federal authorities could be forced to provide samples of their DNA that would be recorded in a central database under a provision of a Senate bill to expand government collection of personal data.

The measure was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week and is supported by the White House, but has not gone to the floor for a vote. It goes beyond current law, which allows federal authorities to collect and record samples of DNA only from those convicted of crimes. The data is stored in an FBI-maintained national registry that law enforcement officials use to aid investigations, by comparing DNA from criminals with evidence found at crime scenes."

The purpose of two articles is very clear. To justify unreasonable search and arrest and then to frame the victim by DNA planting. DNA(a hair, skin, semen) like drugs, can be planted easily. The provision opens the gate for corrupted Feds. They can find an excuse to detain people. Then frame him in a crime case. No evidence needed. What they need to do is to declare the detainee's DNA is identical to one found in criminal scene. I believe Feds now are busy to plant my DNA in old unsolved case.

347. Abandon the Constitution (10/7/05)

The 4th Amendment was set up to protect people from "planting" of corruptive law enforcement. Feds can not arrest people simply because they can find drugs in his property. It is unreasonable search and arrest. They must have evidence the man charged had practically involved in drug case. So the 4th Amendment protect us from "planting".

I allege Feds planted drugs in my attic and garage. Twice they try to frame cases by disguising roof contractor or garage door contractor. (see "144. Roof contractor from Idaho", "300. Garage door".)

This time they use DNA plant. They say now the DNA forced test of suspects is allowed. It opens the gate of "police planting". It's easy to detain people in a dispute with police. Then to prosecute them by DNA evidence. DNA, like drugs, can be planted easily. Innocent people, while commit no crime, can be conveniently framed in a case.

Now what's the meaning for 4th Amendment?

348. "Witness" team (10/7/05)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2005 8:00 pm
by kathaksung
348. "Witness" team (10/7/05)

After Feds got the bill of "forced DNA test", the rest thing was to arrange a police detain. For which they even made a judge disregarded a jury's verdict, reversed his own decision to issue a new ruling to encourage unreasonable search and arrest.(see #436)

On 9/28, I took a walk around the block. I saw an unusual lively street. A resident and a yard worker talked at the entrance of the lane. Cross street, there was a van of heater company with three people. When I turned into the side street, I saw two young men with a broken car, and a technician of AAA emergency car. There were five people walking on the path in the small park next block. There was even a lady with Arabic dress. This was the first time I saw an Arab in my community. Wah, I thought, Feds activated so large resource to carry out an arrest. When I got back to my home, a car arrived at cross street house just opposite the lane. Five people got off the car, hugging, walking around, made a noise. These people, would play the role of "reliable witness" if a police arrest carried out.

On 10/4 about 10 pm at night, I saw a towing car parked cross street. I went out to have a look. Then I saw a row of 4 cars slowly drove through. The last one was a police car. I think it was an "arrest work team" on their night shift with three potential witnesses and a police.

In recent decade, when Feds occupied most houses in my area, it becomes a desert area. Rarely I saw a child here. When I had a walk seldom I saw a resident. Sometimes I could see one or two people walking in the park. So a sudden surge of more than a dozen people was very unusual for me. And for a quiet community (most residents are agents and their support group), a police car was a rarity too.

I believe there will be a search and arrest ready for me. It's not accidental but a well planned one. Feds even prepared a lot of "reliable witnesses" for it. Though I'll try to avoid any conflict with police, what people heard will be another story.

349. Warning (10/7/05)

People read my thread know the tactic Feds used to distract the frame case. A "terror attack" and a natural disaster to rouse the panic that will divert public's attention from a criminal case committed by Feds.

1. Symptoms of a "terror attack". On 10/6 Bush said 10 terror plots were foiled. He labels Iraq being the central battleground in the war on terror. The language he used was the strongest to date which may indicate he strongly believe there will be "terror attack" to happen to strengthen his political position.

In same day, Mayor of New York, Bloomberg, said the FBI had informed him about "a specific threat" that 19 suicide bombers planned to hit the subway system.

These are typical pre-advanced propaganda. A bombing will happen, but Feds has no responsibility. Because they have given you a warning in advance.

2. A bio-attack. This time it is avian-flu. The propaganda include with: "Mysterious 16 deaths in Canada.", and WHO said the pandemic will probably kill more than 50 million people in the world.

Two days ago Bush said to deal with such pandemic he may use troops to quarantine. For a president who was so incompetent to react to a pre-warned hurricanes, how could he be so active in a disease in which not a case is found in US?

I worry there will be a slaughter in the name of pandemic after they frame a case on me.

350. Boy George and drug charge (10/12/05)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 8:22 pm
by kathaksung
350. Boy George and drug charge (10/12/05)

When I wrote that the recent tactic Feds using is to arrest in the name of drug charge by unreasonable search, there was a swift re-action.

"Boy George held on drug charges" (Mercury News, 10/9/05)

Police said Boy George called 911 to report a burglary on Friday(10/8) in New York."When police showed up, they found no evidence of a burglary but did find a small amount of cocaine near a computer in his apartment." Boy George was arrested on drug charge.

The case was a framed one, I think. It was a model demonstration to instruct how Feds to act on my case aggressively. In local TV news that night,(10/9) there were pictures that residents of San Jose complained how their houses were intruded by strangers. Next day on 10/10 in the evening, there was a knock at the door. It was a young man. I didn't answer it. He took a walk in my front yard then left.

In previous two attempted frame cases, Feds tried to disguise as contractors of roofing or garage door. I had a look at these two places but couldn't find anything suspicious. It's impossible to search the garage because too much stuff was piled up there. I once puzzled that how the disguised contractor could declare they finding the drug in concealed place where no others could see. Boy George's case solved my problem. George had no motive to tell a lie to call police to his home that led to his arrest. Once police were at his home, the rest words were all theirs. It's too convenient to say there was no evidence of burglary and they found drugs near George's computer.

What they need is to find an excuse that they are legally there. So the search and arrest would be reasonable. Roofing, garage door repair and burglary were all tactics to create an invitation. To make unreasonable search and arrest legal. Once they were there, the rest story was written by themselves.

To make sure they can finish the case as fast as they can, Feds also planned individual search and arrest. For which they prepared many potential "reliable witnesses". To guarantee the success of the plan, they even murdered (I allege) Rehnquist and send a man of their own to be the Chief Justice.

357. Another attack from D.O.J. (11/12/05)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 6:56 pm
by kathaksung
357. Another attack from D.O.J. (11/12/05)

There was an article in San Jose Mercury News on 11/9/05.

"Court debates privacy in searches by police
By stephen Henderson, Knight Ridder

Washington - The love lost between Scott and Janet Randolph worked to the advantage of police in summer 2001, when authorities investigating a domestic dispute between the two asked to search the couple's Georgia home.

Scott Randolph said no. His wife said yes, and police went ahead on her consent. Tuesday, the Supreme Court weighed whether the subsequent search - in which Janet Randolph led them to drugs that resulted in her husband's arrest - was unconstitutional.

The case is the latest in a long line of opportunities for the court to refine the scope of permissible searches under the fourth Amendment. But the question involved - how much privacy can anyone expect in a home they share with someone else - inspired a surprisingly animated debate among the justices. ......

The Georgia Supreme Court sided with Randolph, throwing out the drug evidence that was recovered during the search.

Randolph's position seemed to draw support from several justices, especially Sandra Day O'Connor, who emphasized that the court does not decide search cases by acknowledging shared property rights, but by determining what is socially acceptable. ....

Randolph's position also ran into harsh criticism from several justices, though. Chief Justice John G. Roberts suggested that when you decide to live with someone, you give up some rights to privacy."

I will say this is another effort of D.O.J. to encourage agent to commit an unreasonable search. In August when there was a wave to attack the wall of information sharing between foreign intelligence and domestic criminal case,(the real purpose is to bypass the fourth amendment and to low the standard of search and arrest for law enforcement agent) I had a feeling D.O.J. was going to attack the constitutional right for civilian. I wrote six articles about it. (see #335. 4th Amendment (8/17/05), 344. Roberts, a secret agent of D.O.J.(9/18/05), 346. Police detain and DNA plant (10/2/05), 347. Abandon the Constitution (10/7/05), 348. "Witness" team (10/7/05), 350. Boy George and drug charge (10/12/05))

This case proved my worry was not uncalled for. If it passed in D.O.J.'s way, then it will not only damage the morality of a marriage, (will people since then to pre-sign a contract to prevent a possible hurt from their spouse before their marriage?) and will also destroy the last castle of their privacy - their own home.

This news also proves my accusation on the new Chief Justice - Roberts is true. I said in #344 that he is a secret agent of D.O.J.. His comment on this case proves he doesn't work to protect the civil right of the American people. He works for the interest of D.O.J..

362. George Bush's Jury work (12/2/05)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 9:07 pm
by kathaksung
362. George Bush's Jury work (12/2/05)

About three months ago, I was going to shopping by tram. In tram station I found the ticket machine went out of order. Since I was under 24 hours surveillance I didn't want to take any chance. I decided not to board on tram without a ticket so I left. Just then a man in working uniform came to the station. He said he worked for the Public transportation. He checked the machine to my complaint then suggested me to board on the coming tram, said he could be witness that it was not my fault.

I later think it might be a trap. A staff arrived at the most opportune movement. He could be the one who disabled the ticket machine. He came forward when I hadn't fallen into the trap.

When the persecution intensifies recently, I abandoned the tram. I rarely go out. Especially I found they prepared the witness team. (see "348. "Witness" team (10/7/05)")

Then I saw a series of articles to instruct the arrest team how to conduct an (unreasonable) search and arrest, emphasizing the trick to search a home. (See "
346. Police detain and DNA plant (10/2/05)", " 350. Boy George and drug charge (10/12/05)" and "357. Another attack from D.O.J. (11/12/05)". Be noticed that these were all published after the 9/24 plot went soared.

The latest one took place yesterday. TV reported that Bush got a summon for Jury duty. Once again the Headquarter instructs the local team how to operate. This trick is not new for me. Same drama acted three years ago. (see "69. Juror summon (6/16/02)" and "71. Police violence") On the purpose to force me out.

To make the instruction a reportable news, Feds used to manipulate the celebrities. Boy George, President George were used like a toy.

All these aggressive work indicates one thing: American will face a big economic downturn next year. Don't be deceived by rosy picture painted by media. Don't be duped into the recent rising stock market. It's artificial. I predict there will be a big inflation, probably starting as early as January. The continuation of interest upwards is inevitable. Feds try to finish my case so they can get rid of the real estates still in their hands, before a market collapsing take place.

A lie with no foundation

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 8:44 pm
by kathaksung
A lie with no foundation

President Bush Job Approval (12/23/05)

Quote, "Updated Daily by Noon Eastern

Friday December 23, 2005--Fifty percent (50%) of American adults approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President. That's up six points since the President's speech on Sunday night."

A typical mind control through media. How easy they manipulate a poll number to reach their goal.

An incompetent President who didn't know how to deal a disaster caused by hurricane. A totalitrian ruler who despites the civil liberty and monitor its own citizens. He is responsible for an unnecessary war which caused a huge loss of lives. Yet it's so easy to award him a ten points raise in poll.

Why? Because Feds (D.O.J.) wants to permanent the Patriot Act. They need a strong puppet President to support it. So they strengthen him with a rigged poll number.

Not only this. Insurgence and terrorist are cooperated too. Have you ever heard any "sucide" bombing recently? Or US soldiers' casulty? Either insurgence cooperated with puppet Iraqi government, or US media have censored the bad news to give you an expression there is a successful election in Iraq. The purpose is to support the notorious Bush.

The inside group used to extort by terror attack. With 911 and anthrax attack they got Patriot Act. With insurgence they find excuse to stay in Iraq until the next mid-east war. It's not a news that the controlled media issue government favourable articles and rigged poll produced by "information operation office".

This is why there is a peaceful Iraq these days(until now when I wrote this article) and several rigged poll to promote the President. Include this sudden jump approve rate. The Washington Post and the ABC followed the order to pull the number to 46% but shy to raise it anymore. They left it for rasmussenreports for the 50%. The brand name media took a little care of thier popularity anyhow.

Another poll in MSN at same time shows that 85% people want Bush impeached.

Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?
* 134522 responses Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial. 85%

No, like any president, he has made a few missteps, but nothing approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors." 5%

No, the man has done absolutely nothing wrong. Impeachment would just be a political lynching. 8%

I don't know. 2%

368. Pirates the Constitution right (1/2/06)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 8:22 pm
by kathaksung
368. Pirates the Constitution right (1/2/06)

Bush defended his domestic eavesdropping program was "targeted known Al-Qaida members or associates and involved intercepts of only a few numbers in the US." This is a quibble.

1. If it was about Al Qaida, why bypassed FISA? FISA warrant is easy to get.
And there is reason to believe Al Qaida was under surveillance already. What is the work for CIA? How do they spend the huge budget on intelligence? Consider Al Qaida is illegal in every country and was in escape in caves. (what government said)

2. Who gave Bush the right to ride over the Constitution? Secret eavesdropping means unreasonable search and seizure which is against 4th Amendment. When the administration authorize themselves the right to search and arrest, then what's the difference from a totalitarian? Bush will be the similar figure like Saddam.

3. Bush is a villain who used to extort people by "terrorist". He had intimidated US into an unjust war by "WMD", "imminent danger". He now blackmails Americans by "saving their lives". Step by step, he rips off the civil right from American people and turns US into a totalitarian country.

4. Beware of another "terror attack" activated by Bush's group to justify his illegal action.

369. D.O.J. wants unlimited power (1/2/06)

Though Bush tries to put the argument in the name of "we are in the war, saving American's lives", his real purpose is to legalize unreasonable search. The real commander behind him is the Department of Justice.

1) US citizens are protected by the Constitution. If government wants to put you under surveillance, they must apply for a warrant from the court with evidence.

2) FISA(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) is in low standard. Government can apply a warrant based on suspicion not evidence. But there is a wall to prevent it to be used in domestic criminal case. Because there is big difference between suspicion and evidence. And we have seen how D.O.J. hates this wall and activated waves of attack on it.

3) What happens now is government even abandon the court system and issue warrant by themselves. That's how Bush authorizes the domestic eavesdropping. If that goes through, then it's a totalitarian. The government can do what they want to do. There is no check and balance to this power. America loses it's principle of foundation.

You will understand a series events happened recently if you read the above analysis. Why a FISA judge resigned to protest. Why Bush defended his spying policy again and again. Why D.O.J. hastily start to probe the leak on spying program.

A typical sample is Padilla's case. Padilla was held without charge for three years. Now government dropped former "dirty bomb" allegation and tried to deliver him to domestic criminal court with other charges. A typical "arrest without evidence" then to transfer him to a domestic court which needs evidence to arrest. D.O.J. tried to establish a case to break the wall which is set to protect American people.

370. The corrupt D.O.J. attacks (1/2/06)

The purpose of 4th Amendment is to protect people from evil activities (set up, plant) of corruptive law enforcement agent.

If corrupt official plant fake evidence at your home. (gun, drugs) And asked for a search warranty. Judge would asked him for evidence. The corrupt official couldn't say:" Because I suspect it." That's how domestic criminal law requires. It depends on Evidence not suspicion.
The official also couldn't say, "I knew it because I had a search already." That's unreasonable search. (warrantless search) It's illegal.

FISA standard is low. Law enforcement official can request a warrant on suspicion not evidence. But there is a wall to forbid it be used in domestic criminal law. Otherwise 4th amendment will mean nothing.

Corrupt officials plant fake evidence at your home. Then apply a warrant from FISA. Say they suspect you are a terrorist. They get a warrant then found the "evidence"(gun, drug) at your home. That's how the 4th Amendment bypassed. A foreign intelligence method is used in domestic criminal law. Though D.O.J. said Patriot Act gave them such privilege, there is at least a FISA court watch their behavior.

Now they even don't need a FISA approval. They authorize themselves the right to search and arrest. To give the order to search in name of save lives of citizens. Is it for "security" or rather, abusing power? When it goes, the Constitution means nothing. It allows unlimited power of police search and arrest. (to be continued)

373. Extortion by scandal (1/12/06)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 7:56 pm
by kathaksung
373. Extortion by scandal (1/12/06)

From Water gate, Chandra Levy to Abramoff, scandal is a tool to extort politicians by D.O.J.. A series of scandal broke off recently. I allege it was targeted at Supreme Court Judge nomination.

Bush had nominated three candidates for the vacancy of Supreme Court. Among them: Roberts and Alito are typical agents of D.O.J. Harriet Miers is a 'yes lady' who is similar to Clarence Thomas. All of them will judge to the order from D.O.J. not to the principle of the Constitution.

Roberts was nominated in early September and was confirmed in 9/28. He took oath on 9/29. During the hearing, on 9/24, a big title was on news: "Probe into Frist stock sale expands". Frist was the Senate Majority leader. Then the scandal spread to the House Majority leader, Tom DeLay. He was indicted on 9/28 by a conspiracy charge.

In October, the news of DeLay's case, Frist case and CIA leaking case (Rove and Libby) were mixed with the nomination of Harriet Miers. Harriet Miers gave up at last. It ends with the indiction of Cheney's aid: Libby.

There was a silence period in the end of the year for scandal and Supreme Court nomination. Then both came back in January. Alito goes into hearing on 1/10/06. Six days before his hearing, Abramoff scandal became top news on 1/4. On 1/8, news reported that Rep. DeLay abandons bid to keep GOP leadership.

Bush's nominee obviously are the representatives of D.O.J. not the Republicans. So there is opposition from the GOP. That's why the scandal targeted at the Republican politicians. Of course there are D.O.J.'s agents in Demos. But if they vote against their party opinion, their real face will be exposed. So the extortion this time aimed at GOP. To create a false appearance of a struggle between two parties not by a dictatorship. The fake mask of "democracy" has to be maintained.

374. A covert totalitarian (1/12/06)

The point is to control the Supreme Court. When Alito replaces O'connor, D.O.J. will control the majority votes of the Supreme Court. Thus they can justify the secret spying by the approval of Supreme Court.

Roberts was proved not work for the civil right but for the interest of D.O.J.. (see #357. Another attack from D.O.J. (11/12/05))

Alito is the same. Re: "Analysis shows Alito favours authorities"
" In one case, Judge Alito said police did not violate the rights of a mother and her 10-year-old daughter, who were strip-searched during a raid of a drug dealer's home."

"A Knight Ridder analysis of more than 300 written opinions by Alito, for example, reveals that he has almost never found a government search unconstitutional and that he has argued to relax warrant requirements and to broaden the kinds of searches that warrants permit."

You can expect under such a Supreme Court, what kind of judgement Americans will have. The administration will take over the power of legislation to authorize themselves the right to spy on its citizens. They will bypass the court system to search and seize without warrant.

US is proud with its democratic system: three independent powers check and balance. But now there is only one power left: the administration. The core is D.O.J.. D.O.J. controls law makers by scandal and election. It also sends the representatives of its own to control the Supreme Court. When they can do whatever they want to do, they think they are the "God". A name always referred by Pat Robertson and Jorge Bush to justify the power abusing.

372. Justice Department to probe Leak on Spying Program

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 9:02 pm
by kathaksung
372. Justice Department to probe Leak on Spying Program

There are two kinds of leaking.

1. The leak was done by Feds itself to revenge at their dislikes. Such like "Watergate"case. President Nixon intended to reform D.O.J.. Then there was a deep throat to leak a scandal. Nixon had to resign the job. D.O.J. never did an investigation because it was done by itself. An FBI agent.

Or the Plame's case. D.O.J. never did an active investigation on it. Because the person likely is a member of Bush's administration.

Re: Nixon's case: (the references are two articles I have posted before. I re-post for your convenience.)

295. Who controls D.O.J.? (3/7/05)

Former President Kennedy was assassinated. Former President Clinton was impeached. All these revealed that even in top position, US politicians are under the control of intelligence. They were under the surveillance. They were extorted, blackmailed by intelligence. If they disobeyed, then they were punished by scandal, or even been assassinated.

Former President Nixon was almost impeached. He lost his post in oval office in early 70's. The formal reason was he lied to cover up a tape which might reveal his awareness of illegal campaign activity. But lie and dirty campaign activity were common among high ranking politicians. It was only an excuse. Then what was the real purpose?

In March 2002, a news helped me resolved several puzzles. It was a tape of Nixon's conversation with former treasury secretary Connally.

Quote, "Nixon Defended Envoy's Groping
1972 Tapes Also Reveal Talk of a Justice Dept. 'Full of Jews'
By George Lardner Jr.
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 1, 2002; Page A02

"Oh! Oh, God!" Nixon said with a sigh. "It erodes our confidence, our strength. They're untrustworthy. . . . Look at the Justice Department, it's full of Jews."
"Any place of power," Connally agreed. "SEC used to be -- all of them, those lawyers."
"Listen, the lawyers in government are damn Jews," Nixon said.

Both men agreed that Nixon should try to reduce the Jewish influence in a second term. Nixon told Connally on May 15 that he wanted no more than 2 percent of the government's political appointees to be Jewish, in proportion to the population. He later said 10 percent would be acceptable, "but certainly not 30 or 40 percent." ... Feb28.html

I then knew who control Justice department and why Nixon lost his job.
Nixon realized that there was a disproportion of government political appointees to the population. He thought it was not for the interest of US and tried to change that situation. He faced an impeach and had to resign before he could do it.

Now I know why Sharon said, "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, to Shimon Peres, October 8th, 2001

Israel controls D.O.J.. D.O.J. controls FBI. And FBI keep Americans under surveillance, include Presidents.

2. If the leak was done to reveal the scandal of Feds or Bush administration. Then they did an active job to revenge at the purpose to silence it. Justice Department to probe Leak on Spying Program belongs to this one. It's an intimidation on lawmakers to pass the Patriot Act because it will terminated in five weeks.

89. Polygraph law makers (9/25/02)

In early June, a news said the conversations between Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Mohammed Atta were intercepted by NSA. It said in two separate conversations on Sept. 10, 2001 contained the phrases "Tomorrow is zero hour" and "The match is about to begin.". Since these two phrases are vague one and consider NSA intercepts 2 million conversations in each hour, the pick up of these two phrases was not a coincidence. It proves that Atta was under surveillance by government earlier before 911.

Then FBI said it was a secret intelligence information which shouldn't be let out public. They are investigating who has leaked it. They target on law makers and even request a polygraph.

But who will investigate the secret information leaking committed by intelligence itself?

When the news said Atta made contact to Iraq diplomat in Czech and talked about bombing plot, it revealed that Atta and Iraq diplomat were under surveillance and it revealed the Czech intelligence was cooperated with USA.

There was another similar news release. By February 2001, NSA had broken the bin Laden's communications encryption system. What we know from the information government released is that OBL talked to his mother two days before 911 attack, "In two days, you're going to hear big news, and you're not going to hear from me for a while." It let people know that Bin laden's communication was under surveillance as long as 6 months before 911. And his communication code was broken.

Nobody could release such information but intelligence. Though the original purpose of news about Atta and Iraq diplomat was to target on Iraq to frame it linking with 911 terrorist, so administration could have excuse to start a war with Iraq. And the news of Bin Laden's intercepted conversation was used as a legal base for Bush to start war in Afghan. These leaking are as important as the Atta's "Tomorrow is zero huor" one. Why FBI had a blind eye on these leaking? Because they were released by intelligence?

The secret information leaking FBI accused of took place in early June, at a time when lawmakers and 911 victims were going to investigate failure of intelligence of 911 attack with an independent commission. It could be a trap set up by intelligence. They use this method to retaliate, or extort law makers to avoid investigation on their own flaw or crime. Or try to reach a compromise.

If we don't know these "secrecy", we will believe what government said that they had known nothing before 911 attack. "Secret" is only a stonewall they used to cover up their corruption.

377. Bin Laden acts on behalf of Bush (1/22/06)

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by kathaksung
377. Bin Laden acts on behalf of Bush (1/22/06)

Bin Laden's new tape is obviously a disinformation made from Bush's "Psychological manipulating office". On the purpose to smear anti war movement.

Read the following words from bin Landen. It's almost what Bush administration and its spokesman McClellan wanted to discredit their critics: "Un patriot, help enemy..."

Re: "The voice on the tape said he was directing his message to the American people after polls showed that "an overwhelming majority of you want the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq but (Bush) opposed that desire."

He said insurgents were winning the conflict in Iraq and warned that security measures in the West and the United States could not prevent attacks there." ... 0000000001

This is exactly what Bush group needed.

Consider Bin Laden always responded to Bush's needs: when Bush wanted to start war in Mid-east, there was 911. Be aware 911 was activated eight months after Bush was selected to be the president. And this time, when Bush is revealed to spy on its citizens without court approval, and may face an impeach, Bin Laden comes out again to help. "I, the terrorist is here. Bush is right to start war against me. If you oppose this war and Patriot Act, you are helping me and Al Qaida."

See how he reacts just on time as if he has got an order from Bush.

Be careful there will be another terror attack, manipulated by US intelligence in the name of Al Qaida. Just like 911, Bali bombing..... This time is to save their puppet Bush and Patriot Act (which will expire in two weeks.)

379. A crime in the name of a noble cause (1/27/06)

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by kathaksung
379. A crime in the name of a noble cause (1/27/06)

Bush stole breads from the grocery store. When the store owner accused him of stealing, he defends that he is to save the lives of hungry people. What he hasn't told you is that he could have done it legally: he could buy the bread instead of stealing.

Bush administration repeatedly argued that he did it under a noble cause: to save the lives of American people. He avoids to tell you that this noble cause can be done in recent system: he could have applied for a court warrant.

A theft is a theft. It won't be legalized under a noble cause. Bush blows trumpet these days to persuade people that he has the right to spy on them. How can a thief so confident for the crime he committed?

1. His master D.O.J. assured him he will be supported by Supreme Court. After Alito being sent to the Supreme Court, D.O.J. totally control it. Alito's nomination will shift the court to the right. For the real Democrats, they should fight for their idea with filibuster. D.O.J. apparently will have their agent jumping out to perpetrate, despite that will tear off their agents' fake mask. For Republicans, Alito is also a threat to their opinion. Alito favors a powerful administration. That's against GOP's opinion of a small government. Many Republicans also don't think the President is above the law. Now review message "373. Extortion by scandal". How correct I point out the Abramoff scandal is targeting at GOP politicians to force them escorting Alito to the seat of the Supreme Court judge.

2. Intelligence support. On time, there will be a "terrorist attack" to justify Bush's spying program. The CIA's Pakistan air raid, Bin Laden's and his vice's tape is a prelude of this plot.

3. Media support. Today, Mercury News reported: "53% approved of eavesdropping without warrants "to reduce the threat of terrorism.(New York Times/CBS News poll of 1,229 adults Friday through Wednesday)". I have said that media is controlled by the Inside group. They used to manipulate public's mind by faking poll to justify a rigged election or other plot.

Is US still a home of braves and the land of free as media always say? Or brave Americans become cowards who give up their freedom to the intimidation of terrorists (or more likely, the Bush administration in the fake mask of terrorist)?

380. What an "eavesdropping" really mean.(1/27/06)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 7:51 pm
by kathaksung
380. What an "eavesdropping" really mean.(1/27/06)

Do you think the agents only limit to eavesdrop your phone? Do you expect terrorist will say, "You bomb the Golden gate bridge tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock" in communication? It maybe words such like, "Tomorrow will be zero hour. The real match will begin." But was it more likely about a football match or a boxing show? How do you save lives by listen to these vague words? If you think with brain, you know the matter is not that simple limited only to a secret "eavesdropping".

A warrant of "eavesdropping" means much more. With it agents can start a search on "suspects". A search on your home, your financial records, tracing, interview your friends.... This is something government and media never tell you.

To my experience it means much more. The harassing in Internet. The car trouble. Feds create car trouble so they can install instrument in the car to eavesdrop or tracking when you send it for repair. Feds block the drainage to create a flooding to see if you have valuable things to hide, property problem..... Finally, to prove they are correct, Feds plant, frame, murder to eliminate evidence.

A lot of people may have encountered such problem without aware of truth because Feds are professional criminals. But our founding father know the danger of power abusing from internal. They made the Constitution to protect us from the corrupt official. That's why a court search warrant is so strict which demands evidence.

D.O.J. uses a beautiful decoration to violate the law. If it succeeds, the foundational Constitution bypassed. Civil rights will be seriously damaged. Terrorists may kill a few people but can't rob the freedom from Americans. Bush is worse, he took away the civil rights from all citizens. He is more dangerous than the terrorist.

371. The revenge of D.O.J. (1/7/06)

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by kathaksung
371. The revenge of D.O.J. (1/7/06)

Bush is only a puppet. When his illegal activity was revealed, his master jumped out to protect. Instead of investigating Bush's unconstitutional action, Justice Department starts to probe the leak of spying program.

It seems they assume nobody knows that US government is eavesdropping on its citizens. As a matter of fact, it's a common sense that FBI and other intelligence are spying on us in a broad range. We know there are Carnivore, Echelon..... There are so many information about secret eavesdropping. Have you ever seen the investigation from D.O.J.? The money spent on secret spying is huge. Are these enormous organization only deal with a few Al Qaide? It's a joke to think that Al Qaida won't alert that they may under surveillance if they communicate with an electronic system. Even innocent Muslim and non Muslim Americans would think their communication be intercepted by big brother.

What the leak of spying program will hurt? It only proves the long existing suspicion of secret spying is true. That Bush did something illegal.(unconstitutional).

The following is an information known by public. The time is Jan. 1st 2001. Such kind of knowledge was common sense. Similar information were popular in internet then. But it didn't point to Bush and D.O.J.. So nothing happened. Now D.O.J. jump their feet on the leak of "secret spying". Is that funny?

Illustration by Paul DiMare
Published on: January 1, 2001

The secret is out. Two powerful intelligence gathering tools that the United States created to eavesdrop on Soviet leaders and to track KGB spies are now being used to monitor Americans. One system, known as Echelon, intercepts and analyzes telephone calls, faxes and e-mail sent to and from the United States. The other system, Tempest, can secretly read the displays on personal computers, cash registers and automatic teller machines, from as far as a half mile away. Although the inner workings of both systems remain classified, fueling exaggerated claims about their capabilities on Internet sites, credible detail has at last begun to emerge. It comes chiefly from foreign governments that began investigating American surveillance activities after discovering that the Echelon system had been used to spy on their defense contractors. From those documents it is possible to obtain the first accurate view of the threats high-tech spying poses to our right to privacy. We think you will agree it also creates a real and present threat to our freedom. ... ing_on_us/

384. Extortion by terrorism (2/12/06)

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by kathaksung
384. Extortion by terrorism (2/12/06)

On 2/7, I wrote the message #383. I talked about two strange sections of Patriot Act were particularly designed on me and is set to be eliminated in compromise. But because Feds couldn't finish my case to their schedule so they have to delay it for another five weeks.

Next day on 2/8, there was an alert in Capitol Hill.

Quote, "US Senate Building Evacuated After Alarm for Possible Nerve Agent
By Dan Robinson
Capitol Hill 09 February 2006

A U.S. Senate office building was evacuated late Wednesday after sensors detected the possible presence in the air of what was initially described as a nerve agent. The building was later reopened after police reported negative test results." ... -voa02.htm

I am familiar with this. It's another intimidation on lawmakers. There were similar events When D.O.J. was pushing to pass through the Patriot Act, Senators were intimidated by anthrax letters. When the Feds want the House to authorize the Iraq war power to President Bush, there was a D.C. sniper shooting spree. So what was it this time? The answer came at same time. Same day on 2/9, news reported:

Quote, "Key Republicans Reach Deal on Patriot Act A Few Democrats Voice Support But Law's Main Foe Isn't Swayed


WASHINGTON (Feb. 9) - A band of Senate Republican holdouts reached agreement Thursday with the White House on changes in the Patriot Act designed to clear the way for passage of anti-terror legislation stalled in a dispute over civil liberties.

-Clarifying that most libraries are not subject to demands in those letters for information about suspected terrorists." ... 4009990011

It was a power show off. When I said the D.O.J. delayed the compromise by a short time once and again, they want to show that they can make the change quickly.

It also proves the library provision is targeting at me. The libraries I had been to were just a few. So it doesn't affect them to exempt the most. The other two changes in Patriot Act are also minor. It's only a cosmetic concession.

386. More extortion (2/17/05)

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by kathaksung
386. More extortion (2/17/05)

Vice President Dick Cheney wounded a friend in a hunting accident. Though it was only a slip, media made it a big news. And the intelligence pushed a wave in internet to propaganda on it. Then Cheney's wounded friend had a heart attack. If he died, Cheney would have legal trouble.

On 2/15, Cheney held a meeting with law makers of his party (Republicans).

On 2/16, in Capital Hill, "Republicans derail eavesdropping probe". Also, "The Patriot Act cleared a major hurdle Thursday (2/16) that ensures it will be renewed soon." (both news reported by Mercury News, 2/17/06)

I think these two events are the result of Cheney's meeting.

This is how media turns a trifle into a big case. In Lewinsky scandal, a personal affair was developed to "lie under oath" which finally caused impeachment. Cheney's hunting accident now becomes " the White House bypasses media".

But is there a big liar in the White House who misled US into an unnecessary war? Is there a real law offender who violates the Constitution to spy on US citizens? Why the media turn a blind eye on the real big case but concentrate on the bits and pieces?

Don't follow the way media want you to think. Think with your own brain. The media is only a mind control tool of D.O.J.. They rule this country by intelligence and media. And manipulate the politicians through extortion.

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by kathaksung
Supreme Court splits in limiting police searches

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police without a warrant cannot search a home when one resident says to come in but another tells them to go away, and the court's new leader complained that the ruling could hamper investigations of domestic abuse.

Justices, in a 5-3 decision, said that police did not have the authority to enter and search the home of a small town Georgia lawyer even though the man's wife invited them in. (Related: The court's opinion)

The officers, who did not have a search warrant, found evidence of illegal drugs.

Roberts' dissent was unusually long — almost as long as the main opinion. He predicted "severe" consequences for women who invite police in only to be overruled by their husbands.

Justice Samuel Alito did not participate in the case, because he was not on the court when it was argued.

This case proves what I said before. Roberts was hastilily sent to the seat of Chief Justice by D.O.J. The purpose was to rule for the benefit of D.O.J. in a framed case. To justify an unreasonable search and arrest. I predicted it on 9/18/05 in #344. (#344 was posted in this thread on 10/14/05)

I also noticed the Randolph's case and thought it would be used as a demonstration to justify the unreasonable search. I particularly wrote #357 about this case on 11/12/05. (#357 was posted in this thread on 12/5/05)

If Alito were there, he would go with Roberts. The two were sent there to justify unreasonable search by D.O.J..

The point is Feds(FBI, DEA) is good to provoke a conflict among family members. If this case goes to D.O.J.'s wish, then the last castle of one's privacy - your own home, means nothing. Every minute you can be searched. That's why a warrantless wiretap is so important to us. It's about the right of every citizen.

Levee lie

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 5:11 pm
by kathaksung
After Hurricane Katrina wiped out most of New Orleans, President Bush
said on television , "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees." But a recent tape revealed that FEMA had warned him about the levee before the disaster.''We are fully prepared.'' Bush said.

Clinton lied to cover up a personal affair. It hurts nothing. Yet he was impeached.

Bush lied to an unjust war. A lot of people died. He was rewarded a second term.

Now he was revealed lying about his pre-acknowlege about the dangerous situation of New Orleans leeve. Should he be responsible for the one thousand loss of lives? Yet it seems nothing will happen to him.

You may get lessons from these events that how US is ruled by an Inside group. They manipulated the media and intelligence to control public mind and politicians. They can oust a president by a trifle but keep a killer on the bench because they need more war in Mid-east.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 7:18 pm
by kathaksung
Vermont, the home of the braves and the land of free.

The people there still have the courage which many Americans have lost.

Quote, "All towns in Vermont vote to impeach Bush!

A single Vermont community's call for the impeachment of President Bush turned into a chorus Tuesday night, with town meetings across southern Vermont echoing the demand that Congress act to remove the president