We are seeing a significant erosion of our liberties in America, as George W. Bush, using the threat of terrorism as an excuse, is systematically broadening surveillance, limiting travel, detaining citizens without charge or access to legal counsel, and eliminating privacy as a right.

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447. Dirty bomb and Iran war (11/10/06)

I believe Bush administration has planned a dirty bomb attack on US and with which as justification he'll bomb Iran's nuclear plant.

1. 9/21. Quote, "Karl Rove Promises October Surprise
Ronald Kessler Thursday, Sept. 21, 2006

WASHINGTON -- In the past week, Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders an "October surprise" to help win the November congressional elections. ... 1615.shtml

2. 10/9. North Korea had a nuclear test.
10/9.(?) Debka reports that three US naval strike groups will be in the Persian Gulf opposite Iran.

3. 10/12. A warning of dirty bomb attack was posted in internet which claimed seven NFL football stadiums will be hit with radiological "dirty bombs".

4. 10/21. Three US naval task forces grouped on the sea opposite Iran in the Persian Gulf

Quote, "The American Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group joins US build-up opposite Iran

October 23, 2006 Debka

Tuesday, Oct. 17, the Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group steamed into the Persian Gulf to join the US naval, air and marine concentration piling up opposite Iran's shores.

The Iwo Jima group is now cruising 60 km from Kuwait off Iran's coast. As DEBKAfile and DEBKA-Net-Weekly reported exclusively two weeks ago, three US naval task forces will be in place opposite Iran in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea by October 21. The other two are the USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group and the USS Enterprise Strike Group. ... cleId=3575

5. 10/26. TV news reported that China arrested two North Koreans whom tried to sell ** gram of Uranium.

6. 11/4. Taiwan's pro-independence president Chen is accused of embezzlement and faces a pressure of resignation.

Quote, "Taiwan's president implicated
His wife, aides are charged in corruption case

Public prosecutors indicted Chen's wife and two former aides Friday on charges of embezzling money from a secret diplomatic fund under Chen's control. Chen himself cannot be indicted while in office." (By Joseph Kahn New Your Times 11/4/06)

N.Korea's nuclear test and the arrest of two N. Koreans who tried to sell small amount of Uranium, plus planned dirty bomb attack in US would give Bush an excuse to attack Iran's nuclear site. It was done in collaboration with China. In early November, China got its payment. One of its most hated - the president of Taiwan: Chen Shui-Bian - was in big trouble. He faces an impeachment in legislature.

One thing ridiculous is: The nuclear test was in North Korea. Kim threatened a war with the US. Should US have its naval strike force gathered at the Sea of Japan instead of the Persian Gulf? I put a missing ring here: A dirty bomb attack is planned to take place in US. That's something Bush expected to see in his crystal ball. That was why he moved US fleet into Mid-east in advance.

Rove failed his promise of an October surprise. I think due to my revelation. I myself is one target of their's. For more than a month, I tried to stay at home to avoid a bombing. To cover up a bombing in North San Jose, the plot planned massive attacks. (seven NFL football stadiums will be hit, according to the 10/12 warning) Although election is over, the possiblility of "terror attack" is still there. Because the target of Feds is still there.
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450. Next plot (11/20/06)

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450. Next plot (11/20/06)

Feds always attack people in the name of "terrorist". The tactic they used to use are: 1. Local terror cell such like in the cases of "Miami terror cell", "New York tunnel bombing". 2. Al Qaida warning. In each plot we always heard the threat from Bin Laden, or his vice Zawahiri. Al Jazeera did the work to broadcast their tape. 3. Terror attack in Britain. It started from last year. We saw 7/7/05 London bombing; 7/21/05 London bombing; 2006 August liquid bomb event.

2006 October surprise plot was a new invention. The role was the nuclear test of North Korea. One interesting phenomenon was in that period the other three traditional evil factor: local terror cell; Al Qaida and Britain terror story were all in vacation. Not a word was heard about them in US mid-term election. Because this time the guy on duty was N. Korea.

On 11/7, election was over. The shift for N. Korea was over. Was the dirty bomb and Iran war plan over too? It seems not.

On 11/10, Israel said it might strike Iran. The mid-east war is for the security of Israel. When puppet Bush failed to carry out an "October surprise". His master may do it by himself.

Quote, "Israel official: Strike on Iran possible
By AMY TEIBEL, Associated Press Writer
Fri Nov 10, 12:17 PM ET

The deputy defense minister suggested Friday that Israel might be forced to launch a military strike against Iran's disputed nuclear program — the clearest statement yet of such a possibility from a high-ranking official. ... an_nuclear

At same time, on 11/10, Al Qaida and British intelligence came back to the stage again.

Quote, "Al-Qaida plotting nuclear attack on UK, officials warn
Vikram Dodd, Tuesday November 14, 2006, The Guardian

The warning comes after a speech last week by the foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, on the terrorist threat facing the UK, and a rare public outing for Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the head of MI5, who warned that there were at least 30 active plots to attack Britain."

To bomb Iran's nuclear site needs a big excuse. Nothing will do it except a dirty bomb attack (or even a nuclear attack) Beware of a "Christmas surprise". The bombing gift will come from your own government but packaged in the sheet of "terrorist".
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451. The death of former Russian spy (11/25/06)

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451. The death of former Russian spy (11/25/06)

Ex-KGB spy Litvinenko died in London on 11/23. He said Kremlin poisoned him. Litvinenko is a traitor of Russia. Russia has motive to kill him. That's the foundation Litvinenko's accusation based on. But I think in different way. The reason:

1. Government rarely do such high profile murder case. Politically it hurts more than being benefited. An unilateral murder like this one would cause serious diplomatic problem between two countries.

2. Such murder used to be done in cross secret deal between the secret police of the two countries.

3. Litvinenko defected in 1990's. There is little intelligence value left for him for the Western. He is a sacrifice in secret deal. Litvinenko and another defector - Lt. Benlenko had a common lot. There is a strong similarity in their poison case. Re: "The thing impressed me most was the pilot was poisoned when he was hidden in witness shelter. Belenko was still young but he was bald. The medical examination concluded that it was caused by slow poison of a kind of rare metal. ....Most likely he became a Quinea pig for intelligence in test of slow poison. When he was of no use but a burden for them. See "186. Slow poison (12/6/03)"" Litvinenko was poisoned by rare metal. He is hairless too.

5. I think he is part of a secret deal. The deal is to justify a dirty bomb, (or even a nuclear bomb). There was such a deal in October. (N. Korea nuclear test and later China arrested two N. Koreans for selling small amount of Uranium.) The deal failed after my revelation. Russia now replaces the role of N.Korea. Russia will play the role of the source of the radioactive material (or even a nuclear bomb).

6. The payment to Russia is WTO and the life of one defector.

By Andrew E. Kramer and Edmund L. Andrews
New York Times November 11, 2006

Moscow - Officials in Washington and Moscow reached an agreement in principle for Russia to join the WTO. "

7. The purpose of the deal is to justify a radioactive bombing on Western so Bush can start another Mid-east war - bombing Iran's nuclear site.

8. Litvinenko's case is used to cover up the planned "nuclear terror bombing ". It told public in advance: see, we have a conflict. The bombing plot was not a collaborate work planned by us.

9. If Litvinenko was poisoned on 11/1 as he alleged , then after weeks of medical treatment, he should have got better. Poison used to excreted after several days. What Litvinenko encountered with seems to be a continuing poisoning. His situation suddenly worsened and died on 11/23.

10. Why choosing 11/23? Because it will bring the cover up function into play to its best. I think Feds planned the "nuclear terror attack" day on 11/24. It is the "Black Friday" when the Christmas shopping season starts. An attack on shopping mall will cause large casualty which will give the full justification for Bush to bomb Iran.

The Inside Group had tasted the sweet by attacking people in 911. With which they started war in Afghan and Iraq.

They want to use same tactic to start war in Iran. "October surprise" aimed at the audience of seven NFL football stadiums. "November surprise" (I call it December surprise in #450) aimed at the Christmas shopping customers on Black Friday.

The principle originates from a government plan done 40 years ago:"Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation." (Quote from Northwoods Operation)
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454. All fool's event (12/10/06)

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454. All fool's event (12/10/06)

There is an All Fool's Day. This poison case becomes an all fool's event. The news reported the dead former Russian spy alleged Putin was behind the poison case. It is a very high level case. One thing for sure is this is a murder case. Another thing is the poison was Po-210.

If someone plans to murder, the priority is to make it a covert one. Al least the murderer would try to leave no clue to draw a detection. For intelligence, they have many high tech killing methods, make a death look like a natural death. If they chose to poison, there are still many choices. The poison they use will be hard to identify.

See what poison they used in Litvinenko's case. A rare metal, a radioactive isotope - Polonium-210. Since Po-210 is a high-restricted material, the way to access this material is very limited. Generally, a murderer will avoid to use such kind of material as poison because it's easy to be tracked from its origin.

Po-210 is a hard to handle material. It is radioactive. It needs special treatment in transfer. Otherwise not only the carrier will be hurt, the environment also will be polluted. Why chose a hard to control poison? The murderer has to worry about his own safety while he carry such kind of material.

Po-210 is a radioactive material and is easy to be detected. Murderer should chose more covert poison than an isotope. Isotope is itself used as tracer in scientific research. With instrument, even a tiny amount of isotope could be traced. Why chose an easy to be detected poison?

The poison case is a big joke from the beginning. Litvinenko was said poisoned on 11/1. He died on 11/23. It was 23 days when he was sick. Hospital didn't know what caused his death.
The news of 11/24 reported it as: "strange, rapid decline", "mystery remains". As an outsider, when I saw the picture of a hairless Litvinenko, I knew it's a symptom of heavy metal poison. (Polonium is a heavy metal, but it's rare. In medical, most referred is lead poison. ) That should be common sense of the doctor. How could they fail to find it? Radiation also causes hairless. Doctor should know it.

The media keeps reporting the poisoned case and almost have new discovery everyday. They found it on the airplanes flying between Moscow and London; in the shushi bar, in U.K.'s embassy in Moscow, now even in German. If the route develops to Teheran, Iran, I will not be surprised. Because that is the target this event created for.

But will a perpetrator, try to carry out a murder case with a hard to get material, hard to handle isotope, easy to be tracked poison in his case? Is he an idiot, or a fool?

No, he is not. It's a rogue group which framed a poisoned case to justify a dirty bomb attack, aimed to have another war in Iran. It treats the public all like fools.

Remember this: In Rove's October surprise, N. Korea had a nuclear test. China arrested several N.Koreas for selling Uranium. All to justify the source of dirty bomb attack. I think it went soured after my revelation.
Then in November surprise, Litvinenko died on Polonium from Russia.
Uranium and Polonium are radioactive material. They were used in these cases to justify the source of dirty bomb attack. When it was revealed too, which will be the next? Maybe US itself? One thing is certain, the Inside group won't stop here.

New war is ahead.
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455. "New wars ahead" (12/15/06)

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455. "New wars ahead" (12/15/06)

I strongly recommend people to read the article "new wars ahead" written by Jeff Steinberg. It proves my allegation of dirty bomb attack planned by Bush administration is correct.

Quote, "new wars ahead
Jeff Steinberg
Executive Intelligence Review. Nov. 17, 2006

Whichever party lands in the White House come January 2009, the neo-cons hope to be there to share in the spoils. Either way, they are busily organizing a ``Get Iran'' war alliance with frightened Sunni regimes in the Persian Gulf and Arab world and Israel--to make sure that the Bush-Cheney regime commits one more fatal atrocity--a military strike on Iran's purported secret nuclear weapons sites--before leaving office (see preceding article). ...........

Several senior Washington intelligence veterans, and one regional vice president of a major U.S. defense firm, say that their greatest fear-- between now and the New Year when the Democrats take the keys to Capitol Hill back--is a ``Gulf of Tonkin'' incident, a provocation covertly arranged originating from Washington, that would provide the pretext for war. The most likely target of such a scheme: Iran. The most likely architect of such an operation: Dick Cheney and his remaining coterie of neo-con troublemakers and whatever assets they have recruited from within the Special Forces community and the ``black operations'' side of the intelligence community. One burning question is whether President Bush has already signed a Presidential Intelligence Finding, authorizing these covert tricks. " ... hp?t=63301

Steinberg's article published on 11/17. He said that Cheney's office now becomes the Neo-con central and that they are organizing a Sunni alliance (include Syria, Jordan, Saudi, Egypt) in Mid-east to fight against Shiite (Iran, Hasbolla). His point of view was proved very correct. One week later, on 11/25, Cheney made a sudden visit to Saudi. Obviously to talk about that alliance.

Steinberg's fear about a "Gulf of Tonkin" incident, was well described by my continuous postings about October Surprise and November Surprise. The framed case is a dirty bomb attack. To justify the source of radioactive material, they made secret deals with China, N. Korea and then Russia. These plots went soured after my revelation. What's next? The possibility is to frame a domestic case. Here is a news reported 5 days ago. I think it was released on purpose.

Re: "Nuclear fuels leaving Bay Area
By Ian Hoffman Media News

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently began shedding its supply of plutonium and enriched uranium - capable of producing dozens of nuclear bombs - with a secret shipment to the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Details of the first and future shipments, including their timing as well as the mass and form of the material remained classified, according to federal officials."
(Mercury News Dec. 10, 2006)

We don't know what motivated the recent shipment of nuclear material. It will certainly create a chance of "missing" shipment in transfer. I don't think it's a coincidence they release the news at this time, when Rove's October and November Surprise failed to be carried out.
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458. The execution of Saddam (12/30/06)

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458. The execution of Saddam (12/30/06)

Saddam was executed yesterday. It was arranged by Neocon. It is a strategy step of their Mid-east war plan.

The Iraq government is a puppet of the US. The execution of Saddam must be approved by its master(or ordered by) - Bush administration. Why do they perform such an execution in current situation?

The Neocon's plan in Mid-east is bigger than the Iraq war. After Iraq, the next target is Iran and Syria. To prepare for the Iran and Syria war, US troops must stay in Iraq. That's why we saw there was a continued riot in Iraq. America people are tired of this unjust war. It's them who paid money and lives for it. What's the tactic Bush uses to deal with them? He said if US withdraw from Iraq, then terrorists win and US loses. No people want to admit they support terrorist, no people want to be cowards. Bush uses patriotism to halt anti-war movement.

What excuse the Neocon use to have US troops staying in Iraq? Insurgence and riot. Although some people said Iraq war is like Vietnam war, it is not. There were two big countries: Soviet Union and China behind the Vietnam. It was their support of weapons and economic aids which helped North Vietnam to win the war. There was none such support for Iraq. Iran and Syria, are much weaker and smaller than Soviet Union and China then. They themselves know they are the next target of the Neocon. They dare not to offend US by supporting the Iraq insurgence. To stay in Iraq, Neocon try to make a mess in Iraq - they need a civil war of Iraq.

Al Qaida is a tool of US intelligence. The 911 attack was carried out in the name of Al Qaida. The purpose was to justify the Mid-east war. It succeeded. To provoke a civil war in Iraq, Al Qaida was once again involved.

The conflict between Sunni and Shiiti in Iraq was provoked by the bombing of a Shiiti Muslim Shirine by Al Qaida.
Al Qaida then helped Sunni Muslim in a series of conflict with Shiiti. The purpose is to push for a civil war.

You can view Saddam as a shrine of Sunni Muslim. Kill Saddam is to pour oil on a fire. It will flame a civil war.
America people voted Democratic Party to the House on the hope that the Congress can help US army withdraw from Iraq. Now with this strategy step, Bush will say, the situation is worsen. On contrary, we need more troops there instead of withdraw. A draft may be revived.

The next target in Neocon's map is Iran and Syria. For the coming war, US army has to stay in Iraq. To justify the staying, Neocon needs a riot in Iraq. Saddam's death is one step to reach this goal. Any politicians with brain know the execution at this time will stir the storm not calm it.

(Though Syria and Saudi may be treated as allies in Neocon's plan to deal with Iran, it is only temporary. Remember Saddam also once was an ally of US when he was used to fight against Iran. )

Quote, "Behind the Cheney Trip to Riyadh
(Reprinted with permission of Executive Intelligence Review)
by Jeffrey Steinberg

Nov. 27, 2006 (EIRNS)-A well-placed and highly reliable source has provided the following account of Vice President Dick Cheney's Nov. 25, 2006 visit to Saudi Arabia.

The essential message delivered to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah by Vice President Cheney was that there is no basis for dialogue with Iran. The U.S. position in the region has been weakened, and therefore a new security architecture must be established, particularly in the Persian Gulf, to contain and counter Iran's growing influence. Already, NATO has been in dialogue with Qatar and Kuwait, in pursuit of closer, upgraded cooperation. Cheney proposed to establish a new regional balance of power, through a Sunni Arab alliance with Israel, to confront the Iranian threat. Cheney argued that to negotiate with Iran at this time would be tantamount to surrender. A new military organization will be built, involving the Gulf Cooperation Council states, Egypt, and Jordan. NATO and the United States will be closely involved, and Israel will be a de facto participant. These moves led by Cheney obviously aim to pre-empt adoption by the Bush Administration of any recommendations from the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group, to initiate diplomatic talks with Iran.

Cheney took the lead in proposing this new security architecture. There is, at this point, a consensus inside the Bush Administration to pursue this policy. When President Bush arrives later this week in Amman, Jordan, to meet with Iraq's Prime Minister Maliki, he may also hold secret talks with several senior Syrian officials. In that meeting, President Bush will bluntly offer Syria the opportunity to break its ties to Iran and join in the emerging Sunni Arab bloc.

The approach to Syria coincides with a major effort, within Lebanon, to force Michel Aoun to break his alliance with Hezbollah, in the wake of the assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel. Over the weekend, there was a meeting of leading Maronites, sponsored by Patriarch Sfeir, aimed at tightening the pressure on Aoun to break with Hezbollah, and join a Sunni Arab, Christian, Druze coalition to counter Hezbollah's power. Were the Syrians to accept the Bush offer (highly unlikely), they would be expected to pressure Hezbollah to disarm, as a condition for negotiations to get the Golan Heights back from Israel.

Condi Rice's planned meeting with Mahmoud Abbas and Ehud Olmert is aimed at kick-starting the Israeli-Palestinian talks. But the key to the Israeli policy will be to complete the construction of the wall, and to build similar walls of separation along the border with Lebanon. The argument is that both Hamas and Hezbollah represent extensions of Iran's influence into the areas bordering on Israel, and they must be contained. The "peace" offer being put on the table will center on these walls of separation.

Iran is already aware of these Cheney-led initiatives. While Arab governments will assume that Iran will react and respond to the attempt to create this Sunni Arab-U.S.-Israel security architecture to confront Iran by playing for sectarian conflict in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere, sources caution that Iran is taking a more sophisticated view. Recurring statements by President Ahmadinejad are calculated to instigate an Israeli attack on Iran's purported nuclear weapons sites. Iran anticipates some kind of attack on these sites-either by the United States or Israel. Iran would prefer an Israeli attack for several reasons. First, the United States has far more significant military capabilities to strike Iran than Israel does.

Second, any Israeli attack on a Muslim country would trigger a revolt on the Arab streets. Iran carefully studied the response of the population throughout the Persian Gulf and Arab world to the Israeli attacks on Lebanon this summer. They anticipate massive Arab support, across the sectarian Shi'ite-Sunni divide, for Iran, in the event of an Israeli strike.
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459. December bombing plot in Great Mall (1/5/07)

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459. December bombing plot in Great Mall (1/5/07)

Great Mall is three blocks away from my residence. It is a big shopping center with a lot of factory outlets there. Feds could justify it was a terrorist target if they bombing that mall. But I rarely go to the Great Mall these days because there is no supermarket in it. I only go there when I do some house repair. There is a Home Depot store there.

In mid-December there was a commercial in Chinese TV which said audience could get a free ticket of the movie "Curse of the Golden Flower" by clicking on KT**** web site. The theater is in Century 20 Great Mall. There was a lot of comments for that new Chinese movie then. It is said one of the best films of the year by National Board of Review. If it is a good movie, it doesn't need to advertise by "free ticket". I had a feeling this was a trap set up by the Feds. To bomb Great Mall is much better justified then to bomb a super market. Of course I wouldn't try to get a free ticket though I believe there was one ready for me.

My feeling was soon proved true. They did plan to lure me to the Great Mall for a bombing trap.

At the night of 12/26, I noticed my daughter parked her car along the fence - a place where used to be parking by my wife's. It was unusual because they always park their car in a fixed place.

There was a big wind that night. Next morning I was awakened by the noise of wind. Tools in the yard fell to the ground, made big bang. The fence was shaking in the wind. I suddenly aware of why my daughter parked her car along the fence where it used to be parked by my wife's mini van. A mini van's body is higher than a sedan. It would shelter the fence from the wind better then a sedan. And one pillar of the three which support that fence had already broken. The surveillance team knew very well about this and targeted at this weak fence.

I immediately strengthened the fence by two sticks. The wind got weaker later that day. How big the wind was it?

"Blustery winds stir up trouble across Bay Area
Thousands left in dark; woman killed in Lagunitas
By Julie Sevrens Lyons Mercury News

It didn't just feel like a hurricane out there Wednesday.

Wind gusts up to 74 mph pounded Pillar Point on the San Mateo coast - strong enough to be classified as "hurricane force." although just barely. Unusually fierce winds also whipped the rest of the Bay Area, downing scores of trees and power lines, disrupting traffic, killing a Marin County woman and injuring several others."

The hurricane like winds of 12/27 was not a coincidence. When I fixed the fence, there was more to come. Next day on 12/28, my wife told me the sink disposer in kitchen was damaged. The water couldn't go down the drain anymore.

Free movie ticket, attempt to break the fence, and damaged sink disposer, all lead to an attempt to force me to the stores in Great Mall. This was the December bombing plot, a continuation of "October surprise" and "November surprise". The bombing would be likely a dirty bomb attack. If the plot went on successfully to eliminate a target whom always revealed their plan in advance, there would be a new Mid-east war followed.

The execution of Saddam Hussain on 12/29 was part of their December plot. Do you realize it?

About how Feds manipulate the climate, see "211. Create windy day (3/4/04)" and Hurricane Katrina "#345, #351 to #355. "

460. Review three plots in last three months (1/10/07)

1. October surprise:

10/9/06, N. Korea had a nuclear test.

10/26, Chinese TV news reported that in Peking, police arrested N. Koreans who tried to sell **gram of Uranium.

In October, three of US Navy strike force grouped on the sea opposite Iran in the Persian Gulf.

Started from later September, there was an attempt to lure me to the shopping center where there is a fly-over bridge of Highway 680. The Highway fly-over could be the justification that it was Al Qaida's target.

2. November surprise:

11/21, an anti-Syrian politician - Industry Minister of Lebanon, Pierre Gemayel - was assassinated. His death caused a big protest of pro-government Lebanese and a big rally of pro-Hezbollah Lebanese as well.

11/23, Litvinenko - a Russian defector, died after strange, rapid declines. The news later reported he died of Polonium poison - a radioactive material.

11/24, Black Friday. There was attempt to lure me to another shopping center with the bait of a pocket video camera which I was eager for. I think this was the action day in Feds' plan. The justification was that the Christamas shopping spree was the target of Al Qaida.

3. December bombing:

11/17, In Executive Intelligence Review there was an article "Cheney and Neo-Cons Plotting More Wars". It talked about Neo-Cons planned to push for a civil war in Iraq. Let Saudi, Jordan and Egypt help Sunni Muslim in Iraq to fight against Shiiti of Iraq and Iran. (see New Wars ahead in #455)

11/25, Cheney flied to Riyadh. On 11/29 and 30, Bush went to Jordan to meet Iraqi P.M. there. They probably decided to kill Saddam at that time. This, proved the extraordinary accuracy of the article "Cheney and Neo-Cons Plotting More Wars". It also surprised me by their eagerness for the war. When the 11/24 Black Friday plot failed, next day Cheney started their new December plot.

12/23, U.N. approved sanction on Iran.

12/25, news reported US held four Iranians in Iraq aimed at people suspected of conducting attacks on Iraqi security forces. There were Iran diplomats among the detainees.

In mid December, a free movie ticket was offered. The theater was in Great Mall where once I often went to.

12/26 night and 12/27 morning, a hurricane like wind raided Bay area. I thought the weak fence was the target. Because if I need material to repair the damaged fence, I had to go to the Home Depot which was in Great Mall.

12/28, the kitchen sink disposer damaged. I believe the target of the Feds this time was the Great Mall.

12/29, (Iraqi time 12/30) Saddam was hanged. A provocation of civil war.

1. To start a war on Iran, US Inside Group prepared a 911 style terror attack - a dirty bomb attack.

2. I was the main target of the bombing attack. Because my revelation is very correct. (Though there will be many other bombings at same time, possibly in Britain and elsewhere US)

Here is proof for that bombing: Fear a "Gulf of Tonkin" incident in article "Cheney and Neo-Cons plotting more wars". (see #455)
And the "mass killing" predict of Pat Robertson. In my point of view, P. Robertson is a speaker of the intelligence. What he said was not a prophecy but the plan of the Inside Group.

Re: Quote, "Pat Robertson: God told me of 'mass killing' in 2007
POSTED: 7:26 p.m. EST, January 3, 2007

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (AP) -- Evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday that God has told him that a terrorist attack on the United States would cause a "mass killing" late in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network. ... index.html
3. There will be civil war in Lebanon and Iraq if the bombing plot succeeds.

4. The main target is war on Iran. All works are for this goal. Three big plots in three months. Very intensify work. Why they are so eager at Iran?
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469. Extortion on administration and CIA (2/25/2007)

Postby kathaksung » Sat Mar 10, 2007 9:35 pm

469. Extortion on administration and CIA (2/25/2007)

So far, we saw from October 2006 to January 2007, there was a plot aimed to start Iran war in each month. When the old one went soured, there immediately came a new one.

To spread panic of nuclear terror, (because Iran is developing its nuclear project) there was N.Korea nuclear test, the murder of former Russian agent Litvinenko (died of Radioactive poison), China arresting N.Koreans for selling Uranium, Republic of Georgia arresting Russian for selling Uranium. To connect Iran to the civil war in Lebanon and Iraq, (Iran support Hazbollah and Iraqi Shiite) there was the assassination of the Lebanese Industry Minister, the execution of Saddam Hussain, the sudden seize of Beirut by Hezbollah. To hit Iran's economy, US banned the finance transaction between US banks and Iran's. Planned Paulson's arrest and the collapse of WANTA fund, the cutting oil supply to Europe, the bombing in Bangkok and the manipulation of stock market in Thailand and Hongkong.

The direct excuse to war on Iran is a dirty bomb attack in US. In Pat Robertson's words, it would be "a mass killing". The Feds planned "seven NFL football stadiums" bombing. Black Friday bombing, (after Thanks Giving day), ten big cities bombing, (Boston ad scary), of course, each time, they planned one for me.

It costs them a lot of resources. Will they stop and rest for a while? It seems their master won't allow them to take a break. The intimidation, or whipping, comes right away.

Re: "Mr. Cheney, please give us that 'stiff dose of truth'
Nicholas D. Kristof (NewYork Times columnist)

Because I.Lewis Libby is renowned for his caution, Mr. Vice President, it seems highly unlikely that he would have leaked classified information twice to reporters right after talking to you, unless you had sanctioned the leak. "
(2/8/2007 San Jose Mercury News)

"Closing arguments Tuesday in trial of former Cheney aide
By Michael J. Sniffen AP

The defense put in a hand-written note in which Cheney told the White House secretary to exonerate Libby in the leak and not sacrifice him to protect Bush's top political adviser - Karl Rove. "
(2/15/2007 San Jose Mercury News)

This is whipping on Bush administration. "If you don't act, the fire will extend to Cheney."

And more on CIA.
Re: "13 CIA operatives charged
By Craig Whitlock Washington Post

Berlin - German prosecutors issued arrest warrants for 13 agency operatives in the kidnapping of a German citizen in the Balkans in December 2003."
(2/1/2007 S.J. Mercury News)

"Ex- CIA official pleads not guilty
By Allison Hoffman A.P.

San Diego - Foggo, (ex CIA's executive director) now retired, pleaded not guilty to federal charges that he used that information to direct classified supply deals to his best friend, San Diego defense contractor Brent Wilkes."
(2/15/2007 San Jose Mercury News)

"Italy indicts CIA agents
26 Americans accused of kidnapping Egyptian cleric

By Colleen Barry A.P. "
(2/17/2007 San Jose Mercury News)

These are all old cases happened 20 months ago or in 2003. Suddenly they emerged in this month, along with Libby's case. I interpret this as an extortion on CIA. "Go find excuse for Iran war, or create some events for it. Otherwise some of you will be in jail by us law enforcers."

Cheney left US for Japan and Australia on 2/19. Since then Libby's case and CIA case are silent in media. I think a new plot is created. Cheney goes to Asia seeking support for Iran war from Japan and Australia. As for CIA, there will be big events in Mid-east, or Europe, or both to justify an attack on Iran. We knew Madrid bombing, London bombing already.

I am afraid that Prince Harry will be a sacrifice in this plot. The news of his military presence in Iraq is unusually propagated. His death could have been an important justification for Iran war.
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Postby kathaksung » Tue Mar 20, 2007 6:46 pm

470. Strong EM wave radiation and February plot (3/3/07)

In last post, I said the Feds didn't take a break and is going on with new plot. I was right. There was another plot planned to take place in February 27.

In last post, I worried about they would sacrifice Prince Harry to justify a new war. I was right. They planned war by sacrifice of celebrities' lives.

Re: "Cheney Targeted in Afghan Blast
Associated Press | February 27, 2007

BAGRAM, Afghanistan - A suicide bomber killed and wounded some two dozen people outside the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan on Tuesday during a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney. The Taliban claimed responsibility and said Cheney was the target. ",1 ... 78,00.html

In previous messages, I alleged there would be international financial crisis came with the terror attack. I was right. This time the Inside Group prepared a big fall on global stock market. On February 27, the China's stock market dropped 8,8%. Japan and US stock market lost more than 3% that day. So were Hongkong and other countries.(U.K., India, Australia.....) They all had a significant loss in stock index.

Cheney's trip to Afghanistan was unnecessary and unplanned.

Re: "US says Cheney wasn't target of Afghan attack.
By Griff Witte Washington Post

WASHINGTON - A purported Taliban spokesman asserted responsibility for a suicide bomb attack Tuesday at the main US air base in Afghanistan and said it was an attempt to assassinate Vice President Dick Cheney. But US officials disputed the claim, stating that Cheney's overnight stay at the sprawling Bagram Air Base had been unplanned and that he was well away from the blast."
(San Jose Mercury News 2/28/07)

Was Cheney well away from the blast?

He himself said "I heard a loud boom" than was moved promptly to a bomb shelter.

Is it true that Cheney wasn't target of Afghan attack?

How could the Taliban spokesman claim they targeted at Cheney? The claim came with the news of bombing. (see the above news right on the day of Feb. 27.) Obviously it was pre-prepared. Do you think the bombing happened at Bagram Air Base was a coincidence that Cheney happened to take an unplanned visit there?

Why US deny Cheney was not targeted one day later?

On Feb 27 the authority said the bombing proved Taliban infiltrated the intelligence. Do you believe Taliban has so remarkable ability? It only proves Al Qaida, as I always said, is a tool manipulated by US intelligence. They do whatever the intelligence want them to do. Cheney's unplanned visit may not be aware by high ranking US officials, how could Taliban knew it and prepared a bombing attack in a very short time? US denied that Cheney was not the target one day later because there were many flaws in this soured plot. A real investigation would have found the root of a plot of false flag attack. So they cover it up as a random attack coincide with Cheney's visit. Otherwise there will be an investigation on their own: the Secret Service, CIA, Pentagon. They will use the "Al Qaida infiltrate the intelligence" as a justification for the next assassination. There is still Prince Harry there.

I have personal experience that each time they planing a plot, the Feds always planned framed case or elimination on me. There is no exception in this February plot.

Feb.17 is Chinese New Year eve. My family member had a re-union dinner in San Francisco. I didn't go.

Then on Feb. 24, my parents and other family members and relatives came to my home, invited me for a dinner to a restaurant. I refused too. I know Feds used to frame an arrest in such occasion.

That night and the next night (Feb 25), there was a strong EM wave radiation shooting on me. I slept behind metal plate, the radiation was so strong that it penetrate the thin metal plates. I could feel uncomfortable, unusual feeling at my face when the radiation was applied on me. I was afraid I might be fatally hurt by this strong radiation that on Feb 26, I moved to sitting room and slept there. My bedroom shares the wall with neiborhood and I allege the strong radiation were from there. The sitting room is seperated from it with laundry room and heating furnace.

It was better after I moved the sleeping place. (though they still shoot the EM wave) Next day (Feb 27), I heard the Cheney case and stock market case. Normally, innocent people may have died after being shoot by this EM wave radiation the whole night. How could they know they must protect themselves by metal shield? I survived with my knowledge and experience. Feds must have killed many people with such a weapon. I am so grief and indignation with the people who were murdered by this fascist "law enforcement agency".
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471. The death related to EM wave radiation (3/8/07)

Postby kathaksung » Thu Mar 29, 2007 8:16 pm

471. The death related to EM wave radiation (3/8/07)

I started to recognize it probably was the house that caused the Feds' persecution on me when someone suggested to exchange his house with mine in early 90s. (see #278 - #282)

Then in March, 2000, after I complained to US embassy in Thailand alleged that FBI manipulated bank practice of remittance, I found there was an attempt to frame me in drug case.(see: #37, 49, 50, 51)
I was in panic and had to seek political asylum from Thailand Foreign Ministry. It only intensified the persecution. So I left Thailand for Laos. Re: "About in early April, 2000, when I was still in panic mood of Thailand event, I read a news from a Chinese newspaper that FBI director Freeh would resign from his post, because FBI abused their power to a man whom bought a house which FBI wanted. It was a strange news. I had a strong feeling the article was for me (actually Freeh stayed in the post until one year later he resigned again when FBI signed a secret deal with China to frame a big drug case. see #61 - 64) It proved my early suspicion that the persecution was due to the house.

In July 2000, when I got back to my home in US, I checked the document in house deal. In it there is a death certificate of the former landlord. ( I took over the mortgage loan from the seller - a widow, but one of the joint borrower had died so they had to prove it with document) He works for US Navy when he was alive. He was in his 30s when He died.

The death was caused by:
immediate cause (A) Probable pulmonary embolus.
Due to. or as a consequence of (B) Thrombophlebitis of leg

I checked the dictionary and learned that former landlord died of clot formed in leg which then blocked the blood to lung. It proves my allegation that former landlord died of a covert murder - microwave killing. Though I don't know what was the motive to murder him, it's unusual he died so young. (in his 30s) The tactic of murder was a skill I am familiar to - microwave killing. (see #5. Microwave killing)
After hours of low dose of microwave radiation, the blood cell gradually died and formed clots. When the clots moved to lung and blocked the artery, the lung collapsed. When it moves to heart, a heart attack happens. When it moves to brain, then it's a stroke.

Why the clot originates from leg? I think the Feds used to install the killing device in engine room. It's easy to be installed there and hard to be discovered. (used to be guised as parts?) Foot to control the pedal is the nearest to the microwave source. Or they deliberately to shoot on people's leg because the foot is less sensitive than the head and hands. Victim is hard to feel it when the microwave is applied on the leg.

Quote, "Cheney treated for blood clot in his leg
POSTED: 5:37 p.m. EST, March 5, 2007

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Doctors found a blood clot in Vice President Dick Cheney's left leg Monday, Cheney's office said.
Doctors performed an ultrasound and found a deep venous thrombosis, or DVT.

Complications from DVT kill up to 200,000 people in the United States each year, but the clots can be easily treated through medication. ... index.html

On March 5, when the TV news reported Cheney's blood clot story, (local Chinese TV), I was surprised at the striking resemblance of the broadcaster's description about the blood clot with mine. She said the blood clot formed in leg. "When the clots moved to lung and blocked the artery, the lung collapsed. When it moves to heart, a heart attack happens. When it moves to brain, then it's a stroke." The only difference was she said doctors thought it was probably caused by lacking of movement after long air travel.

Was this the only long air travel Cheney took?

No, I think recently he at least took one to arrange an Iraqi civil war. There seemed no problem of blood clot then.

Was Air force No. 2 a small plane?

No, I think it was not as narrow as the normal economic seat commercial air line used to offer. I am sure it's much, much spacious then any first class cabinet.

Was time sensitive in this case.

Yes, Vice President Cheney was arranged an unplanned visit to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan where he encountered a bombing. Will he suspect on that? What will intelligence do after their plot went soured?
Also it was at the ending of Libby's CIA leaking case. Libby said he was the sacrifice. Would it be better to have such an ending similar to Kenneth Lay's death in Enron case? The Libby verdict came one day after Cheney's clot story.
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472. Radio frequency weapon that causes vomit (3/13/07)

Postby kathaksung » Tue Apr 10, 2007 9:10 pm

472. Radio frequency weapon that causes vomit (3/13/07)

Statement by
Lieutenant General Robert L. Schweitzer
U.S. Army (Retired)

before the
Joint Economic Committee
United States Congress

June 17, 1997
Radio Frequency Weapons and the Infrastructure

Low cost per engagement
All weather
Instantaneous engagement times
Simplified pointing and tracking
Possible to engage multiple targets
Deep magazines-simplified logistics (can "fire" or pulse as long as there is power in the generator)
Non-lethal to humans when properly adjusted
Well suited to covert operations because of lack of signature; deniability
Not able to detect attacks; silent when used without explosive devices

The radio Frequency weapons here are the one I referred as EM wave weapon. (Electro-magnetic wave).
Watch the last three advantages of that weapon General Schweitzer said. In fact, it becomes a lethal weapon the Feds frequently used to murder American people. Because it lacks of signature; being deniability; not able to detect attacks. I must add one more point, it is a preferable murder weapon because the death resembles to natural disease.

In normal life, many device works on EM-wave: radio broadcast; TV; microwave oven, mobile phone; radar..... There are different usage for different frequency EM wave. So was it when it used as a weapon.

To my experience, one imitates sleeping wave which can force people going to sleep. The other one is microwave killing device which create blood clot to develop the death like heart attack, stroke or lung collapse. Microwave radiation also cause Leukemia.

Here is another one used as a punishment. It caused the dizzy, nausea and vomit.
In later 1980s or early 1990s, (I don't remember the exact time), I had been sick several times. The uncomfortable feeling was so bad, but lasts very short time. It always ended with vomit. I didn't suspect anything else then.

It was until mid 1990s, when Reno (the Attorney General of Clinton era) had a dispute with FBI director Louis Freeh. (Reno denied a propose from Freeh to have an investigation on something (about Clinton?)) I realized there was such a weapon. At that time, I got more familiar about the Feds. I knew there was EM wave weapon. I alleged former FBI director Sessions who refused to give up his seat to Louis Freeh was punished by the EM wave weapon. He fell and broke his elbow the day before he was fired. So I speculated, would Reno be punished too? I was right. Soon there came the news that Reno collapsed in an open meeting when she made a speech in the stage. (I remember it was in Mexico?) She said she was dizzy and sick.

I suddenly remembered the unusual vomit I had years ago. That was the only vomits happened in decades. It came sudden and left sudden. It happened without any reasonable cause. I also recalled that years ago, the former President Bush Sr. (George W. Bush's father) had once collapsed in a banquet. (in Japan?) He collapsed on a neighbor guest and vomited. I realized there was an EM wave weapon that causes sick and vomit.

In April, 1999, I was in Hongkong to start my South-east Asia drift. Same thing happened to Mrs. Chen Fang An Shen - a top government official in Hongkong. She collapsed on her neighbor official in a meeting. The doctor said later that it was caused by the maladjustment of her balancing liquid in the ear.

In these three cases, all the victims were high ranking government officials. They were punished because they did something disfavored by the Feds. I noticed there was a similarity in these cases. They all took place in open places. In a meeting or a state banquet. In such occurrence, there were a lot of media people. It's easy to install a EM wave device in a camera. When the camera man focus on the face of the target, the EM wave ray also shoot at his head. The particular frequency set to disturb the balance liquid in the ear of the target. The result was the sick and vomit of the victim.

My conclusion soon was proved by another event. I even saw the camera and its handler with my own eyes.
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473. EM wave torture (3/18/07)

Postby kathaksung » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:38 pm

473. EM wave torture (3/18/07)

On 1/24/2000, I arrived at Seal Ream, a town famous with its history site - Ankor wah. A young man picked me up at the bus station and sent me to a Guest House by the motorcycle. It was a common way for transportation in Cambodia.

On 1/25, I came across with him at the reception hall. He offered me a "One day tour" for next day. The bargain included an extra tour. He would ride me to visit Ankor Wah later that day (1/25), because after four o'clock, according to him, the authority wouldn't check the ticket. So I only need to buy one day's permission on 1/26. And I could spent the whole day on other interesting temples. There were about a dozen of them. He showed me the tourist map.

I accepted the deal. About four o'clock, he rid me to the Ankor Wah. He dropped me at the entrance, said I could find him at a tea house nearby. So I went into the temple alone. It was late afternoon, tourists were leaving. I am the only one going the opposite way. I visited the temple with a tourist book. At last I got to the top of Ankor Wah.

It was dusk. I sat on a stone, watching the beautiful sunset, I felt homesick. It was ten months since I drifted in South-east Asia. Though Ankoh Wah was a famous history site, I came here not as a tourist but a refugee to escape the persecution from the Feds. How absurd, a so said democratic country was a so dark country.

Just then I felt a noise, like something moving inside my ear. I felt a little dizzy and sick. I turned around, saw two western men about ten feet away behind me. One held a film camera which was pretty a big one, the other one carried a wooden box which I thought was for battery. The camera seemed aiming at sunset but I knew it was at me. We were on same direction and I was in the middle. I immediately left the Ankoh Wah, left the beautiful sight view which I enjoyed so much.

Next morning I visited other temples until to the Ta Prohm. It was as interesting as Ankor Wah. The temple was kept in its original condition when it was discovered. The giant trees grew up on the temple ruins. Its root stretched in the gap of the big stones. The mood was so ancient and mysterious that some film took it as background. Then I saw that two camera men again. I had to left Ta Prohm earlier to avoid an EM wave torture.

It was before noon. The young man suddenly said the tour was finished. Most temples he introduced the day before hadn't been visited yet. He denied he had made a promise. I couldn't force him to continue. Then why did he gave me two rides that could be done in one day? The road to Ankor Wah was on the same journey to other temples. It was overlapped.

I then knew he must be from secret police of Cambodian. Ankor Wah is a hot travel spot. There used to be a lot of tourists there. To avoid other tourist disturbing the EM wave shooting, the secret police planned a bargain deal at dusk. They almost succeeded if I was not aware of their secret weapon. They did succeed in one thing. That evening on top of Ankor Wah, there were only three people: Me, a potential victim and two men of Feds - special handler of EM wave ray.

On 1/28, I was in Phnom Penh. I joined a local tour. I visited killing field, then to a concentration camp -Tuol Sleng - where Comah Raug (Spelling? Cambodia communist Party) killed several thousand prisoners there. I watched the jail cell, victims' pictures and then, to a room where torture tool displayed. I met with the two camera men for the third time. They already have set up their camera there, aimed at the display torture tool. If the target stood down to watch, a button would be pushed and a real torture would happen. I passed the exhibition without any delay.

It's a sarcasm that the Feds planned a torture at a site where they accuse others committing the torture crime. When this government claim Saddam torture people, kill civilians, I never took it seriously. Because it did same thing.
A totalitarian country does the torture and kill because the system allows them do it openly. So we know it.

A "democratic" country such like US does same thing but rare people knows because they developed a system to do it covertly. Although there is a constitution to restrain it namely, step by step, the Feds are not satisfy with "do it covertly". They try to make it legally by Patriot Act and "War on terror", by Guantanamo and "enemy combatant".

When CIA and Pentagon make "waterboarding" a legal interrogation technic, I can't help to think of the torture room in Tuol Sleng. Though I didn't stop to watch the torture tool display, I knew one tool is a big water box used to choke victim's breathe. (From the picture illustration before the display room) What's the difference between Comah Roug (spelling?) and the Feds?
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465. The dirty bomb plot goes on (2/5/07)

Postby kathaksung » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:41 pm

465. The dirty bomb plot goes on (2/5/07)

Four months ago, in October 2006, I wrote:
Re: "445. Dirty bomb attack (10/30/06)

On 10/26, the KTSF Chinese TV reported such a news that China arrested two North Koreans whom tried to sell ** gram of Uranium. (The news was not seen in other media, though) It will justify the source of dirty bomb if the attack happens. "

Three months ago, in November 2006, I alleged the death of the defector Litvinenko plays the same role:

Re: "451. The death of former Russian spy (11/25/06)
5. I think he is part of a secret deal. The deal is to justify a dirty bomb, (or even a nuclear bomb). There was such a deal in October. (N. Korea nuclear test and later China arrested two N. Koreans for selling small amount of Uranium.)"

Last month, I wrote "459. December bombing plot in Great Mall (1/5/07)". Of course, if the plot was carried out, it would have been a dirty bomb attack.

Ten days ago, a news proved my allegation were true.

Quote, "Sting thwarts sale of Uranium
Russian had nuclear-grade bomb material
By Desmond Butler (AP)

Washington - Republic of Georgia authorities, aided by the CIA , set up a sting operation last summer that led to the arrest of a Russian man who tried to sell a small amount of nuclear-bomb grade uranium."
(Mercury News 1/25/2007)

People may say this was a case of "last summer" which doesn't relate to the current plot. The point is why the media did not report that news last summer but report it now when it becomes not "news" but "olds"? When intelligence releases such kind of "olds", they always have a purpose. This is to justify the source of a dirty bomb material.

In recent plots in latest four months, we can see the similarity:

1. Russia and China were chosen to be collaborators. Because they have been the rivals of the US, their story will be more believable.
2. Their satellite country, Georgia; N. Korea; Belarus (in event to cut oil to Europe) joined the plot.
3. The direct purpose is to justify the source of dirty bomb material. (N. Korean selling Uranium, Russian selling Uranium.)
4. The hidden purpose is to spread nuclear panic. (The nuclear test in N. Korea and Litvinenko died of radioactive poison.) So when dirty bomb attacks happen in US and Europe, Bush will have full justification to bomb the nuclear site in Iran.

I think the dirty bomb plot is going on even though the three plots in October, November and December went soured. There was another one in the end of January. The news of the sting operation in Georgia was part of it. The possible targets not only in North San Jose, but also in other big cities, include Boston. In the end of January, there was an Ad scare there. Cartoon signs were thought to be bombs. I think if the main target has been successfully bombed, (that is N. San Jose, or Milpitas), Boston would have been attacked. too. The devices for bomb were there already: the battery and the wire. What the rogue team had to do is to send some innocent workers installing the bomb later when the action time was due. The worker thought they were adding more advertising device in the ad box, not aware it was a bomb. They eventually became "suicide bombers".

I allege so because the strange treatment on this event. I read many story like this. People arrested when they made a joke of "hijack" on the plane. Luggage was intercepted for examination when it looked suspicious. Media always are serious reporting such kind of news . No one think it's a joke. But what I read in Mercury News is this:
Topic, "Ad scare suspects smiling in court
Pair make jokes after posting their bail"
"They appeared amused in court as a prosecutor alleged that one of the devices looked like it had C-4 explosive. "
"The devices also appeared in nine other big US cities in recent weeks but didn't raise an eyebrow in any of them.
Jo Baltz, a bookkeeper for World Cup Coffee and Tea in Portland, had one sitting on a filing cabinet Thursday and called "him" cute.
"the devices were "so obviously not suspicious," Sgt. John Urquhart said. "
(San Jose Mercury News 2/2/2007)

It gave people an impression that it was over reacted. That was conflict to the consistent seriousness when media talked about "security". So I view it as a real bombing plan of the Feds. When it was broken by the alerted Boston people, the Feds play it down by the media they controlled.

Remember, in January 2005, there was a Boston dirty bomb case. (see #284) Boston already has been a target in Fed's plan.
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466. More evidence of January plot (2/10/07)

Postby kathaksung » Thu May 10, 2007 6:10 pm

466. More evidence of January plot (2/10/07)

In #465, I alleged that the news release of a Russian selling Uranium and the case of the Boston Ad scare was a symptom that the Feds prepared another dirty bomb attack in later January. Other events proved there was a January plot.

In previous messages, I said that in these plots, after the dirty bomb attack in US, Bush would start war on Iran. It also would come with the civil war in Lebanon and Iraq. In November Surprise, three days before the Black Friday (I think 11/24 was the bombing action day) they assassinated the Industrial Minister of Lebanon - a pro-western politician, to justify a Lebanon civil war. In December plot, they executed Saddam Hussain to justify an Iraq civil war.

What did they do for the January plot? Read the following news:
Quote, "Hezbollah-backed strike shuts down Beirut
By Megan K.Stack (Los Angeles Times)

Beirut, Lebanon - Hezbollah and its allies paralyzed Lebanon on Tuesday, sending thousands of demonstrators to seize control of major roads, brawl with government supporters and choke the seaside capital in the acrid smoke of burning tires.

The swift seizure of the country's roads took many here by surprise and marked a major escalation in Hezbollah's campaign to overthrow Lebanon's US-backed government. At least three people died and more than 100 were wounded as clashes flared around the country."
(Mercury News, 1/24/07)

One day later:
"Strike by Hezbollah disappears, sudden calm returns to Beirut
By Megan K.Stack (Los Angeles Times)

Beirut, Lebanon - By the time morning commuters headed to work Wednesday, the fires had been snuffed out. The roadblocks had melted away. The Rampaging youth who were burning cars and choking off the nation's roads seemed to have evaporated. ......

The sudden peace Wednesday was nearly as disconcerting as the explosion of violence the day before. "
(Mercury News, 1/25/07­)

Then I saw a news:

Quote, "U.S. can't prove Iran link to Iraq strife
By Maura Reynolds, Times Staff Writer
February 3, 2007

WASHINGTON - Administration officials have long complained that Iran was supplying Shiite Muslim militants with lethal explosives and other materiel used to kill U.S. military personnel. But despite several pledges to make the evidence public, the administration has twice postponed the release - most recently, a briefing by military officials scheduled for last Tuesday in Baghdad. "

"The truth is, quite frankly, we thought the briefing overstated, and we sent it back to get it narrowed and focused on the facts," national security advisor Stephen J. Hadley said Friday. " ... ck=tottext

I checked the calendar, Last Tuesday to Feb. 3 was 1/23. We saw in three days from 1/23 to 1/25, Bush administration officials had prepared a news briefing to release the evidence that Iran supplied lethal arms to kill US military; Hezbollah made a sudden strike in Lebanon (without any reason); and a news release that a Russian arrested for selling Uranium. About same time electronic ad devices installed in sensitive areas in ten big cities in US.

If a dirty bomb attack(s) succeeded in US in later January, the condition for a war with Iran and civil war in Lebanon were ready. For some unknown reason, that plot went soured again. Then we saw the Bush administration postponed the briefing once again; and Hezbollah cancelled the strike as sudden as they starting it.
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461. Dollar, the Achilles' heel of the US (1/15/07)

Postby kathaksung » Sun May 20, 2007 8:28 pm

461. Dollar, the Achilles' heel of the US (1/15/07)

What motivates Bush government so crazy to start a war on Iran? It is the dollar. Because the unrestrained spending, there is a great amount of dollar held by foreign countries, mainly by Japan, China and OPEC. These countries, mostly are "responsible" countries who know the disastrous result if they dump the dollar.

But there is another country: Iran. Iran exports oil. If it changes the oil trading currency from dollar to Euro, then it will hurt US economy significantly. And Iran decides to do so. That's why the Inside group is in panic. Though the flag to war with Iran is "nuclear proliferation", "support Iraq Shiite militias", the real reason is the dollar. But to start a war because others refusing to use your currency as trading method is not a justification, so Bush's war machine tries to find other excuse.

Re: Iran scraps Dollar, takes on Euro
Mon. 18 Dec 2006
Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Dec. 18 - Iran's central bank will begin to use the euro for foreign transactions, replacing the long-established dollar system, government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham told reporters during his weekly press conference on Monday. ... oryid=9533

Then on 12/30, there was an interesting news:

Saturday 30 December 2006 20:05




One crucial by-product of this crisis, too, is that, as was exclusively reported in our previous posting, both France and Germany have started distributing pre-stored national banknotes (denominated in French francs and deutschemarks) to their respective central banks and leading commercial banks. ... d_cheney_s
Though several days later, there was other news that Paulson would meet the Treasury Minister of Japan in January which indirectly denied the news of his arrest, I still believe this was, or once had been a part of the December plot.

Notice the time of Paulson's arrest: 12/30. The bombing in US was planned in the end of December. At same time Saddam was hanged - a planned justification for Iraq civil war.

Read the news of Paulson's arrest. You will find the real meaning of this incident - a planned collapse of Euro. According to the news, the collapse of the WANTA fund will lead to the collapse of Euro. The events astonished me was that French, German had prepared to replace the Euro with their original currency: Franc and Mark.

I think if the December plot had succeeded, the Great Mall would have been bombed.(and somewhere else in US and UK been bombed as well. ) There would have been a civil war in Iraq followed the execution of Saddam. And there would have been the collapse of Euro following the arrest of Paulson. Iran would have to stay on Dollar because the money they turned on then worth nothing.

I also think the US economy was on a volcano. There are two big bubbles: the housing market and stock market. The Inside group will find excuse to create the incident such like WANTA, Euro collapse, Iraq civil war or Iran war. To blame the economic crisis to other's fault not their's.

There will be big change ahead: war and economic crisis. The victim will always be the ordinary people. They will lose money and lives.
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462. The collapse of Euro and worldwide economic crisis (1/2

Postby kathaksung » Thu May 31, 2007 7:58 pm

462. The collapse of Euro and worldwide economic crisis (1/20/07)

The December plot was bigger than you could imagine. The economic crisis was world class.

In later December, Thailand government announced measure to control foreign currency exchange. The stock market value lost nearly 15%. Then on the day before New Years' Day, there was a series of bombing occurred in Bangkok. Which made the Thailand stock market on the first trading day of new year lost 3%.

Remember the South-east Asia financial crisis in 1997? It started from Thailand too.

In Europe, on Jan. 1, Russia doubled the price of the natural gas it sells to Belarus. As a retaliation, Belarus imposed a transit fee on Russion oil which supplies Europe through the pipe in Belarus land. The oil for Europe was cut in early January.

Quote, "EU scolds Russia for cutting oil supply
By Peter Finn
Washington Post

When it comes to energy, the European Union, which is heavily dependent on Russian natural gas and oil, has almost no short-term alternatives. Russia supplies about 25 percent of the union's oil and 40 percent of its natural gas."
(Mercury News 1/10/07)

Paulson's arrest is a necessity to prove the seriousness of WANTA fund. Anyhow the collapse of a fund would lead to the collapse of Euro still will cause suspicion. When people hurt by the commodity price due to the shortage of oil, they would have believed what government told them were reasonable: It was the WANTA and the gas shortage causing the collapse of the Euro.

At same time there would also be a financial crisis taking place in Asia. Hongkong stock market fell consecutively three days in early January. Each day lost about 1.5%. That was almost a repeat of South-east financial crisis of 1997.

But everything get into order after a short while. There is no more bombing in Thailand. Hongkong stock market recovered. Paulson is on news again. Belarus announced on 1/10 that it had reached a compromise with Russia to end a dispute that had shut a Russian oil pipeline to Europe. There is no particularly unrest in Iraq. All because the ring of the plot - the bombing in US (in North San Jose) was broken (went soured) and the whole plan was revealed.

The bombing in US and events in abroad need an organization which control both FBI and CIA to do it. When the three big plots all went soured, who should be responsibe for the failure? In early January, Bush announced the step down of the head of the National Intelligence - Negroponte. You may realize what caused this unusual change.

There is such a big trade deficit and budget deficit in US economy that many people turn their investment into Euro asset and other foreign asset when US dollar is in a dangerous position. If the December plot succeeds, how much wealth people will lose in their investment? Of course, Iran will be a big loser. And how much profit that manipulating group will make? I wonder.

468. Follow up to #467, #461 and #462 (2/20/07)

2. follow up to #461 and 462.

On 1/15 and 1/20, I wrote #461 and #462, alleged that US had set up a Euro trap for Iran: If the December plot started, Euro would collapse due to the collapse of WANTA fund and the shortage of oil supply to the Europe. Iran not only would be bombed, but also suffered a huge loss in finance. On 2/1, an article proved the correctness of my analysis.

Re: "The War on Iran
Thursday, 01 February 2007
By Stephen Gowans

In Paulson’s view, Iran is still a major player globally, and needs to suffer the same pariah treatment. (New York Times, September 17, 2006) In October, US Treasury Department officials banned US banks from facilitating transactions involving Iran’s state-owned Bank Saderat. In January, the ban was widened to include another Iranian bank, Bank Sepah.

When Iran sells oil to a customer in Germany, the German customer asks a European bank to deposit US dollars into an Iranian bank account. The European bank then arranges for the transfer of US dollars from a US bank to an Iranian bank account in Europe. Paulson’s ban prohibits US banks from transferring funds if Bank Saderat and Bank Sepah are involved. (New York Times, October 16, 2006) With oil sales denominated in US dollars, the aim is to impede Iran’s ability to sell oil. The way around the US manoeuvre is to sell oil in Euros, something Iran has already begun to do. (New York Times, January 10, 2007)

This would seem to be a simple enough way of beating the US at its own game. It also raises questions about the prudence of compelling Iran to switch to Euros, since a change to Euros, if adopted by a number of oil-exporting countries, would push down the value of the US greenback. US investment banker John Hermann, a comptroller of currency in the Carter administration, wonders whether the US is shooting itself in the foot. (New York Times, October 16, 2006)

In October, US blocked the financial transaction between US banks and major Iran bank which forced Iran to turn on to Euro instead of Dollar in oil trading. Two months later, if the December plot succeeded, Iran would suffer a big loss in finance. The US investment banker John Hermann wonders whether the US is shooting itself in the foot then. He wouldn't have that puzzle if he reads my messages.
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476. The Garbage company (4/3/2007)

Postby kathaksung » Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:09 pm

476. The Garbage company (4/3/2007)

When I saw the news that there would be a detour in Bay Bridge on March 28, 29, I thought there would be a framed case to be carried out at that time. Then another news proved my allegation.

Re: "Trash hauler admonished
California Waste may lose city deal if it doesn't find Truck storage in a week

By Barry Witt Mercury News
March 21, 2007"

CWS (California Waste Solution) plays a major role in the attempt of regime change of San Jose. (Feds tried to oust former Mayor Gonzalez by a replacement of their own - Chuck Reed.) (see " 425. Manipulate judicial power (8/5/06)") So I alleged it is a cover up company run by the Feds. Feds used to search the garbage of the victims they interested at. So a garbage company is a necessity for them.

CWS won a two years contract (July 2007 - June 2009) with San Jose City six months ago. The utility contract used to be signed for six years to assure residents having a long stable service. Why did the city make a two years' one? It was made to fit the demand of the Feds. Six years is too long for them. They thought they could eliminate me in a short period. But could they have a utility contract for only a few months? That would be a joke. So we saw a two years contract - the shortest they could have.

But situation changed. Started from last October, the Inside Group decided to have another war in Mid-east: War on Iran. It could be a nice distract Feds needed on a big framed case. DOJ must have given the order to Feds that they must go all for it. So we saw each month the Pentagon and CIA had prepared a war and Feds framed a case or elimination on me. For the failure of the plot, someone (Negroponte, Ryan) had stepped down.

The plot of March 28 must be a big drug case. If it succeeded, then Feds is unnecessary to search the garbage in San Jose for another two years. CWS got a week's notice from the City. Watch the date of the news, after a week, it was March 28 - the day framed case planned to break up. At that day the Feds would have known if they need the garbage contract any more and make a decision.

CWS, a particular garbage team.

1. Timing. I was under surveillance all the time. I didn't care because I did nothing wrong. But things changed after I complained to US Embassy in Thailand about FBI. I found there was attempt to frame me in drug case. That is different. It means you will be framed in case even if you did nothing wrong. They plant. So when I came back to US in July 2000, I started to surf in internet, reveal what happened to me.

Feds is scared at my revelation. They started to frame case in US. The garbage company in San Jose then was Norcal.
CWS joined in as a subcontractor in October 2000. Three months after I came back and went internet.

2. A particular team with privilege.
Norcal asked a better pay and welfare for its subcontractor CWS. Former San Jose Mayor promised a compensation deal to secure the contract and to avoid a strike. The result is: the garbage rate raised from 16.00/month to 20.00/month in 2006.

3. Strange logic.
The beneficiary of the deal is obviously the CWS team. But five years later, when Feds needed a regime change, they charge Gonzalez committing bribery because CWS was benefited.(Norcal is co-defendant, because Norcal requested high pay for the CWS.)
The real benefitter - CWS, remained untouched. Last October, Norcal lost contract because that compensation deal. CWS, on the contrary, got the new deal with another company. The garbage rate will raise from 20/month to 26/month. when the new contract is on.
Since CWS stepping in, residents pay higher and higher garbage rate.
CWS get a better pay and benefit and new contract.
Those who worked for CWS - Gonzalez and Norcal, became a scapegoat, either was charged or lost contract.

4. A rogue mark of Feds.
Read the following report to see how Feds worked to persecute the opponent for their interest. Some tactic you should be familiar now. The silence of the victim. (remember Federal Attorney Ryan?) The stroke. (remember Gonzalez got a stroke?) The story was in October 2000 when CWS joined as a subcontractor.

Re: "Testimony undermines trash case

Teamster leader R. Morales said he and A. Dean, then the powerful head of the South Bay Labor Council, were threatening to ask the city council to deny Norcal's bid unless the worker who would have to transfer from the city's existing contractor to a new one were guaranteed they wouldn't take a cut in wages and benefits. The Teamsters at the time were earning nearly $11 and hour and had full health care insurance provided for their families; the Longshoremen's contract paid $7 an hour and insured only the worker.

The Longshoremen's union put up little resistance. Roberto Flotte, then the Longshoremen's president, appeared at an Oct.10, 2000 city council meeting at CWS' request to argue on his union's behalf. But after that date, he was never heard from in San Jose again. Luna said she tried to call Flotte but he never responded. Flotte suffered a debilitation stroke two months after the council meeting and was ousted from his leadership position on issues unrelated to San Jose the following year. " (Mercury News 8/14/2006)
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477. Internet planting and April plot (4/8/07)

Postby kathaksung » Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:19 pm

477. Internet planting and April plot (4/8/07)

Sometimes there was a frame popped up when I was surfing. It demands I download some programme. Since my computer was under the control of the Feds' surveillance server, I always take it as a trap and bypass it. I am afraid the material they want me to download are some illegal data used as plant.

Four days ago, when I tried to go internet, a frame popped up again. It said,

"Improving your connection

America Online has detected changes in your connection setup. Click OK to finish updating the changes."

It gave two choice: "OK" and "Remind me later".

So this time they disguised as AOL to set up a trap, I thought. As usual I clicked "Remind me later" to avoid a download. But then the "start AOL" lost function. I re-clicked AOL logo but it was always that "Improving your connection" popped up. "Remind me later" always lead to defunction. It seemed Feds tried to force me a download.

At last I had to turn on to another computer.

The persecution is so intensified that the team believe they'll eliminate me in days. (from the news that garbage team intended to cancel the contract) Anytime they may block me to the internet.

Someone said that I was not that great to cost the Feds that much work. How can an individual compare with a war? That's because they stand at a plate form of the third person.

If you can view the things from another angle, the result will be different.

A criminal can start a war in which they may gain a lot: oil, currency control, security of Israel...... But if there is no war. It doesn't hurt. He loses nothing. He just doesn't gain.

But what about a witness who knows their secret? If they don't eliminate him, their real face will be revealed. Their power base will shaken. Their control will loose. What wait for them maybe not only resignation but jail sentence.

Not gain and lose a lot, which is more important?

That's why in past plots, each time they could start a war but postponed it at last minute. They are waiting for a framed case. What will it be in this coming April plot? Possibly still that drug case not used in March plot. That is against my youngest sister who had been hurt her waist last month. And on me, possibly on tax return.

Attorney General Gonzales has trouble these days. The news of his role in firing eight Federal Attorneys was bustling in later March which was coincidence with the date of the March plot. Now it seems cooling off. But read a news:

Re: " Scandal-ridden Gonzales guilty of nothing worse than ineptitude
By Ruben Navarrette Jr. (Mercury News 4/4/2007)

..... He'll have one last chance to do that, and perhaps keep his job, when he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 17."

April 17? If you remember what is the last date to file a tax return. And remember the story how CWS - the garbage team - gave themselves a notice to make a decision to abandon a contract or not at March 28? (see #476) Because at that time, they would know if the target is eliminated or not.
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493. Beware of terror attack around 7/4 (6/28/07)

Postby kathaksung » Sun Jul 01, 2007 8:56 pm

493. Beware of terror attack around 7/4 (6/28/07)

Now media reports a poll showed Bush is in a new low. His approval rate was only 26%. I think in other way. Since media is controlled by intelligence, it is an extortion on Bush: Act now or you will be the worst President in history.

What action the intelligence demanded? Terror attacks to justify a new war. Terror attack benefit ruling class, it's common sense.

Quote, "Arkansas GOP head: We need more 'attacks on American soil' so people appreciate Bush

Josh Catone Published: Sunday June 3, 2007

In his first interview as the chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, Dennis Milligan told a reporter that America needs to be attacked by terrorists so that people will appreciate the work that President Bush has done to protect the country. ... _0603.html

Here is another news from ABC. May indicate a new plot of terror attack.

Quote, "Exclusive: Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S., Europe
June 18, 2007 4:45 PM

Large teams of newly trained suicide bombers are being sent to the United States and Europe, according to evidence contained on a new videotape obtained by the Blotter on

Teams assigned to carry out attacks in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany were introduced at an al Qaeda/Taliban training camp graduation ceremony held June 9.

A Pakistani journalist was invited to attend and take pictures as some 300 recruits, including boys as young as 12, were supposedly sent off on their suicide missions." ... suici.html

Is it true story? I believe so. It's a news from "reliable" mainstream media: ABC. They even invited journalist taking pictures as evidence. But the whole event is a well planned plot. To justify massive terror attacks in Europe and US. Here is my analysis.

1. To convince tamed sheep the news is reliable,a journalist was invited. Have ever heard that covert work to be drum beaten and trumpet blown? Have you ever heard of that CIA, KGB, Mossad .... all secret organization in the world hold a ceremony for their special mission team? It means: "Please get ready to arrest the men we will send to you." Will a bandit have a news announcement before they rob a bank?

2. Even American citizens have problem with their government in travel across the board, many of them were in "no fly" list. How can Al Qaida send large team to wherever they want to go?

3. Taliban lost its own rule in Afghanistan, Al Qaida run cave to cave. They can't even take care of themselves. How can they do whatever they want in abroad?

4. If Al Qaida have nuclear weapon or other WMD weapon, why don't use it in Mid-east where there is US army Base everywhere? And to transfer weapon and militants to US and Europe is much more difficult and dangerous than to use it in Iraq and Afghan.

5. This news proved my allegation. The leadership of Al Qaida or Taliban or insurgence are the informants of the Western intelligence. They work for the interest of the Inside Group. They recruit discontented people, train them into militants, insurgents, or suicide bombers. We are familiar with this tactic. (A typical sample is Miami terror cell. Poor, innocent, discontented people were recruited. Then instructed by FBI informant to swear royal to Al Qaida and plan attack to FBI office.) In Mid-east, they were trained as suicide-bomber. As you have seen, the suicide bomb target were always innocent people in the market place or the new Iraqi police. On the purpose to provoke a civil war. For the propaganda interest of US intelligence, they now had an education ceremony of the suicides and invite journalist to take photograph despite the danger for its own recruited fighters.

Watch the date of this news: 6/18. After the failure of 6/15 plot, they rapidly develop a new one. I think the "terror attack" will be around 7/4 the independence day. The Feds used to find excuse for the "enemy". And it will be massive suicide bombings in Europe and US.

I felt this two weeks ago. Feds poisoned the food in nearby small oriental super market. I had a severe cough these days. It was a result of food contaminated by radioactive material. The purpose is to force me to the big shopping center to buy food where a bombing will be more justified. I have experienced the same tactic last year. Only the Holiday was not Independence Day but Christmas shopping season. (see "448. Highway 680 pass-over bridge was a bomb target (11/15/06)" and "453. November Surprise (12/5/06)")
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495, Murder tactic, bombing the shopping center (7/8/07)

Postby kathaksung » Wed Jul 11, 2007 8:56 pm

495, Murder tactic, bombing the shopping center (7/8/07)

In my message #493 posted on 6/28, I warned possible massive terror attack in Europe and US.
Next day and the day after (6/29 and 6/30), there were three bombing case in UK. I think it belongs to the July 4th plot I warned.

That three cases obviously are terror propaganda from intelligence.

1. The two car bombs found in London were loaded with gasoline, nails and gas canisters. It would have caused significant casualty had it exploded. If the third car in Glasgow Airport packed with same thing, the result would be disastrous. But it only caught a fire. Why? Did the terrorist care about the innocent passengers' lives? No, it's because the operator was inside the car. He cared about his own live.

2. If it was a terror attack with a flaming car, one man was enough. Drove a car and crashed it into a terminal, then ignite the gasoline. It's that simple. What was that second man for? Nothing but a "reliable" witness intelligence needed.

3. A typical terror cell created in this way: An informant, disguised as anti - Western fighter, recruit discontented people. In Mid-east, they become insurgents or Al Qaida. In Western, they become terror cell. These people, usually become sacrifice in the plot planned by intelligence.

I think the driver of that Jeep Cherokee is such a sacrifice. He was seriously burned and could die of it. The other one, is a living evidence. In Mardrid bombing, the suicide bombers carelessly left a phone to identify themselves. In 911 attack, the passport of suicide team leader Atta survived the impact and fire. It proved that Arabs attacked US. The unhurt man in Glasgow case plays the role of Atta's passport and forgotten phone.

4. Media has different attitude on different case. It may reflect the attitude of the intelligence. VT shooting case is the worst camp killing in US history. In less than a week, the news about it completely disappeared from the media. They wish people forget it forever. Three bombing case in UK result no death, (improved tactic?) The media keep it alive until now. Each day there is a new development. "Eight in custody for British attacks", "Suspects all in medical field", and recent one, "Two suspects sought to work in US".

That is their real purpose - to justify terror attack in US. Since 7/7/05 London bombing, I always alleged it was a cover up work to justify the real bombing coming up later in US. The real target is me. Though the bombing is in the name of terror attack on Independence Day, the tactic is to lure me to the big shopping center by cheap food so that a murder fulfilled in a "terror attack". The recent ads from nearby supermarket full of the food I used to buy. All with good price rarely seen these days. Of course, I dare not go to the trap. I stay home on stored food.

Then I saw this message.

Quote, "FBI: Suicide Bombs a Big Concern

PAT MILTON Wed, Jul. 04, 2007
The Associated Press

NEW YORK - Suicide bombers have not hit the United States since the 9/11 terrorist hijacking attacks, but they remain a constant concern because of their prevalence around the globe and determination to die for their causes, according to the FBI's chief of counterterrorism.

Billy, the FBI assistant director in charge of counterterrorism, made his comments during a rare wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press, days before the failed car bombing in London and the airport bombing in Glasgow."

The interview was made days before 6/29. It was for July 4th plot. Notice that Associated Press issued it on July 4. It means though National Holiday is over, the bombing plot will continue. So when there is a bombing happens in US, check if it is in North San Jose or its nearby area. I have to go out shopping anyway.
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