Banned Domains (and other spam-related matters)

Matters pertaining to changes to this forum or anything related to forum moderation, which will be as heavy-handed as necessary.

Banned Domains (and other spam-related matters)

Postby Ferguson Foont » Sat Nov 18, 2006 11:59 am

In my never-ceasing but admittedly futile effort to get rid of all the spam-based fake users, I have banned anyone who tries to join this forum from the new top-level domains .biz and .info. This will at least reduce the volume of it a little bit.

Everyone who enters their location as just "USA" or "US" will have their accounts deleted immediately at my earliest convenience. Give me the city and state to indicate, at least tentatively, that you're not a spambot.

With only a very few exceptions based on a clear demonstration that the user is authentic (like the mandatory post in the introductory forum), all new users from anywhere other than the U.S. will be deleted.

Anyone using a hyphen or underscore in their user name, like "J-Smith" or "John-Smith" or "John_Smith" will be deleted immediately, as this is a clear footprint of a spambot. This forum permits spaces in user names. This restriction, of course, does not apply to something like, f'rinstance, "Antwaan Randle-El." (I look at everything with actual human eyes, and every account permission is based on my own judgment rather than any mechanical caprice.)

You MUST POST AT LEAST ONE MESSAGE in the introductory forum to have your account remain active. New user accounts that look like they may actually be real people will be given a couple of days' grace, but that's all, before I delete them. YOU DO NOT NEED A USER ACCOUNT TO READ ANYTHING IN THIS FORUM. In any event, until you make that first post, your posting privileges will be limited to the introductory forum only.
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