Just A Reminder

Matters pertaining to changes to this forum or anything related to forum moderation, which will be as heavy-handed as necessary.

Just A Reminder

Postby Ferguson Foont » Thu Dec 07, 2006 2:22 pm

The following things will get a user account terminated whenever I log in and check (which is usually once a day or so):
<OL><LI>Anyone who does not immediately activate his or her account or provides a false email address.

<LI>Any attempt to promote a commercial website. BKP is not a poker game, nor a pharmacy, nor a software dealer, nor a dating service, nor a travel agent, nor a strip club (although, if it were to become any of those things, I'd prefer it to be a strip club).

<LI>Anyone who provides "USA" (or the equivalent), or provides just the name of some country, as their location. You must give me at least your city and state.

<LI>Anyone who provides an email address or a website hosted on a wide variety of spam-infested domains. *@mail.de is the most recentlly banned domain (and its banishment resulted in the largest decline in spam memberships since I started the regrettably futile effort to eliminate such activity).

<LI>Anyone who gives as their personal website something like "www.yahoo.com," "google.com," or the like. If one of those websites is REALLY yours, I probably know your name already.</OL>Furthermore, anyone who does not post an introductory message in their first week or so of membership will have their membership terminated unless the provisional member contacts me and tells me why he or she hasn't done so.

Note that you do NOT need a membership to read anything posted here. The only reason to have a membership is to post messages yourself.
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