Reasons to Really Hate Republicans, Part 2 (3/10/11)

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Reasons to Really Hate Republicans, Part 2 (3/10/11)

Postby Ferguson Foont » Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:44 am

By now you've no doubt heard what the Republicans and their utterly execrable governor, Scott Walker, did yesterday to Wisconsin's public workforce. They divorced that part of their anti-union legislation that strips the union not only of its bargaining rights but of its ability to collect dues, away from the fiscal portion of the legislation and passed it without a quorum on an 18-1 vote. In doing so they completely ignored all rules of parliamentary procedure and even specific rules of their own Senate, passing the vicious bill on two hours notice when the rules require 24 hours notice. Because these improprieties may permit the act to be successfully challenged in court, it may merely be a ploy to lure some of the absent Democratic senators back to the chamber, at which point they will ram the original bill through so as to paper over their illegal ploy and render such a challenge moot.

My household will not purchase another Wisconsin product of any kind until this heinous and probably illegal action is reversed and until Scott Walker is out of office, hopefully by recall but that will take at least until next year because he is not subject to recall until he has been in office for one year. I strongly urge everyone who has any regard for the rights of American workers to boycott all things Wisconsin -- they make nothing there except Harleys that you can't get from somewhere else (so get a BMW or a Kawasaki if you MUST buy a cycle right now). Indeed, it may be time to start considering organizing a general strike, and I don't mean just one day of protest but a real strike against every industry everywhere to last as long as it takes to get Republicans and their robber-baron constituency to understand that workers are people too.

I was going to save this reason for last because I think it is the most important, the most essential, and the clearest reason to hate Republicans -- the class war they are conducting, and conducting very successfully and ruthlessly, between the robber barons and fatcats of America that they represent against the rest of us. Events in Wisconsin and Ohio have pushed this aspect of Republican behavior to the forefront because of its immediate relevance.

We are supposed to have two political parties in America, one (the Republicans) who represent the interests of property and the other (the Democrats) who represent the interests of people. This is the bright line along which all political dichotomies have been divided since the earliest beginnings of democracy under the Greeks. The Republicans have remained true to their purpose, but unfortunately the Democrats have largely lost their way, an artifact or our system of private financing of political campaigns that forces Democrats to do the bidding of the gentry reluctantly and grudgingly but almost as obsequiously and effectively as Republicans do as their basic purpose with enthusiasm. So we have one party that serves the rich boldly and eagerly, and another that serves the rich but tries to make excuses or apologize for its betrayal of the constituencies it is supposed to represent. Either way, We the People, particularly we the working people, seem to take it up the tailpipe whichever party is in power, at least the way things have been set up in America since the early '70s.

Back in the early days of the Industrial Revolution it became clear that people, when prevented from acting in concert, were powerless against the corporate world and were thus easily exploited, so the organized labor movement was started and grew. It has been fought by the robber baron class (who replaced slaveholders in their role as oppressors) ever since its inception, because it is the only check on their power, which they would prefer to remain unencumbered by such checks on its absoluteness.

As unionism peaked from the 1930s through the 1960s, from the old IWW through the salad days of the AFL-CIO and the UAW, we saw American prosperity grow in leaps and bounds to the point at which we became the greatest economic engine that the world has ever seen. This success was a result of sharing the fruits of our industry widely, and this sharing was only accomplished by the balancing power of union power against the power of property ownership. It is no coincidence that our prosperity has waned as the power of organized labor has been eliminated -- the concentration of wealth into fewer and fewer hands at the top is a direct result of this imbalance of power, and it inevitably causes the situation to arise where consumer markets fueled by worker incomes are no longer prosperous enough to purchase domestically manufactured goods in quantities necessary to sustain growth. We saw it in the 1870s, and again in the 1920s, and again today.

This is the situation that Republicans in their slavish devotion to greed strive to achieve, through tax cuts, through cuts in the budget that mainly affect the underprivileged classes, through internationalization that makes our workers compete in their salaries with rag sellers in third-world nations, and by systematically stripping workers of rights, most prominently the freedom of association.

Fer cryin' out loud, it was less than two years ago that Republicans in Congress tried to end -- completely Chapter 7 bankrupt -- the ENTIRE American automobile industry because of the temporary inability of prospective car buyers to obtain credit, a situation brought about by the very same robber barons they represent. They did this to break the back of the UAW. Now, how can any American not hate that?

So if you or any of your loved ones work for a paycheck, then you have very good and valid reasons to hate Republicans. A vote for any Republican at any level of jurisdiction is a vote against your own economic and social interests, and of course also against democracy itself.
Republicans whine and Republicans bitch: "Our rich are too poor, and our poor are too rich."
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