A Minor Announcement

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A Minor Announcement

Postby Ferguson Foont » Mon Jun 19, 2006 8:13 pm

Perhaps the light regarding phpBB v. 3.0 is finally growing visible in the long, dark tunnel. The phpBB folks have announced the Beta 1 reease of v. 3.0.

We will not be implementing that release here, nor any other beta version. We will, however, implememt v. 3.0 when the full production is released, and at that time the entire contents of this forum with the only exception being my editorials will be shunted off to a CLOSED archive accessible within the new, very streamlined board, in favor of a somewhat smaller set of topics more directly relevant to up-to-date current events.

Users will have far more freedom to post and will have a certain amount of time to edit their posts after submission. I may even tolerate a certain amount of freeperism, although it will be at my sole discretion sort of like the way right wing radio hosts use the cough button.

Don't hold your breath on this, however. It may still be quite a while yet.
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