Bareknuckles Politics 3.0 IS HERE!

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Bareknuckles Politics 3.0 IS HERE!

Postby Ferguson Foont » Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:51 pm

Welcome to the all-new Bareknuckles Politics 3.0. It is VERY different. Some differences you will notice right away:

1. You will now have an hour after initial submission to edit your posts.

2. Moderation will be MUCH less heavy-handed.

3. You can create topics or forums that interest you.

Please notice that the new BKP 3.0 is still in its earliest formative stages. All old user accounts remain active with the same passwords and permissions as before. Users that were banned will remain banned unless somehow you can convince me that you now understand that you were a jerk and have learned to behave.
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