Banned Domains and Other New Rules for Joining

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Banned Domains and Other New Rules for Joining

Postby Ferguson Foont » Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:45 am

As I previously threatened, I have now banned new members from the ".ru" (Russia) domain. It's the source for too many spammers. I have also banned the "" domain.

I also urge anyone joining this forum to complete the entry that asks for your location by entering at least the city and state (or city and country) where you are. If you just say, "USA" or "United States" there is a very good chance that, unless I have some affirmative reason to do otherwise, your account will be deleted the next time I log on (which is usually several times daily).

This forum is for the discussion of American politics anyhow. And anyway, you don't need an account to read the whole site. You only need it to post. I doubt that people advertising online poker sites or selling prescription drugs or displaying pornography are going to post much of any particular probative value anyhow.
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