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MSIE v. Firefox

PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2004 1:34 pm
by Ferguson Foont
I just made the biggest change to my computer's configuration that I've made in many, many years. I switched from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox as my default browser after trying its official release v. 1.0.

For me, that was a very big deal. I have so many bookmarks (or "favorites") all arranged just so, that had to be imported. Importing them is an easy no-brainer -- Firefox does it automatically as part of its installation program. But they wound up all in alphabetical order and had to be rearranged to suit my idiosyncrasies. It was a truly HERCULEAN task that I doubt will ever be completed fully simply because there's a boundary that I arrive at prior to completion where I just stop caring anymore.

But I did take the opportunity to reorganize things, so on balance I wind up a little better off even in the bookmarks area that presented the biggest obstacle to installation.

The feel is only a little different. After a slightly slower but easily tolerable initial boot of the application, Firefox is MUCH faster rendering pages, and it has a very pleasing rendering of fonts that in my opinion is superior to MSIE. Pages also load progressively, which I hold to be a plus.

There are also many features of Firefox that are lacking in MSIE, most notable of which include a competent pop-up blocker and tabbed browsing. It also can be configured to open links clicked from another application, like email, to open in a new window instead of replacing whatever the existing browser window is displaying at the time. You can't imagine how many partially completed forms I've lost that way on MSIE.

But the chief advantage is that, among all the many slings and arrows of on-line computing security breaches to which MSIE renders a computer vulnerable, Firefox is more or less immune. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of THAT in these troubled times.

I highly recommend it. You can get it at

PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2004 8:22 pm
by Josiah Bartlett
I've been using the pre-release version for several months now. I haven't missed MSIE a bit.

I've really enjoyed the absense of pop ups, diabolical web sites can't take control of your system and it's just nice being non-MS.

I downloaded the official release 1.0 this afternoon. Haven't installed it yet but it's just a matter of taking a few minutes and doing it.

As far as being non-MS, I've got an older computer I've been wanting to put Linux on but my extra monitor has died. I need an overlap period to get up to speed with Linux but if I can make it work, I'll migrate.

BKP Icon

PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2004 7:30 pm
by Josiah Bartlett
I just noticed the BKP Icon on my bookmarks list.



PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2004 5:14 pm
by Ferguson Foont
Yes, I put that little icon up. If you'd like a bigger one, more appropriate for a desktop icon than those little 16x16 shortcut icons, you can get it here:

Or one for at:

Now, regarding FireFox v. MSIE, I've used PopupStopper for quite some time and so wasn't plagued by popups even with MSIE (although I must admit that, though I thought I'd miss the "thump" sound when PopupStopper blocked a popup, I don't. Not at all.)

The thing that finally decided the issue for me was the speed with which FireFox renders pages. After the initial boot of the application following power up of my computer, which is still slower for FireFox than for MSIE (much of MSIE boots with the XP O/S), FireFox feels MUCH faster in rendering subsequent pages and in booting up subsequeint iterations of the application.

This differs noticeably from earlier versions of FireFox that I had installed, which, while they represented improvements in speed over older Mozilla releases, they remained slower than MSIE. Not any more.


PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2004 7:19 pm
by LetterMan
I've been using Firefox since about last February or March, at the suggestion of Phoenix Woman and a couple other people I "know" online.

I love it! I have ordered the 1.0 release CD and guidebook, which should arrive here sometime next week.

Firefox is the way to go.


PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2004 1:09 am
by Grizzled Adams
Got Firefox up and running tonight....thanks Furgie and all.....will report funkeyness and wonderfulness in the weeks ahead


PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:08 pm
by Kali
Firefox is a great invention. I'm enjoying it.

<i> And I happen to LIKE my "favorites" in alphabetical order.</i>