Look, People...

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Look, People...

Postby Ferguson Foont » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:42 am

If you want to read this forum without ever posting anything, you do not need to join. Guests can read everything on it without joining or logging in.

However, if you DO wish to join, you will have to provide a REAL email address in order to obtain the automated confirmation message. I've told you this before. If you provide a fake address, the confirmation bounces back to me, and I delete the account you tried to create under the fraudulent address.

We don't send out spam here and the only cookies that are sent to your PC are in response to your own request to take advantage of the automatic login option. I don't do any tracking of your doings whatsoever, and although I am quite seriously opposed to the death penalty I might consider an exception for spammers and cyberstalkers.

Why must people be so weird?
Republicans whine and Republicans bitch: "Our rich are too poor, and our poor are too rich."
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