We are seeing a significant erosion of our liberties in America, as George W. Bush, using the threat of terrorism as an excuse, is systematically broadening surveillance, limiting travel, detaining citizens without charge or access to legal counsel, and eliminating privacy as a right.

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497. July plot: a nuclear bombing (7/18/07)

To make a secret deal under table, then to cover up it by a dispute in appearance, it's a trick often played by the secret police. Another typical story is the death of Litvinenko. Litvinenko was killed by radioactive poison. It creates public panic on radioactive material so bombing Iran nuclear site is justified. It also creates a dispute between Russian and U.K. to cover up a secret deal between western and eastern. What is the secret deal? A dirty bomb attack or nuclear bomb attack on Europe or US. The radioactive material or the nuclear bomb will come from Russia. A dispute in appearance makes a cover up. People won't suspect there is a conspiracy behind the scene.That was November plot. (see "451. The death of former Russian spy (11/25/06") It was soured then but now is revived.

In early July Russian leader Putin visited Bush family's Main home. I allege a secret deal have been reached there.

1. A hostility cover up created. On July 14, Putin tears up Arms Pact with NATO. They successfully run up a dispute event.

2. In July, UK ousted 4 Russian diplomats based on Litvinenko's case. After seven months, Litvinenko's case revived again.

3. Though it seems Russia's relations with West hit a new low point, it is only a fake mask. In July, Russia is granted to host the next Winter Olympic game. It is a pre-payment for the secret deal. Too familiar with it that UK was granted to host 2012 Olympic game on 7/6/05, next day (7/7) the first bombing in London broke off. And China was granted the host of 2008 Olympic in 2001 after it signed secret deal with the Feds to frame a big drug case in US.

4. An unusual massive preconception psychological operation in domestic. Here are some major operations: On 7/10, Homeland Security Chief M. Chertoff warned terror attack based on his gut feeling. On 7/11, Government Report Concludes Al Qaeda Now as Strong as in Summer of 2001. Then came with 50 seconds' Bin Laden's tape calling for "martyrdom". The latest is the yesterday's (7/17) "Grim view of terror threat" from National Intelligence Estimate which suggests the threat of terrorist violence against the US is growing worse.

You see, another terror attack is ready. Psychological propaganda has been done. Here is a pre-warning of the planned nuke terror:


Expert: Nuke terror better than even bet
Attack likely to exploit existing network of cross-border human, drug traffickers
Posted: July 6, 2007

© 2007
WASHINGTON - A nuclear terrorist attack on the U.S. is better than an even bet in the next 10 years, says a former assistant secretary of defense and author of a book on the subject. ... E_ID=56524

Though the article issued on 7/6, I learned it yesterday. When circumstance evidences show Feds prepared a nuke attack, that article strengthens the idea. So I clicked on it for the original one. I surprisingly found it was the same site that had predicted the VT camp violence. (see "494. Preconception, a tactic of the Feds (9)(7/3/07)). It seems that I have found the original preconception source of the Feds. Read #494 and watch the reference articles from worldnetdaily. You'll understand how Feds manipulate public's mind.
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499. July plot (2) (7/28/07)

I believe Feds have planned another big plot in July. They would have framed a drug case in Bay area, then distracted it by a big terror attack - a dirty bomb attack or a nuclear bomb attack. And finally would have started war against Iran.

1. From 7/2 to 7/8, in three big Chinese newspaper of San Francisco Bay Area, FBI had a continued ads: "FBI, to protect the freedom and democracy of our country..... We particularly welcome those who know very well about the Chinese State Security Dept. to contact us. If you don't understand English, our English speaking investigator will help you. Please call (415) 553-6400 or write to: FBI, P.O. Box 36015, San Francisco, CA. 94103. Contact Hao Shi." The ads shocked the Chinese community in San Francisco area. It remained as a hot issue in the first two weeks in Chinese media.

If you have read my previous articles about the Virginia Tech. case, you know what is it.

1. Demonize. Either a Chinese mass killer, or Chinese spies, it used to demonize that Chinese are evil, a pre-conception for a drug case which Chinese will be involved.
2. Cover up. The most direct cover up on the relationship between Chinese State Security Dept. and FBI. As a matter of fact, the two are the partners in secret deal to frame the drug case.

Be noticed that the ads was from the FBI office in San Francisco Bay area. The targets are Chinese. Think of the origin news about the VT shooting gunman was "a Chinese from Shanghai via San Francisco."

2. I have said that July terror attack would be a nuclear attack. (see #497.) Here are other development.

On 7/16, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake stroke a Japanese city Kashiwazaki. What caught my eye in news was a map which showed a nuclear power plant near the site. Was it used for a nuclear pollution panic? Though the first day news said there was no leakage, the later news was different.

Quote, "Level of damage raised at Japan nuclear plant" (S.J. Mercury News, 7/19/07)
"Radioactive leak lasted three days
The indefinite shut down of the world's most powerful electricity generating facility raised serious fears of a summer power shortage." (S.J. Mercury News, 7/20/07)

So that was why the earthquake took place in Kashiwazaki - where there is the world's most powerful nuclear power plant. It was the time when Feds prepared for a nuclear terror attack and war on Iran. If everything went on to their plan, a nuclear pollution would have been propagated and war on Iran would be justified.

( I always think Pentagon has had the technique of earthquake. I have said in "324. Tsunami (6/27/05)"

1. US has developed such technique to create an earthquake and tsunami. Cohen had talked about it as early as 1997, though he blamed the "others". Re: "Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanos remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves." American Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 1997.

3. Iran war.

"Iran to allow inspectors into nuclear facility" (Mercury News, 7/14/07)

Though the media played it a small news, it was a big one actually.

Iran resisted U.N. inspection on its nuclear cite for a long time. Even bear the punishment to be sanctioned economically. Iran thought it was their sovereignty. What made it to do such a big compromise?

With my own observation, I have concluded that in July, Feds would frame a drug case, made a false flag "terror attack" to distract, and with which US would activate Iran war.
Iran, as a state, has its own intelligence. Iran, too, realized an attack from US was imminent in July. It had to make a concession.
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501. Surveillance without warrant (8/8/07)

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501. Surveillance without warrant (8/8/07)

The honorable
US Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator

I'm writing you to oppose the newly passed law (Passed in Senate on Aug. 3, signed by Bush on Aug. 5) which gives government expanded surveillance authority without court approval.

I urge you to re-consider the law because of the following reason:

1. It is a violence of the Constitution and an offense on citizen's civil right. It especially damaged the Fourth Amendment - protecting people from unreasonable search and arrest.
It's easy for coruptive police to manipulate a "terrorist suspect" to e-mail, or dialogue in an internet forum, to frame innocent people. (In Miame terror cell case of 2006, a FBI informant had instructed the cell member to attack FBI office ).

2. There is no reason to say old FISA rule doesn't work. Under which the government can do eavesdropping any time when it requires. Even if it's in emergence, they can wiretap first and submit an application to court later. Nothing hinder their surveillance work.

A surveillance without warrant means a blank check to the secret police. It opens the door to a fascist country.

3. Surveillance not only means eavesdropping, it also means harassment. FBI, DEA are notorious for abusing power. They harass, plant and frame case. There is lack of a surveillance on these so said "law enforcement". The new law gives them further more room for abusing power. It is an attack on the principle of Check and Balance.

4. A negative side of this law from my personal experience. I posted a lot in internet web forum. I used to reveal the dark side of the government, especially about the law enforcement. I suffered continuous harassment from the Feds cyberspace team. Recently I was blocked from three web sites. (two of them are media's web site)

(1) On Aug. 1, blocked to enter " " by technical problem.
(2) On Aug. 4, banned to enter ""
(3) On Aug. 5, banned to enter ""

Since my posting were all of political opinion, there was no reason to ban me accessing the site. The ban is so thorough that I couldn't complain nor read. I allege it was from surveillance team not from the web site. I think it was done when Feds (FBI, DEA) has been inspired and encouraged by the would passing new surveillance law.

In conclusion, I urge you to re-consider the new intelligence surveillance law, at least do some amendment to limit the unrestricted power of law enforcement. I also urge you to investigate the abusing in internet communication caused by the Feds (FBI, DEA). (see below)


Kat Hak Sung


More complain about law enforcement internet abusing.

1. Made my article unreadable by misplacing the paragraph: ... =&posts=35 ... 0356#80356

2. Block to enter the forum by various tech. problem. (such like frozen the window frame, blank frame, url changing, function losing, etc. ) ... UR6aWpjb5a^2@.ee6d2e3 ... ?ForumID=2 ... rdId=21288

3. Ban in a rogue's way:
"You have been banned for the following reason:
Date the ban will be lifted: Never"
This is not a normal web site notice but a rogue's reply - a typical Feds' style.

4. Block to post by "incorrect password" ... =forum;f=1 ... 8231c78bb1

5. Intercept e-mail.

Complain e-mail returned. Application e-mail and enquire e-mail no answer.
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502. Warrantless surveillance and August plot (8/13/07)

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502. Warrantless surveillance and August plot (8/13/07)

I think the new law that allowed warrantless surveillance target on me.

In early May, 2002, I wrote "65. Birthday Party on May 3 (5/10)" revealed Feds had a plot on May 3 that year. In later May, two people in my lane - one was my tenant, the other was the landlady of a house, suddenly moved away at same time. They both came from China. (There are four house units in the lane. Feds put two Chinese secret agents in two units) Then in August, news reported that former A.G. Ashcroft was rebuked by FISA judges for cheating in May. I then knew I was under the surveillance of FISA warrant. I started to realize how important the Fourth Amendment is to innocent people. It protects them from unreasonable search and arrest from corrupt agents. (see "86. FISA Secret Court ruling")

Still continuously I am under surveillance, legally or illegally. Feds must have created a lot of justification to renew the warranty. This time, after the big attempt in April, (marked with Virginia Tech massacre) they may exhaust their cheating tactics. Feds, with the help of its resource in legislative, passed a law to do surveillance without the monitor of the court.

Be mind that law is not only effect on a small number people who related to terrorist. Most Americans have computers and surf the internet. Feds have plenty resource of controlled "terrorists". Or anytime they can get help from collaboration of foreign secret police to frame a case. That means, almost every Americans faces unreasonable search and arrest if Feds wanted. (by a message from "terrorist" to your e-mail or web-site you go) They give themselves an unrestricted power.

It is not only an eavesdropping or wiretapping. It also means surveillance which can lead to unreasonable search and arrest. Do you know what surveillance is? To my experience, it also come with harassment and persecution - radiation of unknown EM wave ray; poisoned food; provocation between family members..... various trap to a framed case.

"Enemy combatants" in Guantanamo are ripped the right to access for legal help. They could be jailed all their life. The new warrantless law does the same thing actually. Every Americans is ripped off the protect of Fourth Amendment. You could be under surveillance any time the Feds wanted without any protect of the law.

I e-mailed a petition to California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein on 8/8. No confirmation e-mail received so far. An e-mail to Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren was rejected as not deliverable. But a reaction from Feds was very swift. Next day on 8/9, my wife said she would have a trip to Peru between 8/16 to 8/22. My brother and one of my sister will go with her. If you still remember, in mid April my wife has just taken a sudden trip too (the plot marked with VT shooting case)

On same day, (8/9) the neighborhood landlord had a yard work team come. He said he would have his yard re-modeled, including repair the fence between us. The work will last till the end of the month.

One of murder tactic of Feds is travel accident. Each big plot always came with this program. So they prepare again the death for part of my family members. As for me, you can expect that yard work team is a specially trained team. And you know what special skill they have had. The plot time should be between 8/16 to 8/22. For the rest of my family member, there is other traps waiting for them.
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The real terrorist

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The real terrorist

The war on terror is created by the Inside group. It is a terror war on people. Al Qaida is a puppet tool of US intelligence. A lot of people have recognized 911 was a false flag "terror attack". That's why you saw 911 attack targetted at civilians, even the victims in Pentagon were mostly civilian staffs and contractors. The Bali bombing targetted civilians' night club. Madrid bombing targetted at civilians, so did London bombing. And most evident case are the bombing case in Iraq. Al Qaida used to bomb the market, causing hundreds deaths of innocent people. All the bombers died in attack, no one survived. We were told by government they were Al Qaida. Is that too convenient to attribute all the crimes to someone unknown? This government can do whatever they want. For what reason Al Qaida focus at innocent people? There is only one reason: to instigate the indignation so the ruling class can get whatever they want.

Can Iraq return to peace? Yes, if CIA and Pentagon controlled Insurgence and Al Qaida stopping to attack people. But then US has no reason to stay in Iraq. Remember, they need troops there for more war: Iran and Iraq.

Can US remain safe? Yes, if US and Israel intelligence stopped activate false flag terror attack at people. But then the Inside Group lost its way to squeeze power and money from people.

I need power and money, you don't give me? All right, then taste 911 attack, anthrax attack, DC sniper shooting spree. ...... You have to approve "Patriot Act", "Iraq war authorization Bill", double Pentagon Budget, release military fund for Iraq......

They can achieve victory at any time if they needed (by stopping false flag attack) to save its popularity and win President election. But they can also start "terror attack" at any time to ask for more power and money. That's the truth of US politics.
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503. Earthquake in Peru (8/18/07)

Postby kathaksung » Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:08 pm

503. Earthquake in Peru (8/18/07)

Then there was an earthquake in Peru on 8/15. Of course I view it as part of the August plot. It would be used to justify a tour accident.

That night, I asked my wife what time tomorrow would she leave home for Peru. She happily said, "No, we won't go. Don't you know there is just a 7.5 earthquake in Peru?" Her happy expression revealed it was not a trip she likes to go. I was puzzled. Was it a big coincidence that an earthquake taken place the day before the trip? To my opinion, the quake was created to justify a tour accident, not to cancel that planned trip. Did I make a mistake?

I didn't make mistake. Later that night, after several call, my wife said she still would go. She said the tour guider from Lima confirmed nothing serious happened there. Everything was OK. She left next morning.

Was everything OK in Lima? We now know the earthquake was 8-magnitude not 7.5. The death toll increased to more than 500. I knew there were several tour bus accidents in Peru before. Now you know how reasonable Feds has made it for an mountainous road accident after that big quake. Everything was on Feds' plan.

So was my neighborhood. After the landlord informing me the yard work last week, they suddenly disappeared. The neighbor house emptied for seven days. On earthquake day of 8/15, a yard work team came to dismantle the fence between my backyard and their's. On 8/16, workers used my backyard as their access path. I had to go out to tell them I wouldn't allow them entering my yard.

My daughter, has been home on her summer vacation for more than two months, will leave for a trip too. (8/18 to 8/22?) So these four days, I was home alone.

What about my other sisters and relatives? Between 8/31 and 9/3, the Bay Bridge will be closed for three days. This is a tactic repeated many times. (see their purpose at #433, 482) In less than a year, Feds closed the Bay Bridge for three times. All related to a framed case. I allege at that time ( the end of August or early September), there will be a framed drug case occurring in San Francisco, followed by massive terror attack on US soil. (one will be a tunnel bombing in San Francisco Bay)

That's the whole plan of Feds August plot. (from 8/15 to 9/3) A similar one was the 2005 September plot. (marked with hurricane Katrina) In which the action date was 9/24 - the landing day of Hurricane Rita. Feds had arranged a Vietnam trip for my wife between 9/22 - 9/29/05, so she wouldn't be home on 9/24. And another East Coast trip for my brother and one of my sister (whom this time are in trip of Peru) between 9/10 - 9/17/05. The coincidence was there was a hurricane Ophilia developed in East Coast at same time on 9/10. The Ophilia went along the East Coast for several days then disappeared when my relatives left East Coast for Canada. (see #339, 342, 345)

In these typical cases, Feds both organized murderous tour for my relatives. And activated with their new natural disaster weapon. In 2005, it was hurricane. This time it was earthquake. Both were on top grade. (Hurricane is category 5, the quake is on 8 magnitude) The climate weapon now is a ripe skill for Feds. Remember the earthquake in Kashiwazaki just one month ago (7/16)? It occurred there because there is the most powerful nuclear power plant of the world. At the purpose to push for a nuclear pollution panic. (see #499)

504. Fence (8/23/07)

Last night my wife came back from her Peru trip. It means the first phase of August plot was over. In that phase, my relatives and I were the murder targets. The ending signal is the noise from back yard this morning. A fence has been installed hours ago. The synchronization of the events is amazing. It starts from my petition to Senators on 8/8. I think the new passed law is a violence to the Constitution. The response from Feds was swift. Next day -

8/9. ** Yard work team appeared in next house. Landlord informed me he would remodel the yard and would change the fence which separated our yards. I agreed.
** At night my wife came home said she would have a tour to Peru. (the first phase of plan starts)

8/11. Both yard workers and neighborhoods disappeared. Leave it an empty house. I then realized the seriousness of that fence affair. Feds determined to carry out the plot. They didn't leave any chance for me to recall the agreement for dismantling the fence.

8/15. ** Yard work team appeared in neighbor's yard. The fence was dismantled.
** An 8 magnitude earthquake took place in Peru. (The action of first phase starts)

8/16. ** My wife and my relatives left for Peru.
** Yard workers used my yard as their access path. I rebuked them.

8/13 and 8/18. I wrote messages #502 and 503, alleged the August plot.

8/22 ** At night my wife came back from Peru.
8/23 ** In the morning, yard worker appeared and the new fence is installed. (The first phase ended)

During the period of my wife's trip, my backyard was left open. Feds created an excuse to access my backyard. I had to write #503 to announce I didn't allow those workers access my backyard.

The fence actually can't stop a burglar. The fence is only a legal symptom to protect your privacy. Anyone surpasses it without permission is illegal. The Fourth Amendment is same thing. It's a fence of law to protect us from unreasonable search and arrest.

I thought that first phase action was a swift response from Feds to my petition on surveillance without warranty. The coincidence is when that first phase ended on 8/22, next day (this morning) Mercury News has an article about that case. "Intelligence director reveals surveillance facts, figures" (S.J.M.N. 8/23/07)

The fallacy are:
1. Quote, "McConnell confirmed for the first time that the private sector assisted with President Bush's warrantless surveillance program. AT&T, Verizon and other telecommunications companies are being sued in federal court in San Francisco for their cooperation. "Now if you play out the suits at the value they're claimed, it would bankrupt these companies," McConnell said, arguing that they deserve immunity for their help."

The point is these companies don't work with the permission of the Court. Should they practice to the law or they are outlaw?
The point is can the firm be immune from the crime they committed because it is big and famous and facing a bankruptcy? Will thus encourage more violence?
The point is the Feds has an unrestricted power now. They behaved like an outlaw. It makes firms, individuals, organizations all obeyed to it not to the law. That is dangerous to society.

2. Quote, " McConnell said it takes 200 hours to assemble a FISA warrant on a single telephone number. "We're going backwards," he said. "We couldn't keep up.""

All court cases (civil or criminal) take a long time to file. Even to buy a house, there is a long time to fulfill the procedure. It must be dealt with great care. It also takes a long procedure to recruit an agent for FBI. Have you ever heard they complain "We couldn't keep up."?

Nothing hinders Feds to do the eavesdropping. There is a three days grace period for them to re-submit the application. So they can do it any time when they think it's urgent.
What Feds want now is to be an outlaw. Do whatever they want.

Warrantless surveillance means you lost the protect of the Fourth Amendment. Without the protection of that fence, you may face unreasonable search and arrest. The 4th Amendment is set up against the corruptive law enforcement agent. Now the corrupt agent disable the law, they can intrude your house to plant and frame the case. If you still want your civil right, stand up to protect that fence.
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505. Assassination, murder and terror attack (8/28/07)

The rest of the August plot started from 8/20 to September. The action date is between 8/31 to 9/3 when Feds closed the Bay Bridge. (see #503) At that time there will be massive terror attack in US and in Europe. I think that's why Karl Rove resigned in advance. His last date in office will be 8/30. So he will leave before the "Super 911". To get rid of any responsibility of involvement in false flag terror attack. As a matter of fact, he is probably one of the men who took part in the planning of the terror plot. (see #447. Karl Rove had promised an "October surprise" to Republican for Mid-term Election)

The second phase of August plot is between 8/20 to 8/29. A sub-plan to assassinate the President of Taiwan - Chen Shui-bian.

On 8/20, a China Air-line Boeing 737 caught fire after the landing in Okinawa, Japan. All 165 passengers escaped in minutes. People may impressed by the fireball that damaged the plane from TV news.

8/21 -8/29, the President of Taiwan - Chen Shui-bian, takes a trip to Central and South America to visit three countries there. His private plane is a Boeing 737-800, the same type of the plane that damaged in Okinawa and the plane is from the same company - China Air-line.

Yesterday - 8/27 - Federal regulators ordered airlines to inspect the wings of all 737 Boeing jets. The order was prompted by the China Airline accident in Japan.

It is obvious an accident created by Feds to justify the coming air plane accident of the Taiwan president. It is a payment to Chinese secret police who helps Feds to frame a drug case in San Francisco. Chen Shui-bian's life had been several times become a chip in their secret deal. (see "382. The life of the President of Taiwan as a payment (2/2/06)")

It's amazing how close the justification created to the formal trip happening in this plot.
The earthquake in Peru was on 8/15. One day before my wife's Peru trip. (8/16 - 8/22)
The Boeing 737 accident was on 8/20. One day before Chen Shui-bian's trip. (8/21 - 8/29)
This is how Feds playing the pre-conception tactic.

Then comes the third phase - the main stage.
8/30. Karl Rove will leave his office.
8/31 - 9/3. Bay Bridge will be closed for repair. I think one of my parents will be murdered by "natural cause". One of my sisters will be murdered in "terrorist tunnel bombing" when she takes Bart to visit my parents. (because the bridge was closed) And the others will be framed in a drug case.

To distract the framed drug case, there will be massive terror attacks in US, possibly a nuclear bombing or dirty bomb attack. The radioactive material, (or nuclear bomb) will come from Russia. That's why you saw recently Russian revived their cold war patrol. Their long range bomber fly to Quan and England. Russian just play their role for a secret deal. To justify the source of nuclear material.

The whole thing is a soap drama. Feds tries to play it as true as they can. Will you be a loyal audience?

From 8/25 to 8/28, for continuous four days, I was blocked to go internet.

506. The resignation of A.G. Gonzalez (9/3/07)

8/25 and 8/26 were week-ends. While I was blocked to the internet, I wonder this August plot was an unprecedented one. Feds censored my voice one week before the main action. Next day I knew why.

The news on 8/27 said Attorney General Gonzales handed his resignation to Bush on Friday.(8/24) News didn't report it until two days later when Bush accepted the resignation on 8/27. A.G. Gonzales didn't step down for the case of firing eight US attorneys. He stubbornly remained at his post despite the no confidence of the Senate. He quits without a signal.

I think Gonzalez resigned on my case. In early April, I have said the scandal of firing eight US attorneys was a cover up. His post depended on my case. Re: "He'll have one last chance to do that, and perhaps keep his job, when he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 17" (see #477) It was an apparent intimidation from Feds to A.G. Gonzalez. April 17 was the action date of April plot. Then we saw the Virginia Tech. shooting spree on 4/16. Gonzalez maybe the one who approved the shooting case. Four months later, in late August, he may have to take the responsibility when the Virginia Tech published its investigation review (on 8/22) and other investigation report are due.

Gonzalez may also step down for the approving of August plot which related to big operations - an 8 magnitude earthquake in Peru; a secret deal with China to murder Taiwan's president; an accident of Boeing 737 in Japan; Minneapolis bridge collapse which was used to justify the shut down of Bay Bridge.

His resignation is as mysterious as the resignation of former FBI director Louis Freeh and DEA director. No reason was given in both cases. I allege all quits for framing a drug case related on me.

I was blocked to internet from 8/25, the day after Gonzalez proposed the resignation, to 8/31, the day Bay Bridge closed for repair. (Feds released the control on 8/29. So I could surf in internet whole day that day. Also there was a release of control for about one hour total on 8/26 and 27, so I could post in several web sites at that time.) There were about six days I was banned from internet. I view it as a result of my revelation. My analysis and allegation are accurate. Feds are scare of it.

The censorship is not a surveillance, it is a violence of the Constitution. I think the order is from A.G. He will leave anyway. He doesn't care to approve any illegal request of the Feds. But even for Attorney General, can he be exempt from a crime he committed?
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Postby kathaksung » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:43 pm

How convenient to demonize a dissenter

"War on terror" created to squeeze money and power from people. "Terrorist" also used to demonize dissenters. How much evil committed by this government in the name of "war on terror"?

Quote, "Media Infers Ron Paul Is A Terrorist

November 5th "Money Bomb" gimmick heavily played up by terrified establishment and goblin neocon bloggers

Steve Watson </index>
Tuesday, Nov 5, 2007

Having been forced to report on Ron Paul's record breaking donation drive yesterday, mainstream outlets seized the opportunity to emphasize the Guy Fawkes gimmick, that was used by grassroots organizers to draw attention to Paul's campaign, as a way of tacitly suggesting that the Congressman's message of freedom and limited government is synonymous with terrorism and anarchy.

A grassroots campaign unaffiliated with the official Paul campaign was the catalyst for a huge $4.2 million cash infusion yesterday, putting the campaign well on course to raise $12 million by the end of the quarter and bringing Paul close to being the top fundraiser among the Republican candidates.

The Following headlines, however, chose not to lead with this information and instead to firstly draw attention to the November 5th theme:
Ron Paul Raises $3.68 Million on Guy Fawkes Day - NY Times
Financial Fireworks for Texas Republican Presidential Candidate - Wired
A penny for the guy, a hundred bucks for Ron Paul - CNet ... onPaul.htm
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Postby kathaksung » Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:15 pm

Quote, "9/11 Firefighters and Family Members Plot Anti-Giuliani Ad Campaign


Nov. 17, 2007 —

A group of 9/11 firefighters and victims' family members with eyes on derailing Republican Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign is close to a decision on forming an entity that would run issue ads in key early nominating states."

911 attack was an inside job used to justify the passing through of Patriot Act and Mid-east war. Media played an important role in propaganda and cover up. So a "heroic Giuliani" trumpeted by media is as fake as the "911 attack". Those who live in New York and fought at the ground zero know much better than others that Giuliani isn't a hero.

Judy Giuliani did a good job to cover up the 911 truth. The Inside Group needs a loyal man to continue the cover up job and for more war in Mid-east. That's why he is picked up to be the front runner for next President.
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Postby kathaksung » Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:43 pm

Official poll used to put Ron Paul at the lowest. TV news used to focus on Rody and Romney but neglect Paul. Only they can't manipulate the money amount of campaign donation.

How ruling class control your mind by fake poll.

Republican Presidential Nomination
Polling Data
RCP Average 11/01 - 11/14

Giuliani 29.1%
Thompson 15.5%
McCain 13.8%
Romney 12.5%
Huckabee 8.9%
Paul 4.7%

The vivid sample how Feds manipulate media to cheat public. When they can still put Paul at 4.7% in a fake poll.

The Feds could create a false flag attack such like 911. That's how they could rig a election to select their puppet Bush as president.

Media propaganda covers up 911 plot and led US into unjust war. It also justify a rigged election by fake poll. That's how Bush could be president for twice.

This poll is a vivid sample of how media direct public's mind with pre-concept psychological operation. Because they won't allow an anti-war candidate to win a campaign.

They can manipulate a randon number of 4.7% on Ron Paul but they can't manipulate the money amount. Ron Paul got most donation from military contributions

Quote, "Ron Paul leads ALL presidential candidates in monetary military contributions


49.5% Ron Paul
34.6% McCain
7.0% Romney
4.6% Giuliani
2.0% Hunter
2.3% Others ... ns-for-q2/
In addition to military support, Ron Paul also sets one-day GOP fundraising record. He hauled in more than 4.2 million on 11/5. That money came from grassroot voters, how many votes does it mean? Yet, the media always put him at the lowest poll number. Do you recognize how this country is manipulated?

This is a covert totalitarian country. They select president by rigged election. (They control the voting office by intelligence) and justify the result by fake poll. (They manipulate public opinion by media)
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Postby kathaksung » Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:05 pm

When the poll result is not to the favor of the host and they can't cover it up by a fake one, they simply cancel it. That's why Official poll used to put Ron Paul at the lowest. TV news used to focus on Rody and Romney but neglect Paul.

Quote, "SF Republican Establishment vs. Ron Paul

Posted by Lew Rockwell at December 5, 2007 08:21 AM

An on-scene report from Jerry Cullen: "The San Francisco Republican Alliance headed by Gail Neira held their pre election banquet at the Holiday Inn at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco last evening, December 4th, 2007. The gathering was advertised as a gala affair of loyal Republicans to be followed by a straw poll to select the favorite Presidential Candidate. The featured speaker was Republican State Senator Sam Aanesta (CA 4th SD). The Senator treated the audience to an hour long election pitch for Fred Thompson that cured the insomnia of all in attendance. After endless delays of meaningless trivia the doors were opened to the late comers to the straw poll each of whom had paid $5 for admission. The flood of Ron Paul supporters entered the room to join an already substantial number of Ron Paul supporters that had attended the 'banquet'.

"A shocked Gail Neira in consultation with the Fred Thompson Northern CA Coordinator cancelled the straw poll vote offering a series of fraudulent, incomprehensible and incoherent reasons. The result was chaos as more than one hundred Ron Paul supporters objected to the outright deception. Neira’s ratings reached a level of unreality beyond description. Security was called to evict the peaceful if upset Ron Paul followers. When I asked that a picture be taken to attest to security attacking the 79-year-old man, security turned and disappeared.

"The San Francisco Republican Party has not seen energy and enthusiasm like that displayed by the Ron Paul supporters in many years, if ever. Yet instead of opening their arms to this wonderful opportunity to rebuild a failed organization with an army of young, vibrant and intelligent supporters. the San Francisco Republican Party pretends that all is well. Their attitude can best be exemplified by the passive presence of a Vice Chair of the SF Republican Party Central Committee who witnessed the entire event at the Holiday Inn in silence. Amazing!

"It is clear that Ron Paul’s message has achieved momentum and attracted substantial funds. Message, Money and Momentum are a powerful political force. The Ron Paul revolution is alive and well. No wonder that the opposition will resort to disgraceful tactics to stop the express."
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Postby kathaksung » Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:35 pm

Mainstream media (12/19/07)

Mainstream media, is a mind control tool works for the ruling class. They report news favored by ruling class and censor the news they disliked. Thus pour the unilateral information into your brain.

I read San Jose Mercury News Because it is the only "mainstream News" in the area. I have no choice. It reports a lot of news about Rody, Bush, Romney but rarely about Ron Paul. What I got about Ron Paul was a poll of GOP's candidates which put him at the lowest position - 4.7%. (in November)

Thanks to Internet, where I learned Ron Paul is a popular candidate. Different from other GOP nominates, he is anti-war and call for "take back America" by re-taking citizen's Constitutional right. This is accordance with the public opinion. Even media admits that most Americans are anti-war and disagree with Bush's policy. It may reflict at the fact that Ron Paul got the most campaign fund from military contribution and sets one-day GOP fundraising record. By common sense, he should be a leading candidate in GOP. Yet, he remains as the lowest in mainstream media. There is little words about Paul's opinion. If depends on Mercury News, I would know nothing about Paul except that "he is the most unpopular candidate in GOP."

On 12/4, San Francisco Republican held a straw poll meeting in Holiday Inn. Out of their expectation, a lot of supporters of Ron Paul attended the meeting. Obviously that was not the result the host wished to see. They canceled the vote. Of course the media kept silence on the news of aborted straw poll meeting.

On 12/11, Mercury News reported Giuliani had a campaign dinner on 12/10 in San Francisco. In an article extended to two pages, the paper reported Rudy's political opinion with the title "Giuliani tells S.F. supporters he's the Republican who can win state."

This is how the ruling class manipulate this country. They censor the information of real popular candidates and poured the news into your mind which they want you to know. They fake the poll to justify a rigged election. That's how Bush could be selected twice as president and guided US to unjust war.
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Postby kathaksung » Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:39 pm

532. We need an honest, transparent election (Iowa Primary lesson 1) (1/13/07)

Obama wins Iowa - a state with 92% white population. Why a white state which generally considered conservative has elected a black candidate? It means American people are too resentful to the policy of current government. They hate Iraq war and the loss of civil right.

How can we have this result? Because Iowa Democratic Primary Caucus is an honest, transparent one. Residents gathered at the site on time to discuss their choices then raise their hands. The counting is present, direct and clear. Voters know the result right away. It makes an election hard to be rigged.

As we have seen the mainstream of public opinion is to change the status quo, then Ron Paul should have won the Iowa Republican Caucus too. He has more distinctive flag than Obama has. But he only got 10%. Why? He obviously lost to a corruptive vote system in Iowa Republican Primary - ballot counting.

The ballot was counted by election office. Then an officer would tell you the result. A number can be faked or altered easily. Voters can hardly verify it individually.

This is proved in New Hampshire Primary:

Quote, "Voter Fraud Against Paul Confirmed in Sutton, N.H

By admin | January 8, 2008
Sutton with 100% reporting reported 0 votes for paul but poster in Sutton posted:

My mom, aunt, and dad all voted for RP today in my hometown, My mom and aunt both work passing out ballots, and checking them off. I just looked at the politico map and it says their town has ZERO votes for Ron. Now i know that there isn’t corruption on voting in that little town, so where they reported it must be. What do I do, anyone know???

Greenville Vote Discrepancy SAME as Sutton

Moreover, when Sutton had been found out, they quickly added 31 votes, and cited ‘human error.’ What is their excuse for this source, now showing Greenville at 25 votes: ... y=news0807

The problem is, you have to take what they told you but can't verify it. They could tell you it's zero, that forgery is easy to be find out. They could also tell you it's 31 (or 25) then it is hard for you to confirm it's a rigging while the real votes may be 131 or 125.


This is a covert totalitarian country. They select president by rigged election. (They control the voting office by intelligence) and justify the result by fake poll. (They manipulate public opinion by media)
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Postby kathaksung » Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:26 pm

Ron Paul second in Nevada primary

They let Paul be in second place in Nevada. It's only a gimmick. The election is a manipulated one. Ron Paul is an unfavorable of the Inside Group. His loss is designated by a rigging election though he should have won the election if there was an honest voting system.

The Nevada case is a trick to cheat people.

1. A small state won't affect the general election. So they award you a second place to show it's "democratic". A second place means nothing in campaign.

2. It's a tactic to lure more money from people of grievance(to urge Paul's supporters continue to donate more money. That money finally will go to media's wallet.) to support its propaganda machine. After all, you won't win. So why not squeeze more money from you by increasing your confidence a little bit.

3. To show people that the election is fair. He is an unfavorable, he was still in second place. That proves our system is fair. But the reality is, Paul may be the leading candidate in Iowa, New Hampshire and other states. They(Feds) moved his votes to his rival's.
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Postby kathaksung » Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:42 pm

Turn a "change" current to "unchange" (1/30/08)

Demo and GOP are the two puppets of Feds in domestic. Bin Laden is the puppet abroad. All three are tools of the inside group.

Puppet Demo and puppet GOP competes to give more money and power to DOD and DOJ. Bush gave more, he gave Feds Patriot Act and warrantless evaesdropping and fat budget and Mid-east wars, so he is awarded two terms of president. Puppet Bin Laden acted as a whip to hit the people. When people are hurt, they give up their civil rights and money and power to DOD and DOJ. That's why Bin Laden can never been captured. When government is (either GOP or Demo) authorized a police power or military fund, they need Bin Laden's Al Qaida to help to push it.
The leading candidates of two parties, John McCain and Hillary Clinton, were early prominent supporters of the Iraq War. When the mainstream public opinion is to change the status quo, these status quo remains unchange. So Bush's spirit will succeeded by a new president. The three puppets show will go on in stage. And another war in Mid-east - Iran war, is at sight.

This is how the Inside group skillfully carry out their policy by a twisted election system.

This is a covert totalitarian country. They select president by rigged election. (They control the voting office by intelligence) and justify the result by fake poll. (They manipulate public opinion by media)
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Re: Prophecy

Postby kathaksung » Sat May 31, 2008 7:09 pm

Split Demo. (3/11/08)

When Obama carried a flag of victory by taking the primary in 10 states, Hillary Clinton's fate seemed to be decided. Yet, she recovered by winning the Ohio and Texas. I think it is the result of a rigged election. The voting machine and election office are controlled by Feds. They let out the result of the votes counting. To split the Demo is their tactic. So they help Hillary to keep on rival against Obama.

A split Demo will help Republican in final election.

Hillary and Obama have to spend their campaign fund in an internal competition. Either one wins out finally, the fund would have been exhausted already. At that time, the candidate of the Demo will face to a well prepared GOP candidate.

We can also see media, or some aids of the two camps try to provoke a conflict between Obama and Clinton by negative propaganda. They try to develop a big conflict to split the Demo. At that time the big benificiary will be GOP.
So Feds will go on manipulating the Demo primary to make it a close campaign till the very end
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